Get the Weather & Fishing Data you need Direct on your Chartplotter or MFD

Regulator has announced a new partnership with SiriusXM Marine to provide complimentary 3-month weather and audio trials for all dealers and customers on any new boat equipped with a Garmin GXM 53 SiriusXM Weather receiver. SiriusXM Weather provides accurate weather radar, lightning and storm cell tracking plus wind speed and direction along with wave height and frequency. Coupled with sea surface temperature data, SiriusXM Weather not only provides safety through advanced storm alert and tracking but also helps anglers locate fish faster.

This impressive offer includes the full SiriusXM Weather Offshore package plus the SiriusXM Audio All Access package and free activation for a total savings of $250 on your 3-month trial! Contact Bluewater today to learn more about this and other great incentives available on your next new boat from Regulator.

Peace of Mind

Although your new Regulator can handle a large dose of nasty from Mother Nature, it’s certainly not ideal for your guests. Here’s your chance to experience the power and peace of mind that SiriusXM Marine Weather provides, even far offshore where cell service is non-existent. Talk to your Bluewater Sales Professional today about this SiriusXM trial opportunity for your next Regulator boat.