57 Ocean Yachts

Bluewater’s John D. Riggs assisted our customer’s with the purchase of a 2004 Ocean Yachts 57 located in Wrightsville Beach, NC. However, when it came time to get this boat home to New Jersey, the new owner and his friend asked Riggs for a captain recommendation. Bluewater’s Sandy Thorpe was the man – and from reading this testimonial is the man as well. With great knowledge, expertise and professionalism, Thorpe safely navigated this 57′ sportfisher around Cape Hatteras to Virginia Beach, where the owners then took the helm and finished their journey.

To Whom It May Concern:

In May 2015, I had the opportunity to help a friend bring his new boat home from North Carolina to NJ. Being a boat owner myself, I saw this as a wonderful opportunity to enjoy new waters unfamiliar to both of us and a chance to gain local knowledge for future possibilities. The trip was supposed to be 3 days and 2 nights with the first leg leaving Wrightsville Beach, NC and arriving in Virginia Beach that evening. For this part of the trip it was decided to hire a captain who was familiar with the area. Sandy Thorpe came highly recommended through Bluewater Yacht Sales. I wasn’t sure what to expect from this young man, but knew it was a good idea to have him onboard to help us adjust to the new boat. To say that my expectations were far from exceeded would be quite the understatement. From the moment he came on board, his professional expertise, knowledge and decision making were apparent. He took care to check the boat out thoroughly before we left, numerous times while underway and when we arrived for the evening. The trip was not what we expected at all as we ran into heavy seas rounding Cape Hatteras and we all took a pretty good beating. We could have proceeded safely, at a slower speed, to Virginia Beach. However, there was a fuel concern that forced us to consider other options. Now, if Sandy was not with us, we had ZERO options. Because of his local knowledge and experience, we sought out safe harbor on Hatteras Island. This would not have been an option if he were not onboard. I’m confident his professionalism averted disaster for us. Although Sandy was only supposed to be with us one day, he offered to stay on to get us to Virginia Beach the following day. Only someone with his experience could have gotten us in and out of Hatteras Island and we welcomed the opportunity to keep him with us.

The next day we made it to Virginia Beach and again it was Sandy’s local knowledge and all around concern for us that made his presence priceless. The new boat was equipped with outriggers that would have to be lowered to make it under the bridge before the marina we were going to. Now this might seem like no big deal, but it would have meant my friend and I dealing with it the next day while leaving by ourselves. Sandy thought ahead and made the decision to switch marinas where the outriggers would not be a problem for us in the morning. Once again he was thinking of us and what was best for his clients. The next we left Virginia Beach without Sandy and made it home to NJ 13 hours later.

So, why am I writing this? It has been my experience that few people of Sandy’s character exist today. He is the consummate professional. He enjoys his work. He knows his field.  He thinks of others before himself and truly cares about them and they’re experiences. He makes confident, smart decisions, a trait that is seldom seen in a man of his relatively young age. This became clear from the moment we met him and was reinforced over and over again for the 2 days we spent with him.


James Schmitt (Scott Novak’s friend)