OnBoard Magazine - Issue XV - 2023 Season

VOLUME XV 2023 SEASON BLUEWATERYACHTSALES.COM Fishing & Cruising Lifestyles Dream Cruises Tournament Triumphs New Model Debuts People Behind the Brands

Sitting on a plane bound for the Princess Owner’s Holiday in Harbour Island provided the perfect time without interruption to begin drafting this year’s From the Helm! While sitting in seat 17C from RDU to MIA, I humbly looked back over the last couple of years and tried to fully grasp the amount of change and growth our organization has endured, embraced, accepted, and sometimes anxiously worked through. As a company, Bluewater Yacht Sales flew to extreme heights thanks to the explosion of interest in boating during Covid. Our team of sales professionals and administrators worked through challenges no one would have ever fathomed. Just as we exited that craziness, we went through the acquisition of the company by Safe Harbor Marinas. While Safe Harbor works tirelessly to minimize changes, during any acquisition there are changes you simply cannot avoid. Our tight-knit team of professionals may have initially viewed this transition with crossed arms, anxiety, and possibly a bit of fear… but I am proud to say those emotions have slid to the other end of the spectrum to include open arms, excitement and anticipation of untold growth. While change is a certainty, it does not always occur without hiccups. Sitting here today, I am completely humbled and honored to be among the finest in the marine industry. Our team has proven themselves resilient and unified, and remain leaders in yacht sales and service. The changes we have enjoyed are transforming yachting and yacht ownership in ways that would have seemed like science fiction several years ago. Just recently we sea-trialed our first Regulator 30XO with “glass dash” technology, including cutting edge features found on a Tesla Model S. For those of us over 50, we found ourselves staring at the console stunned with the advancements in this 30’ boat. During the Viking VIP event, we witnessed Valhalla’s new V-55 with quad Mercury V12 600hp engines. You have to stop and think about what you’re seeing…a 55’ center console with the same systems of the Viking sportfish! Our partners at Viking, Valhalla, Regulator, Everglades, Princess, Jarrett Bay, Sabre, and Back Cove continue to fulfill dreams of owners with engineering feats and advancements. It is truly amazing to be a part of these innovations. If you really want to be blown away, climb aboard the new Viking 90 or the Princess X80. These are works of art that provide amenities for worldly adventures no other plane, train or RV could provide. Just hang on, we are growing and changing with the industry’s advancements to make your waterborne experiences lifetime memories. Yacht sales and the recreational industry is truly a people business, and as we change and grow, we continue to invest in our people. We continue to support our sales team with personal growth opportunities and the means to help them grow their own business; all while supporting your buying and selling needs. As marketing needs change at the speed of light, we have engaged new people and technologies to stay a lap in front of our competitors. Simultaneously supporting our senior brokers and admin, we have also invested in the future with tomorrow’s generation of marketers and salespeople. This younger generation is a real treat to work alongside. Their energy, speed, ideas and adoption of technology keeps the rest of us in shape—working and learning new skills in this changing world. The future is bright and we are excited about the next 50+ years of Bluewater Yacht Sales. Our integration into Safe Harbor Marinas will provide us an extremely large footprint that will expand far beyond the Mid-Atlantic. Being a part of the world’s largest marina owner and operator, we will be able to support each of our owners, regardless of the season and latitude of their travels. As owners migrate with the seasons, we will be there by your side to ensure the most positive yachting experiences available! GROWTH & CHANGE Wyatt Lane General Manager 2 BLUEWATER

Additional Thanks Amanda Aloy, Jud Black, Scott James, Kelsea Hall, Chris Landry, Chuck Meyers, James Nobel, Luke Pearson, Randy Ramsey, Hank Sibley, Vera Sohovich, Matt Serafin, Clark Sneed, Carrie Waible, Brian Wold and all of our great participating team members, customers, captains, partners and affiliates named throughout the magazine. ON THE COVER Getting to Bluewater on the Viking 64C Managing Editor & Art Director Jason Pim Writers Magnus Thiersmann Jason Pim Blake Tice Wyatt Lane Graphics Asst. & Online Editor Josh Lamb Editorial Directors Wyatt Lane Baxter Lusink Blake Tice Kelsea Hall Executive Editor Robin Anderson Ad Coordinator Blake Tice B L U E WA T E R P E R S P E C T I V E 04 2022 BIG ROCK RECORD PAYOUTS 14 CRUISING IN BALTIMORE 22 THE EVERGLADES DIFFERENCE 30 JARRETT BAY INSIDER BEHIND THE SCENES 36 SPECTACULAR SALES 40 ”PARTIN” WAYS REGULATOR CULTURE B R A N D I N S I G H T S 10 RENEGADE FISHING JARRETT BAY 56 16 MAKING A STATEMENT VALHALLA V-55 19 VIKING 90 DEBUTS 32 SABRE CONNECTS 34 REGULATOR 30XO INTRO 44 PRINCESS F65 FIRST LOOK C U S T OM E R P R O F I L E S 07 SABRE 48 RIGHT ROYAL ISLAND HOPPING 20 RETIRING W/ BACK COVE 39O 24 VIKING 72C GOING ON SAFARI 26 REGULATOR RESALE 27 PRINCESS Y72 BAHAMAS BLU 38 VIKING AFTER VIKING 42 VBBT TRIUMPH CUTTIN’ UP THE CIRCUIT 46 FAIRLINE TO FLORIDA 48 VALHALLA V-41 EXUMAS LIFE 50 PERFECT CUSTOM SEARCH 52 DELIVERIES & SNAPSHOTS 3 2023 SEASON

BLUEWATER CUSTOMERS CLAIM ONE OF THE WORLD’S LARGEST TOURNAMENT PAYOUTS EVER INTO THE RECORD BOOKS With a colorful history of over 60 years, the Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament has had more than its share of excitement, huge crowds and massive fish. Held every year in early June in Morehead City, NC, the Big Rock regularly draws America’s top billfishing teams and is watched by spectators around the world. The week-long tournament offers prizes for the heaviest blue marlin and other gamefish weighed, total billfish release points, daily pots, and a variety of other payouts. Some have called the Big Rock the ‘Super Bowl of fishing,’ and that may be an apt description in terms of the huge crowds and global attention the event garners. But unlike playoff football, the week starts off with the tournament completely up for grabs by an enormous field of teams. Sure, experience, skill, luck, equipment and teamwork come into play, but moreso than perhaps any other sport, an amateur greenhorn could be just as likely to reel in the winning fish as a lifelong veteran in another boat nearby. Granted, the caliber of the boats, equipment and their crews play a big part in any success, it’s not entirely dumb luck. While none of the fish weighed during the week came close to the tournament record 914-pound blue marlin caught back in 2019, this 64th edition of the tournament completely shattered records in other ways. With an incredible 266 teams and over 1,500 anglers entered, the total available purse of payouts soared to $5,858,875 this year. NEW BOATS, NEW ACCOMPLISHMENTS Enter the Mercenaria, with experienced owners on their second or third Viking sportfish, and aided by Bluewater’s Scott James in a series of transactions. Having taken delivery of their new 72C in Spring of 2021, Capt. Neil Sykes and the Mercenaria crew had plenty of long-range fishing trips to fulfill, but perhaps never could have imagined winning the Big Rock in such short order. As has happened in the majority of recent Big Rock tournaments, Monday, the first day of fishing, was packed with hook-up activity, boated fish and spectator anticipation, as the field of teams scrambled to bring in the first big fish and lock-in a guaranteed check in the “Fabulous Fisherman” division. Angler Matthew Brown told Big Rock TV that day, “It was a slow beginning, but before long I heard, ‘Matt, you’re up!’” Captain Neil Sykes described the fight and the rest of the experience, “The fish ate a plug on the left short, it was a pretty bite. Then it tookoff jumping away fromthe boat before taking a u-turn and greyhounding towards us. I had to push up the throttle 4 BLUEWATER

to get away before it put too much belly in the line. After all that jumping, I think it just wore itself out. Fifteen minutes later we had it next to the boat and it just laid there to give us a good look and an easy gaff shot.” The tournament has minimum weight and length rules for qualifying fish, so becoming skilled in quickly sizing up a fish at boatside is essential, but still nerve-racking. “When it was jumping I didn’t think it was big enough, but when it rolled over next to the boat I could see it was short, but really fat. I was more nervous on the ride home, staring at it, hoping it was over five-hundred.” Mercifully, the MTU-powered Mercenaria made that trip to the scales more quickly than most of the fleet could have. By 2:04pm they had weighed in their blue marlin at a respectable 572.6 pounds and set the bar for the rest of the tournament. Having entered the Fabulous Fisherman division, and in bringing the first blue marlin over 500 pounds to the scales, Mercenaria had just ensured themselves at least $777,750 in guaranteed prize money. Then the team’s exhilaration quickly turned to tension, as they waited through five more days of fishing to see if anyone could manage to leapfrog them on the leaderboard. “I was stoked we won the Fabulous Fisherman prize, but had little hope that the fish would hold 1st place all week. That’s a decent fish, but not a giant and we were fishing against the best in the game,” explained Sykes. That provided the mindset for the team the rest of the week– focus on themselves and go out and try to catch a bigger one–just like everyone else was trying to do. Over the course of that Monday afternoon and in the coming days, several more blue marlin were weighed. And each time, the Mercenaria team and their supporters sat on pins and needles as the boats would run in from offshore and hoist their fish. Ultimately, they were able to breathe a sigh of relief each time, as the scale was read out to the eager crowd at Big Rock Landing—no one brought in a bigger blue marlin the rest of the week, and Mercenaria won a total payout of a whopping $3,489,813—the second largest individual billfish tournament payout in history and certainly the largest for the Big Rock. Sykes added, “I’m so glad it hung on all week and super happy for my boss and crew, they all deserved it!” SISTERSHIP SUCCESS Luck, timing and skill all come into play to win the heaviest marlin prize in the Big Rock. But categories for billfish release points are arguably the most competitive. The release division typically becomes a showdown between the top teams with vast amounts of experience fishing together, along with the hottest hour-tohour knowledge of where the bite is most dependable. Range, speed, coordination and communication are essential to reeling in and releasing the greatest number of blue marlin, white marlin and sailfish over the course of the week. Coincidentally, another new Viking 72, Safari, owned by long-time Bluewater customers did just that—winning the billfish release category in 2022. Anglers Robert McNeill and Brett Goulding finished the week with a 650 point lead over the next two boats and walked away with another sizable chunk of that record purse— what amounted to $111,562.50 for their hard work. Robert McNeill guesses he’s fished over twenty Big Rock tournaments by now, doing so in nearly a halfdozen sportfish convertibles sold to his family by Bluewater Sales Professional Clark Sneed. All of Safari’s experience fishing together certainly was on display, as was their beautiful new 72C, and they deserve every accolade! Safari Captain “Moon” Crossman admitted there might be something special about these Viking 72s... “The fishability is great for a bigger boat. It can pick up and run, but also maneuvers great. The New MTUs have no delay. While wheeling around and backing down on a fish, it has incredible responsiveness,” he explains. The 72C also seems to have good harmonics, essential in not spooking any fish away. Particularly during the Big Rock, the Captain recounts seeing fish everywhere, “the sides, corner, all over…” and raved about the sonar, but says that’s not what helped them find the fish; it’s still all about locating that different patch of water along a break. McNeill interjected about the importance of the omnidirectional sonar, pointing out that once you find the good water holding fish, the sonar is key in helping to stay on top of them while trying to lure a bite. “On Monday we were marking a lot of fish, but not catching any. We started questioning the spread, and everything we were doing,” recounted McNeill. Next they took two lay days and then returned to fishing on Thursday with a full boat: Sitting Pretty: Mercenaria & Safari even shared the same dock during Big Rock 5 2023 SEASON

upwards of 17-18 family and friends aboard! Crossman described fishing an entirely different area than Monday, “I spotted something just a little bit different, with barely any other boats around, and knew that was it. We picked up a little sailfish right away and then a blue marlin. Before we knew it, we had our second and third marlin caught and released without even getting the teasers back in the water.” They won the daily prize and chalked up a great day of blue marlin fishing with all those friends and family involved. Strangely, Friday was almost an exact repeat of the prior day, releasing another sailfish around the same time in the morning, followed by two more blue marlin–good enough for another daily award. From there, like for Mercenaria, it then turned into a waiting game. “We knew we were in first place, but we were fished out. A couple boats on Saturday had the potential to beat us, but thankfully did not.” The Safari team spent Saturday trying not to think about their lead slipping away, but couldn’t help but tune into the radio every 30 minutes or so to find out what was happening. Crossman pointed out that success is not all about the boat or the Captain; having top-notch crew and anglers can be a difference maker, “I’ve got the best mate, CJ [Janiszewski], and incredible anglers. I don’t think we missed a fish. We caught everything we saw!” McNeill agreed that the team and the boat were dialed in like never before. In over twenty years of big game fishing, he’s never had such a great season of blue marlin fishing off North Carolina, and winning the Big Rock release division certainly marked Safari’s best showing yet. BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! Additionally, Bluewater customers and friends aboard the Roshambo, Mack 900 and Sea Toy all managed to notch daily jackpots for their feats in releasing the first billfish on 4 out of 6 days. The Jarrett Bay Marlin Fever also placed 2nd (on time) in the non-sonar release category, and had the Junior Angler Release champion, Henry Daniel. Mercenaria, Safari, Fender Bender, Viking 62 Demo, Inspiration, Chainlink, Sea Striker… the list goes on and on of Bluewater customers who have made history with big winnings in the Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament over the years. The Bluewater team is incredibly excited for our customers to be rewarded for all their efforts in rising to the top of the billfish tournament world, and we’ll proudly keep doing our part to help them stay there! Omnidirectional Sonar Not Your Average Fish Finder So what’s with these “non-sonar” categories anyway? Over just the last few years fish finder and chart plotting technology have evolved greatly in abilities and sophistication. No longer are hull-mounted ping transducers considered the best tech by Captains and owners; now boats are being built and retrofitted with telescoping sonar equipment that can sense fish in 360° at up to 5,000 feet away! Think of it as the reverse of a submarine periscope; a large tube is installed vertically along the centerline of the hull bottom, which allows for the omni-sonar equipment to deploy 4-5 feet under the boat when looking for fish, and retract back up out of the way when not in use. This ability to extend down completely clear of hull forms and running gear is what allows for a full range of view, and Captains even have the ability to direct and focus the beam in specific directions for improved pickup. Now considered a not-so-secret weapon by many, omnidirectional sonar has been so transformative that the Big Rock and other tournaments have selected to award divisions separately based on which boats are and aren’t using the technology. 6 BLUEWATER

A lifetime of cruising will build a wealth of knowledge and experience; however, there is always more to learn. Thankfully, the boating community is as tight as they come for sharing information and looking out for one another. Most adventures and travel aspirations begin as a dream and are fulfilled throughacombinationof careful planning and the thoughtful input of others with firsthand experience. After years of cruising sailboats throughout the Chesapeake Bay and Mid-Atlantic, Jack and Caroline Helmly decided it was time for a powerboat. At the time, they were able to secure hull 1 of the Grand Banks Eastbay 49—a sporty downeast style cruiser from the iconic pleasure trawler builder. “We spent over seven years cruising up and down the East Coast in our Grand Banks,” Helmly says. Through the years theymodernized and updated the boat, installing a bow thruster and new electronics. “We cruised from Nantucket to Key West and popular destinations in between.” Helmly continues, “We would stay two to three weeks on the boat at a time and we were able to work while on the boat as well, running a business together.” BECOMING WELL-EQUIPPED Aside from upgrades to their Grand Banks, the Helmly couple acquired equipment to make their cruising lifestyle easier and more enjoyable. One notable piece of equipment was a pair of folding bicycles that would stow easily on board and make for great exercise and touring of new places while traveling. Another equipment upgrade is comically referred to as the ‘marriage savers’ by Jack. He explains: “One day, while tied up at a marina, we watched an 80-yearold couple come in with a trawler and they slid into a dock slip so perfectly and calmly. We were astonished at their skills and poise, but then we realized they had headsets on and were communicating with one another from different parts of the boat. We got ourselves a set of marriage savers [headsets] and we can talk in a low voice without any running around or panic. One of us can be at the helm and the other is watching our approach into the slip and setting lines.” The ‘marriage savers’ and folding bikes will be put to good use on their newest boat, making their cruising lives more enjoyable. Another great asset they found in the boating community was a strong friendship with Bluewater’s Chuck Meyers. “We first met Chuck back in 2013. In December of 2019, we listed our Grand Banks with him,” Hemly says. “Our original intention was to sit out of the market for less than a year and then come back to buy another used boat, but of course 2020 changed all that.” BUILT ON TRUST With unprecedented pricing and supply issues in the used boat market, Jack and Caroline decided to go the new route and Meyers was there to help them every step of the way. “Chuck is a fantastic advocate all the way around,” Helmly proclaims. “He always has our best interests in mind, goes above and beyond and knows the boating industry in and out. Our trust in him has been a key part of this whole adventure!” AVID CRUISERS GO ISLAND HOPPING IN THEIR NEW SABRE 48 ENJOYING THE COMMUNITY 7 2023 SEASON

The discussion between Meyers and the Helmly couplebegan in the Spring of 2021 and by June they had secured a contract for hull #169 of the Sabre 48 Salon Express. Meyers helped throughout the process with recommendations on equipment and options based on the couple’s extensive cruising experience. They also visited the Sabre Yachts facility in Raymond, Maine, twice during the build process. “We really enjoyed working with Lynn [Beaudoin] and the team at Sabre throughout the build,” Helmly says. Their new Sabre 48 initially arrived at Safe Harbor Bluewater in Hampton, Virginia in August of 2022 for outfitting, ahead of the final delivery inOctober. The couple’s decades of cruising experience would serve them well aboard this new boat with one caveat: the pod drives Sabre has installed exclusively on every model built since 2008. LEARNING TO DRIVE AGAIN “This is a first for us,” Helmly admits. “But a huge shout out to Chuck for teaching me how to drive the boat with pods,” Helmly exclaims. “Coming from years of piloting a boat with conventional shafts you have to unlearn some aspects of driving and docking, like no more bumping the engines in and out of gear.” Helmly continues, “Thanks to Chuck’s knowledge of the pods, I have put this Sabre into some tight spots in hairy situations and the pods do the trick!” Another game changer, as Jack puts it, is the Dynamic Positioning System, or DPS. “This system is great if I want to leave the helm and go up on deck to scope a space to anchor with Caroline.” Helmly explains the system: “You bring the boat to a complete stop, orient the boat and hit the DPS button, and the boat is effectively parked, using GPS to automatically stay in position. I use it all the time for anchoring and helping set lines when we’re right outside the marina ahead of docking in our slip.” More upgrades they love about their new Sabre include the cockpit Sureshade, additional lighting in the engine room, a washdown for the anchor, the hydraulic swimplatform for launching their center console dinghy and the Northern Lights generator with auto-start. “The purpose of the auto-start system is to have the generator start up and charge the house batteries before they get too low and then shut down again once the batteries are topped off,” Helmly explains. “It is a very impressive system to have, and it allows us to walk off the boat and know the generator will shut down once it is no longer needed.” Helmly continues, “We also spec’d a very good Garmin configuration with a dedicated screen for engine conditions along with a chain counter which is key when anchoring.” So much impressive outfitting of their new boat was all in preparation for a dream adventure: touring The Bahamas. The Helmlys had adventured up and down the East Coast from the Florida Keys to Nantucket and back, but never had theymade the crossing. Their new 48 Sabre, Right Royal changes that. Helmly explains the meaning behind their boat name which also adorned the transom of their previous boat: “In short, it’s an old English term that means ‘a great night on the town.’ The long of it is that it’s also a poem by John Masefield.” After taking delivery, the Helmlys enjoyed a shakedown cruise on the Cheseapeake followed by a brief return to Bluewater in Hampton for a couple service items. They departed Virginia in mid-November and ran to Hilton Head Island to winter the boat there. They took their time preparing and planning for their big trip south to Palm Beach ahead of making the crossing to The Bahamas. Helmly reminds us, “You do not want to be on a hard schedule, or you’ll be forced to make a decision that could put yourself at risk if a safe weather window is not available.” They departed Hilton Head on Sunday, March 26th and ran down to Palm Beach to stage for their crossing. “The purpose of our tripwas to spend it in the Bahamas, so we made that southbound leg as quick as we could, running outside in the Atlantic when possible,” Helmly says. A week later, they made the crossing and settled into a protected cove in Great Sale Cay. From here, they ventured through the Abacos for two weeks exploring both popular spots like Green Turtle Cay, Marsh Harbour and Hopetown along with many of the protected coves and anchorages along the way. THE COMMUNITY Throughout the journey, the Helmlys have taken great joy in meeting new friends and fellow boaters who can share their experiences and help one another. “We have loved meeting new people and learning their experiences,” Helmly exclaims. “This is our first time doing a big trip like this and you can build a community really fast with docktails and talking to folks about their adventures.” Jack and Caroline receive many compliments on their 48 Sabre and have welcomed couples for tours aboard the boat, some with older Sabre models and some with other styles of trawler and Downeast boats. As they’re gaining Caroline takes her turn on the pod joystick 8 BLUEWATER

knowledge from the boating community, they’re also settling into a routine to make the best of their travels. “The groovewe’re getting into for the Bahamas cruising…” Helmly explains, “…you wake up and check the weather. You need to know what’s out there and what’s coming in from what direction and where you should anchor to be protected. Check your tides and winds and plan your next few days.” Caroline will build their route for the day with waypoints utilizing the Navionics app on her iPad. This route can also be joined with data from Active Captain to provide alerts and bulletins as reported by other boaters in the vast community. This detailed chart can then be easily uploaded into their Garmin multifunction display at the helm. When it comes to the boating community at large, the Helmlys also like to utilize online forums, as Jack says, “There’s a forum for every topic.” However, they learned of an issue they had not planned for: poor or non-existent Wi-Fi at marinas and other points of interest. “I had researched Starlink ahead of time but neglected to get it installed on our boat before this trip,” Helmly says. Thankfully, the Helmlys met a slip mate in Marsh Harbour who graciously shared his Starlink connectivity with them. “Starlink is amazing,” Helmly boasts. “When you’re off the grid, you cannot get up-to-the-minute weather reports and are only guessing, which could put you in harm’s way. Starlink can connect you in remote locations at amazing speeds.” They also met a woman who has nearly completed a solo circumnavigation of the globe while using the network. Helmly jokes, “Honestly, there’s even an online forum for boaters about Starlink.” APERFECTCRUISINGCOMPANION This Bahamas excursion included grilling on the boat under the Sureshade and plenty of meals from the galley that the Helmlys rave about. It is clear they love their boat! The performance, the ease of maneuverability, the layout and that Downeast charm. Meeting countless people at marinas and in remote areas was another big highlight of their trip. “We anchored near Nunjack Cay with a bunch of sailboats and went to shore by dinghy and met people on a remote beach. They told us about areas we would have never found on our own,” Helmly says. They also biked nearly 20 miles in a single day—the full length of Elbow Cay— and stopped at three different eateries along the way. Upon returning home to Herrington Harbor North along the western banks of Chesapeake Bay, the Helmlys are now planning several 2- and 3-day cruises around the Bay with friends. They also do an annual trip north to Nantucket and hope to go beyond that for the first time in 2024 to visit Cape Cod, Boston and into Maine—the birthplace of their 48 Sabre. The Helmlys enjoyed incredible adventure and relaxation while tapping a new element of the boating community during their Abacos trip. The experiences and knowledge they gathered along the way will aid them in future journeys and they certainly have some new friendships as well. Plus, by the time you’re reading this, Jack has already installed Starlink on Right Royal and is enjoying impressive and reliable internet speeds wherever their travels take them. 9 2023 SEASON

JARRETT BAY DELIVERS ANOTHER TRULY CUSTOM MASTERPIECE OPENING IT UP Unlike some of the massive custom convertibles being commissioned by other Jarrett Bay customers, the Renegade was always different from the start. At first glance, this 56-footer looks like a standard sportfish convertible design with a flybridge and tower. But upon closer inspection, you’ll find an additional lower helm station and open bulkhead that allows the main level to be treated more like an open express “day boat” layout, and less like a convertible’s divided cockpit|salon arrangement. This unique design allows for a terrific ease of movement and proximity between the lower helm and seating areas to the fishing activities, as well as a synchronicity between the crewmates manning the two helm stations. This is not the first time Jarrett Bay has accommodated an owner’s request for a lower helm station—the 46’ Persistence and 43’ Gregarious came before—but this is the first that takes that lower station into express-style territory, instead of a poshly upholstered interior salon space. The Renegade is also quite a bit larger than those custom predecessors. Overall, she is large enough and well-equipped to accommodate long range marlin trips, but also nimble and versatile enough to thread a bunch of baits around a tight ball of schooling sailfish and through other fishing traffic. Renegade’s owner, Ron Glazer grew up boating and fishing in South Florida and has long enjoyed working the winter sailfish bite in his large center consoles from homebase in Fort Lauderdale. But now with this bigger boat and a dedicated Captain, he can stretch his outriggers into new territory, including the Bahamas and a planned trip to the Pacific side of Costa Rica in 2023-24. In case it’s not obvious, the Renegade name pays homage to Florida State University, and his family’s long-standing tradition of supporting Seminoles football. Ron, his brother, and his son are all graduates from FSU and are die-hard ‘Noles fans. The boat’s design and outfitting echoes the theme well—coming across as capable, proud and fiercely independent. 10 BLUEWATER

PUMPED UP Any experienced boater can tell you it’s the little things that make a big difference in outfitting a boat for self-sufficiency and convenience while on a big trip. Glazer, who is head of a successful engineering firm, glows about all the custom bits and forethought that went into the build. “The overall layout, performance and features that were built into the boat have provided an unparalleled platform for fishing in the Bahamas and soon on the Pacific side of Costa Rica,” he summarizes. The appointments and custom details are luxurious, but this boat is unquestionably built to fish, and everything found throughout is intended for that expressed purpose. Glazer and his Captain, Brian Tambone, explain that targeting sailfish in South Florida often utilizes kites to keep their live baits dancing on the surface. “That style of fishing requires kites and also the potential to store large amounts of live bait in the cockpit,” Glazer says. However, when the wind isn’t cooperating in keeping the presentation just right, Tambone likes to add helium-filled balloons to the kite rigs. “That’s really one of my specialties. So, we have a tank mounted in the engine room and a whole plumbing system with a hose that comes out in the cockpit. You can fill up right in the cockpit without having helium tanks rolling around,” he explains. In addition to the integrated helium tank below, three tuna tubes are neatly concealed in the beautiful teak covering boards on the transom. Alongside the glass-windowed 100-gallon live well, they also worked in auxiliary water pumps and drains for circulating additional portable bait pens when extra capacity is required. Similarly, the cockpit and engine room are configured with the necessary air pumps to easily inflate and deflate fenders in between uses and storage, and without the need for portable pumps cluttering up the work area. The more “normal” accommodations of the cockpit and mezzanine include massive fish and ice lockers, 40-gallon freezer and drink boxes, gaff and brush storage, grill and tackle drawers. Moving forward past the mezzanine you’ll find a centered teak helmpodwithmassive electronics displays, two folding helm chairs, a wet bar and seating stretching along the real teak flooring, along with storage spaces throughout. Like most captains, Tambone prefers his perch on the flybridge (or up in the buggy top) for spotting birds and fish and overseeing the action. “We have two completely identical helms in both the lower salon and on the bridge, allowing the mate and anglers in the lower cabin and cockpit the same view of the electronics as the captain has on the bridge,” explains Glazer. Forward of the lower helm peninsula is a U-shaped dinette, with a table that can be lowered into an additional berth. As you pass down into the companionway, you are enveloped by the vibrant, walnut and quartz appointed galley, which transitions to the two staterooms and head, along with an impressive custom tackle center. The master stateroom is situated in the bow, and the crew’s quarters features over/under bunks to starboard. JARRETT BAY 56 LOA: 55’ 6” Beam: 17’ 6” Draft: 4’ 6” Fuel Capacity: 1,200 gal. Water Capacity: 250 gal. Dry Weight: 61,000 lbs. Power: Twin MTU 10V 2000 M96s @ 1,600 hp ea. Genset: Northern Lights @ 25kW Stabilization: Seakeeper 18 Cruise Speed: 34 kts. Top Speed: 40 kts. 11 2023 SEASON

The engine room remarkably has standing room for 6-foot persons while housing a massive amount of equipment, including the MTU 10V2000s power, the Northern Lights generator and over-sized stabilizer, watermaker, and the aforementioned additional tankage and pump systems—all made easily accessible for maintenance. Above on the command bridge is a familiar scene. You’ll immediately recognize the near-identical layout Glazer mentioned, mirroring the lower peninsula helm and electronics console with three 22” multifunction displays installed by Atlantic Marine Electronics, and the dual Release Marine Captain’s chairs. RELISHING THE PROCESS Renegade is a design so unique, so one-off, it turns out there aren’t many builders who would be interested in attempting it. In fact, Glazer was in talks with three top custom Carolina builders before ultimately choosing Jarrett Bay, “based on their willingness to build an open express configuration, as well as their reputation in the industry.” Prior to sitting down in the initial design consultation, Mr. Glazer was taken on a tour of the Jarrett Bay facility in Beaufort, North Carolina. He received an in-depth explanation of the cold-molding build process from the design team and was able to board other boats at different stages of construction. “My first visit to the factory was to consult with Gary Davis, Brandon Davis and Chad Voorhees on the design concept for hull #67. During that particular visit I was introduced to the entire custom boat building process, initial design drafts of the profile of the hull, as well as extensive discussions about the intended use and travel plans for the boat,” he says. “The design and construction team at Jarrett Bay have been fantastic to work with, including RV Hodge, Peyton Lanier, Chad Voorhees and Brian Gray,” recounts Glazer. It’s no secret these custom builds take longer than a production boat to build out, but that also affords the owner more opportunities to visit the facility, interact with the team members and perfect their boat just the way they want it. Construction Foreman RV Hodge describes one of the more unique phases of Jarrett Bay’s design workflow, “One of the parts about fully custom construction is that early on in the design phase, the customer can come to the boat and we build in these foam mockups, and he can say, ‘yes, I like this,’ or, ‘I want it higher or lower.’ Each aspect of the build can be done that way.” There’s also constant feedback being made when not at the facility... As foreman, Hodge is responsible for providing frequent construction updates and photos via email. If the owner or captain sees anything they have a question or concern about, the Jarrett Bay team member responsible is just a message or phone call away. “One of the most important milestones of the build was to visit on the day the engines, generator, and stabilizer were installed in the engine room and cockpit mezzanine. That was immediately followed by the installation of the cabin structure,” Glazer says. This is indeed 12 BLUEWATER

a spectacle of a day when the hull and cabin are pulled outside and a series of crane lifts maneuver the heavy equipment into the hull before lifting and fastening the “house” atop. With the cabin top in place, the owner and crew can then get their first true experience of how the final interior spaces will feel around them and can make final decisions on how exactly they’d like everything to be buttoned up. GETTING GOING After final coatings, appointments, sea trials and performance tuning, Renegade was officially delivered in the Summer of 2022, and the team wasted little time before heading south. “Our initial trip was to San Salvador in the Bahamas Out Islands. We were a little late for the marlin run, but we did go 1 for 3 during that trip and it served as a good shakedown trip for the boat,” Glazer says. Since then, they have been fishing the boat in the near-island Bahamas and have had no trouble enjoying the billfish and wahoo bite between there and South Florida. “The boat is scheduled to be shipped to Quepos, Costa Rica in December where it will live at the Marina Pez Vela until June of 2024 for the sailfish and marlin season,” he reveals. Ultimately, the breathtaking finishes and custom features of Jarrett Bay’s latest masterpiece are the icing on the cake; perfectly complementing this unique “open convertible” concept for a special owner and their specific fishing and travel interests. And while Renegade may have been quickly whisked away to sub-tropical fishing grounds upon delivery, all of the careful design and engineering performed inhouse and brought to life by Jarrett Bay’s experienced craftspeople, shall always be a source of immense pride back in Beaufort. IN-PROGRESS CUSTOM BUILDS AT JARRETT BAY 90’ CONVERTIBLE Hull #68 64’ CONVERTIBLE Hull #65 68’ CONVERTIBLE Hull #64 13 2023 SEASON

BLUEWATER’S SUMMER CRUISE ENJOYS A WEEKEND IN BALTIMORE’S INNER HARBOR Downtown Charm T he bustling city of Baltimore may not immediately come to mind when thinking of cruising destinations on the Chesapeake Bay, but the waterfront metropolis proved to offer much more than anyone could have expected. It turns out that Baltimore is called Charm City for a reason, with countless activities and restaurants, and top-notch amenities for boaters and travelers alike. After taking some time to explore the city, Bluewater management decided that Baltimore would be a unique destination for the annual customer rendezvous, the Bluewater Summer Cruise. The 2022 Summer Cruise was hosted in the Fells Point District at Harbor East Marina, which not only provided beautiful views of the Baltimore skyline, but was an easy walking distance from some of the city’s premiere restaurants, shops, and attractions. After customers cruised up the scenic Patapsco River and settled into their slips, they were greeted with a kickoff party at the marina on Thursday evening, where they visited with likeminded friends and enjoyed a gorgeous July evening. Friday marked the first full day of the long weekend trip, and was picked as the day to treat guests to the complete Baltimore experience. The morning began with a catered breakfast at the Harbor East tent, and then everyone received tickets to one of the top attractions in town—the National Aquarium. Following a short stroll towards the Inner Harbor, visitors were amazed by the size of the aquarium, which is currently one of the largest in the country, with thousands of aquatic animals and a multitude of exhibits. A NIGHT AT THE PARK The real highlight of Friday came in the evening, as the group traveled downtown to watch the Baltimore Orioles take on the Los Angeles Angels in the second game of a four-game series. On the suggestion of Bluewater’s Baltimore and Annapolis team members, the trip started off with a private pre-game party at the iconic Pickles Pub, located just outside the gates to Camden Yards. The baseball game started at 7pm and lasted well into the night, but those who stayed were treated to one of the most electric games of the entire season. The Angels took a 4-2 lead into the bottom of the 9th inning following 14 BLUEWATER

home runs from Mike Trout and Shohei Ohtani, but the Orioles rallied late with a game tying RBI by Cedric Mullins and a walk-off run from Trey Mancini to win the game. The players stormed the field, fireworks filled the sky, and the stadium shook with cheers from the crowd. Saturday morning started off with some summer rain showers, but that didn’t stop participants from taking part in the annual Christening ceremonies. Although the storms did abbreviate the festivities, customers were willing to share their stories and christen their new boats. Shortly after breakfast and the christenings, the clouds broke, and everyone had free reign to explore Fells Point, the Inner Harbor, and the many shops, museums, and restaurants around town. Some guests took the time to visit the tall ships on display in the harbor, while others made their way to attractions such as the Museum of Modern Industry and the Visionary Arts Museum, while some simply took the time to rest and relax before the night’s final event. Saturday night at the Summer Cruise is always the biggest event of the weekend, and this year was no exception. It wasn’t far at all to find one of the top event venues in Baltimore at the Four Seasons Hotel, located just steps away from Harbor East Marina. The evening started with a cocktail reception overlooking the Inner Harbor, and was followed by a delicious dinner, and live music from the Route 66 Band. Couples packed the dance floor, and the celebration lasted well into the night. The 2022 Summer Cruise concluded on Sunday morning as everyone packed up to head home, but there was already plenty of talk on the docks about plans to join us again in 2023. Bluewater is excited that the 2023 Summer Cruise will take place in the perennial favorite destination of St. Michaels, MD. Whether you are a new customer or a Summer Cruise veteran, the Bluewater team welcomes you to a weekend to remember at our signature event, enjoying the most popular cruising locations on the bay. 15 2023 SEASON

VALHALLA BOATWORKS V-55 PUTS THE MEGA CENTER CONSOLE INDUSTRY ON NOTICE o stranger to innovation and thinking outside the box, Viking Yachts and Valhalla Boatworks never pull back the throttle when there’s an opportunity to improve their model lineup and give their customers what they want. The latest proof of their tenacious drive is the simultaneous launch of new flagship models for both iconic brands. In the picturesque setting and seasonably warm temperatures of South Florida, the all-new Viking 90C (splashed in the Sky Bridge version) joined the debut of the Valhalla V-55 at the company’s annual VIP event. Dealers and vendors were treated to an opening day presser by Viking Yachts President and CEO Pat Healey ahead of the very first opportunity to tour these newest flagships. Healey boasts, “The Viking 90 and V-55 will not only become the leaders in their class, but they’re also going to dominate for years to come. They’re that good.” This show-stopping duo went on to wow the public at the 2023 Miami International Boat Show. Hull 1 of the V-55 is not just a showpiece though, it went straight into demonstration mode, fishing the Viking Key West Challenge and Jimmy Johnson’s Quest for the Ring Tournament in the Spring. Captain Ryan Higgins along with a crew of anglers made up of designers, engineers, and shipwrights from Viking Yachts enjoyed showing off not only the V-55’s features, but its fishability too. ALL IN THE DETAILS Much like parent company Viking, the engineers and managers at Valhalla are well-accustomed to saying yes to customer requests. However, the options list for the all-new V-55 is so exhaustive a customer may find it hard to think of something that Valhalla has not already thought of. Optional equipment includes a fabricated gap tower from Palm Beach Towers, as seen on hull #1. The V-55 is also available in a staggering number of combinations for color schemes including the hull, top sides, hardtop with frame, engine cowlings, and upholstery, plus the addition of faux or real teak to various surfaces and trim. The generous beam provides a platform for many of the great features available on a V-55, including nine Release Marine teak helm chairs in two rows. Wide passageways along the gunnel from the cockpit to the forward seating and bow area offer unhindered movement while fighting a fish. The generous cabin, easily accessed from the starboard side of the helm station, includes a private stateroom, head, galley, dinette and additional sleeping quarters. “You obviously get more comfort out of a large vessel, but with that you usually must sacrifice speed and fishability, but the V-55 encompasses it all,” says 16 BLUEWATER

Bluewater Sales Professional Clark Sneed. “The cockpit is huge for a center console, the seating is incredible for you and all your fishing friends and family, and you still get great visibility from the helm station,” says Sneed after a thorough tour and sea trial. SERIOUS SIZE & POWER When looking to propel such a massive center console, you go straight for the most powerful outboard engines currently available. Mercury’s unveiling of the 7.6-liter V12 Verado, rated at 600 horsepower each, helped make Valhalla’s pursuit of this mega console more viable. In a quad configuration, wide open throttle sends the V-55 beyond 60 MPH (52+ knots)! Viking’s engineering team estimates adding a fifth engine for a grand sum of 3,000 horsepower will allow this boat to break the 70 MPH (60 knot) mark. Healey says, “This is a statement boat—and there is nothing like it on the market.” While speed is an important factor customers look for when considering a new boat, there is so much more to learn about Mercury’s latest innovations. An industry-first two-speed transmission allows the new V12 to get on plane in a hurry while offering lower noise levels and remarkable efficiency at cruising speed and the top end. Anyone who has enjoyed a ride in a new Verado V12-equipped boat will tell you that the shift between the two forward gears is imperceivable. Another innovation by Mercury Marine for their new high-output V12s is an independent, steerable gearcase. Eliminating steering rams saves weight, space and complexity and the electrohydraulic controls provide instant movement of the steerable gearcase in response to driver commands. A generous 150-amp alternator ensures ample power for onboard systems and battery charging while the service interval has been expanded to 200 hours, which is backed by a 3-year standard warranty. MANY, MANY V’S It was 2019 when Viking launched Valhalla Boatworks and the first three models in the lineup—each riding on a stepped-V ventilated tunnel hull developed by Michael Peters Yacht Design. From the V-33 to the new flagship V-55, every Valhalla benefits from this special hull design in terms of performance, speed, maneuverability and handling. Fast forward four years, and Valhalla’s model line-up now includes five distinct models that continue to push the boundaries of design, features and fishability. In Viking’s pursuit to ‘build a better boat every day’ they also seek out the latest technology and innovation from electronics and systems to the outboard engines. Mercury’s impressive, industry-leading V12 Verado has been followed-up by the first ever naturally aspirated V10 outboard. The V10 Verado offers 350 and 400 horsepower output ratings, and is quieter, faster and lighter than competing outboards of similar output. These allnew engines are being offered on Valhalla’s line-up from 33feet to 46-feet. Seeing so much interest in these top-of-the-line power packages, Bluewater Yacht Sales equipped our 2023 in stock V-37 with a triple configuration of the new V10 engines. The Bluewater Yacht Sales team has been partnered with 17 2023 SEASON

Viking for nearly 40 years, witnessing tremendous growth in product offerings and innovation while observing the tireless pursuit for quality and perfection in every boat Viking builds. With the unmatched pace of newmodels and gamechanging rollouts, there is no question that Viking Yachts’ DNA is a part of Valhalla Boatworks and every boat they build. Bluewater’s Sales Professionals and management team continue to work in close partnership with Viking and Valhalla, including annual factory tours and training sessions to experience those technological advances and innovations first-hand from production to completion. Sneed concludes, “The Valhalla V-55 is a piece of art. Viking continues to deliver on its promise of ‘building a better boat every day’, and the V-55 is no exception. Everything about this boat raises the bar to a higher level while still maximizing performance, comfort, and fishability.” Bluewater Yacht Sales has the relationship, history, and scale to maintain stock inventory of Valhalla and Viking new models. However, due to continued demand for these premium s po r t f i s h i ng boats, we encourage you to follow us on social media channels and subscribe to our email list to ensure you know when and where the next Viking and Valhalla demonstration will occur. Our tenured partnership with Viking also means you get the best after-sales service for maintenance, repairs and warranty work at our affiliates, Safe Harbor Bluewater in Hampton, Virginia and Safe Harbor Jarrett Bay in Beaufort, North Carolina. VALHALLA V-55 LOA: 59’ 6” Beam: 15’ 6” Draft: 4’ 0” Fuel Capacity: 1,200 gal. Water Capacity: 125 gal. Dry Weight: 38,904 lbs. Standard Power: 4x Mercury Verado V12s @ 600 hp ea. Power Options: 5x Mercury Verado V12s @ 600 hp ea. Genset: Fischer Panda 15 DP @ 15kW Stabilization: Seakeeper 9 18 BLUEWATER

Hull #1, a Sky Bridge model of the Viking 90, splashed for the Viking VIP event ahead of her public debut at the Miami International Boat Show. The Viking 90 represents a $20M investment into research and development on its way to becoming the company’s latest flagship. Viking’s recent practice of utilizing lightweight, advanced interior materials along with composites technology is prevalent in the new 90 and offers substantial weight savings for increased performance. Artfully merging all the latest innovations and customer favorites from other Viking models, this 6-stateroom, 7-head yacht truly is a show stopper, and far too expansive to fit in this publication! Viking has already secured more than a dozen build slots, which speaks volumes to the brand loyalty of their owners and the immense demand for obtaining the company’s apex model. A CLOSER LOOK VIKING 90 19 2023 SEASON