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Recently, at my daughter’s twelve-and-under soccer game, her team of mostly ten-year-olds was clearly out-sized by their opponents. It was an “Oh No” moment for my wife and I as we watched “big girls vs. little girls” take the field. Surprisingly, our underdogs held the match close until the end, and only lost by a goal. Packing up afterwards, I told Molly Reed that I had never been more proud of her. She then shared that before the game, the Referee had told their whole team, “great things come in small packages.” This neutral observer saw exactly what we saw, but with one small gesture inspired their performance to over-achieve against the odds. I tell this story because I’m also frequently in awe of what our relatively small Bluewater Yacht Sales team can accomplish. We are blessed with good people who consistently do great work, all in service to our exceptional customers. In comparison to Fortune 500 companies and other nation-wide businesses, we may be small, but we deliver seriously big things. However, everything is relative. Bluewater is far-and-away the largest brokerage firm in the MidAtlantic, which provides us distinct advantages to offer our customers. We have constantly reinvested in our team and honed skills that none of our Mid-Atlantic competitors can come close to providing. The capabilities and caliber of our marketing and sales efforts are unmatched, even by some of the largest brands in the industry. This isn’t due to having better tools or being smarter, it’s because our team cares deeply and works tirelessly. While overseeing daily operations from my office, it’s easy to get caught up in the many challenges and problems we must solve on a daily basis. Whether adjusting to changing market conditions, fulfilling troublesome requests, or smoothing out the complexities of modern boat manufacturing, these are difficulties that we ultimately relish to overcome. At the end of the day, the marine industry is one of the last shining examples of Americanmade, highly technical pieces of machinery that are still hand-built, one at a time. We pride ourselves in only working with the best new boat brands in the industry, who never stop pushing the envelope. Whether that’s in terms of size, performance, materials, or new technologies, Viking, Valhalla, Regulator, Everglades, Jarrett Bay, Sabre and Back Cove products never fail to impress. As complex and innovative as these boats are, there are always bugs to work out, and the Bluewater team is here to fix them for customers and do our best to ensure they never lose a day of use out on the water. Becoming a Safe Harbor affiliate has awarded our customers some new and valuable benefits. Safe Harbor Members are receiving slip priorities up and down the East Coast and are rewarded with a variety of membership perks. The fuel discount alone has saved owners tens of thousands of dollars per trip while transiting to different regions of the country, whether on an expedited delivery or extended getaway. This year’s OnBoard magazine is one of our best issues to-date and a prime example of what our team can deliver! In these pages you can read about some of the many customers and their lifelong dreams that the Bluewater team is helping to fulfill. You can also learn more about the investments into marketing, staff and world-class events that we’ve made to extend the customer experience, and ultimately give back to the communities and environmental resources that sustain our industry and lifestyles. Bottom line, no matter what challenges this Bluewater team faces, I can assure you the quality of our brands, people, and work will always be first-class. Despite whatever challenges present themselves, we’re a team that will buckle down and keep working hard to out-perform everyone’s expectations. Wyatt Lane General Manager 3 2024 SEASON

Additional Thanks John Angelo, Todd Anderson, Jud Black, Allyson Carrancejie, Mark Connors, Kelsea Hall, Mary Foust, Chuck Meyers, Luke Pearson, John Prather, Randy Ramsey, Hank Sibley, Matt Serafin, and all of our great participating team members, customers, captains, partners and affiliates named throughout the magazine. ON THE COVER A beautiful day aboard the Viking 62, Theresa Jean captured by John Angelo Managing Editor & Art Director Jason Pim Writers Magnus Thiersmann Jason Pim Blake Tice Josh Lamb Wyatt Lane Graphics Asst. & Online Editor Josh Lamb Editorial Directors Wyatt Lane Baxter Lusink Blake Tice Kelsea Hall Executive Editor Robin Anderson Ad Coordinators Blake Tice Kelsea Hall B L U E WA T E R P E R S P E C T I V E 05 SUMMER IN ST. MICHAELS 07 CMAST FISHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 18 MARKETING MATTERS 24 RANDY RAMSEY FAITH & TEAM BUILDING 30 SALES ACCOMPLISHMENTS 36 OLD PORT COVE 42 MARLINS FOR MASON AN INSPIRATIONAL FIGHT 48 HYDROGEN PROTOTYPE 58 SHOWS & SHOTS B R A N D I N S I G H T S 09 VIKING YACHTS 60 YEARS OF GRIT 27 VALHALLA MILESTONES 32 SABRE & BACK COVE EYEING THE DETAILS 35 EVERGLADES 315CC 40 REGULATOR CLOSE-UP 44 VALHALLA NEW MODELS 47 VIKING 82C FIRST LOOK 50 JARRETT BAY 64 C U S T OM E R P R O F I L E S 12 REGULATOR 30XO FISHING, FUN & FAMILY 14 VIKING 72C ALL IN ON FINS UP 20 PARTY ON PRINCESS 22 REGULATOR 41 LAROSSE THE STREAM 28 VIKING 46 BILLFISH 38 VALHALLA V-37 NEED FOR SPEED 45 EVERGLADES FAMILY 52 DELIVERIES & SNAPSHOTS 4 BLUEWATER

THE BLUEWATER SUMMER CRUISE RETURNS TO A PERENNIAL FAVORITE DESTINATION ST. MICHAELS THROWBACK Many years ago, Bluewater’s founders hit on a great formula to organize a casual cruise along the Chesapeake, explore different destinations, relax together, and connect with customers and colleagues. Since its inception, the Bluewater Summer Cruise has been a can’t-miss event for many customers and friends, enjoying a variety of locations throughout Maryland and Virginia. But despite the Bluewater team’s best efforts to change things up over the years, the feedback is always loud and clear—the customers love St. Michaels— and the customers are always right! So, after a sojourn to Baltimore in summer of 2022, the cruise was committed back to St. Michaels for the following two years. Nestled along the tranquil banks of Maryland’s Eastern Shore, the historic town of St. Michaels beckons cruisers with its small-town charm and timeless appeal. From its rich nautical heritage to scenic vistas and quaint streets, this hidden gem offers a treasure trove of attractions just waiting to be explored. At the heart of St. Michaels lies Navy Point, site of the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum, and a sprawling inventory of historic venues and exhibits. St. Michaels Marina is situated closeby, and has been the most frequent destination for the Bluewater Summer Cruise held each July. As event organizers Kristen Turk and Kelsea Hall point out, “These annual events are planned entirely in-house, and are a testament to our teamwork and capabilities at Bluewater Yacht Sales.” The 2023 event sold out with approximately thirty boats filling St. Michaels Marina. With several groups traveling by land and staying in hotels, a total of over fifty customer families were in attendance. Special guests, such as Lynn Beaudoin from Sabre Yachts, also joined in on the festivities. photos by Emily Chastain 5 2024 SEASON

With above-and-beyond service from Anne Gatrell of St. Michaels Marina and George Wilson at Old Brick Inn, the team was able to deliver a top-notch event while also introducing a fun new itinerary. This included a colorful Seventies-themed party on Friday and a fresh new activity for Saturday afternoon: Turk and Hall designed a riff on a poker run (with a little bit of pub crawl thrown in) encouraging participants to explore several local shops and establishments on a stroll through the quaint downtown streets. This allowed visitors to get a taste of the town, and enjoy the other small boutiques, artisanal goods, and locally crafted treasures that St. Michaels offers in such abundance. Back on the docks, the christenings of Bluewater customers’ new boats always prove to be a highlight of each Summer Cruise. While enjoying libations, the group roves from slip to slip, providing a special occasion to listen to each family’s specific story. This often includes the reasons behind why they chose the boat they did, the origin of its name, as well sharing more about their boating backgrounds and experiences with Bluewater. The Summer Cruise is important to Bluewater team members and customers alike because it is the one event everyone seems to find time to unwind and relax, get to know each other, and enjoy the company of fellow boaters. And in the idyllic setting of St. Michaels, these fond memories seem to linger longer and burn brighter—beckoning travelers to return, time and time again. Olivins Tasting Room 205 N Talbot St Ophiuroidea “The O” 100 S Talbot St Skipjack’s St. Michaels 111 S Talbot St Foxy’s Harbor Grille 125 Mulberry St Eastern Shore Brewing 605 S Talbot St Lyon Rum / Windon Distillery 605 S Talbot St 6 5 4 3 2 1 1 2 3 4 5 6 POKER RUN STOPS Kristen Turk 757-952-5616 Vera Sohovich 410-533-7588 St. Michaels Marina 410-745-2400 Old Brick Inn 410-745-3323 IN CASE OF EMERGENCY Summer Cruise Boat Christenings: Who is having more fun—the owners or onlookers? 2024 Summer Cruise July 12 - 14, 2024 St. Michaels Marina Join the fun at the Bluewater Summer Cruise to enjoy: • Nightly Docktail Parties • Boat Christenings • Dinner and Live Entertainment • Local Exploration • Games and Daily Events • Boat Tours and Demos 6 BLUEWATER

At the forefront of collaborative research to build a sustainable future for the fishing industry and coastal communities stands NC State’s Center for Marine Sciences and Technology (CMAST). Located on the shoreline of Bogue Sound in Morehead City, North Carolina, CMAST plays an important role in progressing our understanding of marine ecosystems through environmental research, outreach, and management practices. Just a few of the programs focused on by CMAST include coastal and marine toxicology, marine ecology and conservation, fisheries ecology, marine metabolomics and seafood science. One major body of water being actively monitored by the Center is at the heart of Bluewater Yacht Sales’s North Carolina territory, the Croatan-AlbemarlePamlico Estuarine System, also known as CAPES. Spanning over 3,000 square miles of open water, these inshore waters serve as the country’s second largest estuarine system—only the Chesapeake Bay system is larger. Home to salt marshes, open sounds and other shallow estuarine areas, CAPES serves as a nursery area for 90 percent of the saltwater fish and shellfish found in North Carolina. With its proximity to the Gulf Stream and the wealth of data that can be collected from this expansive ecosystem, it’s clear that monitoring ofCAPES isofparamount importance to anyone with a commercial or recreational interest in North Carolina’s fisheries. However, CMAST’s efforts extend far beyond estuary systems to offshore pelagic habitats and species as well. Most notably, they’ve been partnering with the Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament, where research and conservation efforts intersect with one of the most popular fishing tournaments in the world. Specifically through the Big Rock tournament, CMAST collects tissue samples and documents the stomach contents from mahi mahi, wahoo and yellowfin tuna caught during the tournament. This valuable data from various pelagic species contributes to a growing body of knowledge and studies on their biology, habitats and behavior. “The long-term data set on these pelagic species is unique and invaluable in gaining a better understanding of many aspects of their biology, including foraging ecology and mercury levels.” said Jeffrey Buckel, a professor at CMAST. While one CMAST team is tasked with performing dockside sampling and measurements on the gamefish during Big Rock, a second team focuses on researching the blue marlin, trucking them down the road to the CMAST facility, where researchers such as graduate student Ryan Tharp process each fish. “We take a variety of samples like stomach contents, skin tissue, liver tissue, muscle tissue, gonad tissue, and THE COLLABORATION BETWEEN CMAST AND THE BIG ROCK BLUE MARLIN TOURNAMENT SHOWCASES THE INTERSECTION OF SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH WITH THE EXCITEMENT OF BIG GAME SPORT FISHING. photos: Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament & CMAST 7 2024 SEASON

2024 EVENT CALENDAR Viking VIP Winter Preview Riviera Beach, FL Mid-Atlantic Sports & Boat Show Virginia Beach, VA Miami International Boat Show Miami, FL OC Seaside Boat Show Ocean City, MD Palm Beach International Boat Show West Palm Beach, FL Viking Key West Challenge Key West, FL Bay Bridge Boat Show Stevensville, MD Hampton Dock Walk Hampton, VA Crystal Coast Dock Walk Morehead City, NC Keli Wagner Lady Angler Tournament Morehead City, NC Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament Morehead City, NC Virginia Beach Tuna Tournament Virginia Beach, VA Hatteras Marlin Club Release Tournament Hatteras Village, NC Big Rock Kids Billfish Tournament Morehead City, NC Ocean City Tuna Tournament Ocean City, MD Ducks Unlimited Billfish Tournament Morehead City, NC Marlins for Mason Ocean City, MD White Marlin Open Ocean City, MD 2 FEB 2 FEB 14 FEB 16 FEB 21 MAR 3 APR 12 APR 3 MAY 18 MAY 7 JUN 8 JUN 19 JUN 23 JUN 10 JUL 12 JUL 17 JUL 1 AUG 3 AUG Alice Kelly Ladies Billfish Tournament Manteo, NC Pirate’s Cove Billfish Tournament Manteo, NC The MidAtlantic Tournament Ocean City, MD Virginia Beach Billfish Tournament Virginia Beach, VA United States Powerboat Show Annapolis, MD Annapolis Show VIP Party Annapolis, MD Ft. Lauderdale International Boat Show Ft. Lauderdale, FL Fish for a Cure Annapolis, MD 9 AUG 12 AUG 18 AUG 21 AUG 3 OCT 5 OCT 30 OCT 9 NOV Maryland Virginia North Carolina Florida 877.269.3021 BLUEWATERYACHTSALES.COM BLUEWATER SUMMER CRUISE ST. MICHAELS MARINA ST. MICHAELS, MD JULY 12-14 BYS_postcard.indd 2 4/26/2024 1:01:55 PM eye lenses. We use this [information] in long-term studies in our own lab and also send samples to other researchers across the country.” This data can be beneficial in understanding the diets, movement and health of each species and can be used to helpinformfishandwildlifepolicymakers in important management decisions. Through this collaboration between citizens and scientists, fish observations and samples can help managers better balance the sustainability of each fishery while respecting recreational and commercial interests. Additionally, CMAST is actively researching emerging environmental concerns, such as the accumulation of microplastics in marine organisms, including blue marlin. This research underscores the opportunities to study and address contemporary challenges in marine conservation via partnerships in the recreational fishing industry. In turn, CMAST has become one of the many beneficiaries of the impressive charitable funds raised by the Big Rock tournament, with the 2023 event giving back over $1.6 million to a variety of deserving organizations. Initiatives like these highlight the importance of collaboration and public engagement in marine conservation and demonstrate how scientific research can inform and enhance sustainable management practices of our fisheries and ecosystems and make our coastal economies more resilient. “As Bluewater Yacht Sales strives to help steward the marine resources that support our livelihoods and bring us all so much joy, CMAST has emerged as an ideal organization for us to support,” says General Manager Wyatt Lane. In addition to our sponsorship support of the Big Rock tournament, Bluewater is excited to be leading a Safe Harbor Members Event to the CMAST facility in June of 2024 to learn more about their programs and research. For more information and to support CMAST’s many important initiatives, visit: https://cmast.ncsu.edu/help-us-with-our-mission/ 8 BLUEWATER

VIKING YACHTS CELEBRATES 60 YEARS OF SUCCESS Generous amounts of ingenuity, determination, courtesy, and respect are deeply woven into the winning composition of the Healey family and Viking Yachts. These, andmany other, qualities have enabled Viking to dominate the U.S. boat building industry over the last six decades. “Early on, my father Bill drove home the point that Viking was about building a better boat every day and Uncle Bob insisted that, we like the view from the top of the mountain and plan to stay there. Almost six decades later the Co-founders’ statements are stronger than ever,” explains Pat Healey, President and CEO of Viking Yachts. While Viking’s story may have begun like many other boat builders: old metal building, dirt floor, a small crew of shipwrights and craftsmen; they have grown tremendously, driven by an appetite for innovation and outpacing the competition. Healey states matter-offactly, “We’re not smarter than our competition, we just work harder.” It all started with strong engineering, quality workmanship and ultimately delivering a superior value and customer experience to their customers. It wasn’t long after their introduction in New Jersey in 1964 that Viking’s wooden sportfishing and crusing boats caught the eyes of discerning mariners. However, it was their long-term conviction and fortitude to overcome all challenges, which ultimately vaulted Viking Yachts into the position of unquestioned industry leader. MATCHING PHILOSOPHIES One of those discerning mariners was the founder of Bluewater Yachts Sales, Chris Hall III, who started selling new boats on the Chesapeake Bay over 55 years ago. A partnership forged in 1985 boosted the growth of both the Bluewater and Viking companies and established family ties and friendships that continue through to this day, nearly forty years later. At the time, Chris and younger brother Earle met with Tom Carroll, Sr. and a young Pat Healey after a phone call to address a warranty claim on a Viking 46 for a Bluewater service yard customer. The Viking team saw Bluewater’s operations, both the sales and service operations, as top shelf and admired how they reinvested in their business and facilities. It seemed many values aligned between the Healeys and the Halls. They shared the confidence at the time— and it is now well proven today—that both companies possess the endurance to run the long race. Today, Bluewater team members frequently visit the Viking factory in New Gretna, and the Valhalla factory in Mullica, New Jersey for facility tours, educational sessions, and of course to drop in on customers’ boats under production. In addition to overseeing the construction of many customer orders, Bluewater and Viking’s partnership extends to a longstanding commitment of ordering many new spec boats to demonstrate and show throughout the years. Recently, Bluewater team members Blake Tice and Carl Beale have been back and forth frequently between Virginia and New Jersey to check on the company’s new Viking 64- and 48-foot convertibles that will be available for sale this summer. Gri t Endurance x 9 2024 SEASON

At first glance, the hulls making their way down multiple production lines— seemingly bursting with in-progress wiring, plumbing and construction equipment—can be an overwhelmingly busy sight. Touring the production lines first-hand with a Viking representative provides a deeper appreciation for the massive amount of engineering, planning and coordination their operations require. The attention to detail performed at such jaw-dropping scale is a testament to Viking’s capabilities, as are the final products—each boat and its mechanical and electrical compartments quickly refined into perfect order. “The scale of Viking’s operations is really impressive,” explains Bluewater’s General Manager Wyatt Lane. “The vast majority of every boat is crafted in-house including wiring harnesses, cabinetry, soft goods, manufactured parts, hardware, and more.” Viking’s ability to produce an entire boat and most of its components on site is a testament to the big investments made over the years in equipment, facilities and workforce. TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS The Healeys believe in having the proper tools for the job, and that a quality work environment is critically important. For his entire career, Bill Healey could be found on the production lines and in the shops checking on boats and meeting with employees. From early on, he would stand at the door of the facility each evening and say goodnight to each employee by name. “One of the most impressive aspects of Viking is how they take care of their employees.” Bluewater’s Scott James continues, “They have this unique culture within the plant, even with thousands of employees in multiple locations, they are all like a big family.” Taking care of employees is not just figurative, the company literally has an on-site medical department. Viking got their start in 1964 with a storage shed on 17 barren acres of land in the town of New Gretna, New Jersey. With countless upgrades through the years, Viking now boasts 880,000 square feet in New Gretna which has allowed them to produce more than 5,500 boats in their sixty year history! Reinvestment in their facilities, operations and workforce have been a cornerstone of Viking’s success. In addition to over 1,500 team members, Viking employs two five-axis CNC-machines to expertly cut the plugs for nearly every fiberglass component on a boat from the hulls, foredecks and cabin tops to mezzanines, lounges and helm consoles. The original five-axis router is still in service, shaping the course of the sportfish industry for two decades now. Innovation goes far beyond the boats, permeating the very ground they are built on. Since 2009, the New Gretna facility has facility photos by John Angelo 10 BLUEWATER

operated its own wastewater treatment plant designed and built by Bill Healey. Building 5A on the site, boasts 798 solar panels to power operations within both Building 5A and the adjacent Building 5. In 2012, Bill spearheaded the investment into a natural gas-fired tri-generation power plant to reduce heating, cooling, and power costs via six microturbines. These are all massive investments in making their operations more efficient, and added value that Viking can then pass down to those who matter most in all this—the customers. The Healeys’ courtesy and appreciation shown towards customers, employees and colleagues border on legend and are another strong part of their formula for success. Whether it’s abandoning his breakfast in a boat show hotel lobby to talk to a virtual stranger, tirelessly fishing and entertaining for days on-end in Los Suenos, or personally helping with visiting customers’ accommodations near New Gretna—there are many ways Pat Healey has been observed going above and beyond to connect with customers and peers. MORE TO CELEBRATE Viking Yacht Company is family owned and operated with the third generation of Healeys now working their way to the helm: Pat’s three children, Sean, Justin and Kaitlyn each have roles in sales and marketing. “We are grateful to all of our Viking shipwrights, our Valhalla Boatworks boatbuilders, our fabulous Viking domestic and international dealer networks, vendors and Viking owners for their support and dedication over the years. And most especially to Bill and Bob Healey, who started this wonderful company and helped make us number one,” says Pat. In recognition of Viking’s 50th anniversary, a fishing tournament was started to bring owners together for a fun-filled week of activities and angling in the Florida Keys. Ten years later, the annual Viking Key West Challenge hosted a record-breaking 52 fishing teams and their families in 2024. Bluewater has enjoyed being a part of this tournament since its inauguration, with various team members joining customers who have participated over the years and members of the Hall family attending many of the festivities. The site of the 10th Annual Viking Key West Challenge also became the first official celebration of Viking’s 60th anniversary this year. The party is sure to continue throughout 2024 around the MidAtlantic and Gulf Coasts, as the Viking fishing demo team works the tournament circuit in the all new Viking 82 C. Bluewater is proud and grateful to have been on this journey with Viking for nearly two-thirds of their sixty-year history and we are excited to introduce new and returning customers into our industry leading Viking family. NUMBERS TO SALUTE Undergoing countless upgrades through the years, Viking now boasts 880,000 sq. ft. of facilities in New Gretna, NJ 1,600 employees call Viking Yachts their home More than 5,500 boats built in 60 years 39 years for Bluewater as a Viking dealer 36 years of their on-site medical facility 40 years for the Viking demo fishing team 25 years at the Viking Yacht Service Center in Riviera Beach, FL 21 years at the Viking Yachting Center on the Bass River in NJ 21 years of vertically integrated components by Atlantic Marine Electronics and Palm Beach Towers 19 years of the Viking International Yacht Center in South Florida 15 years of operating the on-site waste treatment facility 10 editions of the Viking Key West Challenge 5 years of Valhalla Boatworks 11 2024 SEASON

With the incredible variety of fishing boats available on the market today, it’s always reaffirming to have a deeply experienced owner keep coming back to your brands for more. After forty years of owning many boats of various sizes, Wayne Enroughty has (proverbially speaking) seen and ridden them all... but lately he’s built an affinity for Regulator Marine center consoles commissioned new through Bluewater Yacht Sales. Most notably in his relationship with Bluewater, Mr. Enroughty has bought three Regulators in particular: first came a 2013 Regulator 34, then a 31-footer in 2017, and most recently a 2023 30XO. He’s owned many center console and express sport fishing boats from top quality brands and for a time has been a part-owner in a 59’ custom sportfish. It’s safe to say he knows a thing or two about quality boats and has some clear ideas on what he wants and how he plans to fish and use them. While the new Regulators he’s bought have been getting slightly smaller each time, their capabilities have actually been expanding. That’s because the ‘XO’ in Regulator’s new series stands for crossover, broadcasting the intent of the model’s design to excel in both offshore and inshore conditions. THE REGULATOR 30XO HITS THE SWEET SPOT FOR THIS SEASONED FISHERMAN 12 BLUEWATER

“I love the versatility of the 30XO. It has lots of room for the family, but it also fishes well with plenty of room for four to five fishermen,” says Wayne. He also notes the “hybrid” nature of the hull design enables it tohandle the rougher stuff offshore in addition to being able to fish in shallow inshore waters: the latter being something his other Regulators could not attempt as confidently. “The power poles, upper station, and the trolling motor open so many options,” for a greater variety of fishing strategies, Wayne points out. One of those standout features of the 30XO is the second helm station perched above the T-top and offering a bird’s-eye view of the surrounding waters. “We have thoroughly enjoyed the second station and have had a lot of fun sight casting for Cobia while slow trolling up and down the Bay.” he remarks. “The upper vantage point is a big benefit, and the grandkids also enjoy the ride up there!” he muses. From their home in Irvington, Virginia, Wayne says they often venture back and forth from the Bay Bridge Tunnel fishing for rockfish, redfish, and cobia. “The wide beam is also a great advantage,” Enroughty adds, noting the vessel’s capacity and stability during travels to restaurants and other waterfront attractions. They’ve enjoyed many such family outings in their new Regulator, including pleasure cruises to Cape Charles, Urbanna, Yorktown and Reedville, all along the Lower Chesapeake. These trips typically include friends and family, including his children and their young families. Whether fishing or day-tripping, propelled by a total of 600 horsepower provided by twin Yamaha V6 outboards, it’s safe to say they can get up and go—and reach their destination fast and reliably. Additionally, the HelmMaster Joystick upgrade can make docking and close quarters maneuvering a breeze at both ends of the trip. Central to the Enroughtys’ four decades of boating experience is a long-standing relationship with Bluewater Yacht Sales, working closely with Hank Sibley and Jud Black for nearly twenty years. “The process is easy, and they have always treated us fairly with pricing and recommendations,” Wayne attests. He notes that Sales Manager Baxter Lusink, as well as Safe Harbor Bluewater marina and service managers Dave Farlow and Craig Messick have all been wonderful to work with over those many years. Far beyond the details of the transactions and boat maintenance, he reveals a genuine friendship with Hank and Jud, “We are close friends and fish together frequently. I trust their knowledge and they love the fact that we enjoy our boat and get out on the water to show the boat off to others,” says Wayne. As a repeat customer who has commissioned three new Regulators and counting, as well as owned many other boat brands, Bluewater’s relationship with the Enroughty family is truly one to be valued and deeply appreciated. Whether up or down, the 30XO has the sight lines to help the Enroughtys land more Cobia. 13 2024 SEASON

NORTH CAROLINA FAMILY GOING FULL THROTTLE WITH NEW VIKING 72C Chris Worden grew up in Fort Lauderdale and fondly remembers his first fishing trips with friends as a teenager. After meeting his wife Wendy at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, the couple enjoyed a beach house in Carolina Beach for most of the nineties while founding a successful stock market analysis and software business. He moved their residence and the growing company to Fort Lauderdale for much of the 2000s before deciding to return both full-time to the Wilmington area in 2008. While living in each of these two oceanfront communities, they made great use of the water and recreational boating opportunities while raising their family. Throughout the decades they owned a wide variety of boats, including sportfish and motoryachts, most notably a 55-foot trawler and 42’ power catamaran which their family of four enjoyed using to cruise The Bahamas when their children were young. Additionally, Chris rattled off an impressive list of other express and cuddy cabin style boats he’s owned for fishing the Gulf Stream in both Florida and North Carolina. As a life-long Miami Dolphins fan and season ticket holder, Chris and family rarely miss a game, including many away trips. He explains his two most recent center consoles, a 39 and 32, were called Fins Up and Fins Up Jr., with their new Viking 72 Convertible replacing the 39’ Fins Up. If that sounds like a mighty leap up, it is—but on the other hand, it has also been a long time coming. Chris and Wendy have had their eyes on a Viking Yacht for years, dreaming of a boat that would allow them to pursue two goals in one package: perform the serious angling he’s enjoyed in his smaller boats, along with returning to the onboard cruising lifestyle they previously enjoyed as a family. The Wordens visited many years’ worth of boat shows where they’d run into former fellow Carolina Beach resident and Bluewater Sales Professional Clark Sneed and kick around ideas. They also attended multiple Viking VIP events in Florida, sea-trialing the Viking 55C several times, and taking the 62C and 42 pod demo boats for a spin. After all that research and testing, Chris came to a conclusion: “Because we were going to use the boat as a family not just as a fishing boat, I really wanted something big enough to have both the day head and the space to use the boat for more than just fishing.” That meant focusing on even larger models than what they had previously sea-trailed in order to find their ideal Viking Yacht. 14 BLUEWATER

“We had been talking about it forever,” Chris relays. Then along came an unexpected health scare and the loss of a close family member. “That really put things into perspective—after ten to fifteen years of talking about it—we thought, ‘Let’s just put the order in!’” OPTIONS AND FLEXIBILITY Interestingly, Chris explains that when he initially put a deposit down at Viking, it was for a 68’ Convertible. “There was a 68 and a 72 next to each other on the production line and they told me I could choose between either one.” The more he thought about it, the more confident he became on going big and making the most of the opportunity, “Eventually I told Wyatt [Bluewater’s General Manager] and Clark, ‘Aw, just make it the 72 and put the big engines in and we’ll have the extra space in the master stateroom.’ I guess you could also contribute it to Clark and Wyatt being great salesmen!” Once it was time to focus on the details, Chris was more than pleased with how it went, “Clark was fantastic throughout the process; he couldn’t be better.” Chris took the time to explain in more detail, “Clark probably talked through the entire boat with me about fifty times. He’s knowledgeable about a lot of Vikings and that made a big difference.” These planning sessions led to a great number of decisions, tweaks and customizations to the final Fins Up. The Wordens received input from Clark on what he and other owners have learned and their preferences on which systems to install and why. “There wasn’t any detail he didn’t have a recommendation for,” Chris adds. This included insights such as moving the position of certain outlets and opting for different bedding sizes throughout. Collaborating with ideas from Clark, other 72C owners, as well as Viking Project Manager Joe Coyle, resulted in some very satisfied customers. “My wife selected one of the master closets and opted for a make-up counter that she helped custom design. She loves it,” Chris reports. Throughout the construction process Clark made many trips to the Viking plant on their behalf, with the Wordens visiting the factory twice. “We took the tour and once we stopped in the interior design office, I didn’t see Wendy again— she spent the rest of the day in there!” Chris recalls. While he and Clark focused on the myriad of mechanical, electrical, and outfitting decisions up through the boat’s completion, Wendy was given carte blanche on the interior appointments. “I hardly knew what it was going to look like until delivery,” he says. The result is an opulent but calming atmosphere of deep blues and satin walnut cabinetry punctuated by colorful ocean themed photography produced by their son Michael. 15 2024 SEASON

MAKING A SPLASH After delivery in the Fall, Fins Up wintered in Wilmington for the first four months, taking some simple shake-down trips around home in the Southport and Cape Fear area. “I’ve been around a lot of new boats and airplanes; there are always bugs to shake out,” Chris says. Given the size and scope of all the systems aboard, getting them all working in harmony is just part of the process. In this span of time he hired a full-time Captain who went to work finishing out the punch-list and gearing up the boat for some serious traveling and adventure. The hiring of Captain Todd Anderson, another long-time Wilmington area resident and former Bluewater team member, was another serendipitous recommendation made by Clark while at the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show. “Our first real trip was to Key West. We had thirteen people, friends and family, at the Viking Key West Challenge,” Chris reports. They fished the tournament but also took their large group of guests on sunset cruises in the evenings. “Eight of us, including Captain and mate, stayed on the boat. “It was amazing, it handles thirteen people like nothing at all,” Chris says approvingly. Regarding the boat’s performance with the top-tier MTU power package, owner and Captain alike are impressed by both its range and speed. Fins Up made the trip from Wilmington to Key West in just two days, thanks to a good weather window and the massive fuel capacity skillfully tucked in among all the other accommodations aboard the 72 Convertible. SOAKING IT IN Next up, the Wordens rendezvoused with Capt. Todd and the boat in Nassau for a cruise through the Exumas island chain in The Bahamas, with their son’s young family joining them aboard. They fished and explored by day while staying out at anchor each night for most of the trip, making good use of that upgraded space in the 72. However, Chris points out they VIKING 72C LOA: 72’ 8” Beam: 20’ 0” Draft: 5’ 9” Fuel Capacity: 2,594 gal. Water Capacity: 372 gal. Gross Weight: 129,696 lbs. Power: Twin MTU V16 M96Ls @ 2,635 hp ea. Genset: Twin Cummins Onan @29kW Stabilization: Seakeeper 26 16 BLUEWATER

did make reservations at Highbourne Cay Marina to join in on the bonfire for a night. It was their two young granddaughters’ first trip to The Bahamas and the family was clearly excited about sharing these experiences and making new memories together. “Wendy and I had a great week with some of our kids and grandkids aboard Fins Up. We did lots of snorkeling, hunting for sand dollars on the sandbars, and of course eating!” Chris reports. He realized another part of their trip plans by trolling off Highbourne and catching some mahi together—which was promptly grilled up that evening in the cockpit. They also note Captain Todd has been great and is quickly becoming part of the family. After the Exumas trip, Fins Up made its way back to North Carolina with the intent of doing a lot of fishing out of Wilmington in May, leading up to participating in the Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament in June. That’s an action-packed itinerary for just three months’ time, and the 72 Convertible is the right rig to make it all happen. Deeper into the summer, their plans are less concrete, but the Wordens will be focused on getting as much fishing and cruising in as possible before their weekend attendance will be required again at the Dolphins’ NFL games in the Fall—Fins Up after all! 17 2024 SEASON

THE GROWING BLUEWATER MARKETING TEAM IS DEDICATED TO HELPING THE SALES PROCESS In the highly competitive industry of yacht sales, the marketing prowess of a dedicated team can make all the difference. Enter the Bluewater Yacht Sales marketing team, now a group of four full-time professionals committed to navigating the intricate waters of the yacht market and leveraging a variety of platforms and tools with finesse and expertise. With a sizable marketing budget exceeding $1.5 million per year, our team orchestrates strategies to ensure the exposure and success of each listing, salesperson and the company at-large. At the helm of this operation is Marketing Director Blake Tice, coordinating efforts by both the in-house team members and a specialized external agency, with each member bringing their unique skills and professional experience to the table. From event management to digital marketing, they cover all aspects of promoting Bluewater Yacht Sales’ impressive inventory of listings and activities. COMPREHENSIVE STRATEGIES Recognizing the importance of a multifaceted approach to marketing, Bluewater

Yacht Sales strategically invests in a variety of traditional advertising channels, real-world events, and digital marketing efforts. The team’s primary responsibility of gaining exposure for boats on the market is accomplished through a variety of efforts including events (led by Kristen Turk) and MLS placement, social media, print ads and digital marketing (headed up by Kelsea Hall). An important pillar of this marketing mix is managing Bluewater’s presence at boat shows and tournaments, as well as planning the Bluewater Summer Cruise. These gatherings serve as crucial platforms for showcasing new boats and brokerage listings, along with demonstrating Bluewater’s brand expertise to the public. Print advertising, including magazine ads in prominent yachting publications, serves as another traditional cornerstone of the strategy, and includes ad placements with publisher’s websites, social media accounts and email marketing efforts. In today’s digital age, a robust online presence is essential for reaching a large audience and cutting through the noise. Leveraging professional photography, videos, and virtual tours, the Bluewater Yacht Sales marketing team brings the allure of each yacht to life on screens around the world. Bluewater now boasts a full-time in-house Content Manager, John Angelo,who is anexperiencedprofessional photographer, videographer and drone pilot. He is dedicated to capturing listings, new models, special events and product walk-throughs in the perfect light, before editing and formatting themformaximum effect on each digital platform. Images and videos are carefully crafted to highlight the unique features and amenities of every vessel, enticing prospective buyers, and driving online engagement. Central to Bluewater’s digital presence has always been a custom website which serves as a hub for all things Bluewater Yacht Sales, housing thousands of pages of listings,product features, andauthoritative content. The team also implements a robust email marketing program to nurture leads and maintain relationships with clients. Through personalized and targeted campaigns, relevant content and updates are delivered directly to subscribers’ inboxes, keeping them informed about new listings, upcoming events, and exclusive promotions. Social media has long been a cornerstone of Bluewater’s marketing strategy. With carefully curated campaigns across platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, they engage with a community of passionate boaters and potential buyers. By sharing captivating content and fostering meaningful connections, they amplify Bluewater’s brand presence and drive traffic to listings. Of course, none of these efforts would be possible without a significant investment of resources. With the largest marketing budget in the region, our team has the financial backing needed to execute ambitious plans. This investment also includes pay-per-click advertising on multiple platforms, including Google and Meta (Facebook and Instagram). No expenses are spared on display advertising and enhanced listing promotions with Boats Group’s extensive inventory of websites, including boats.com and Yacht World. All of these digital marketing efforts allow for focused targeting opportunities, capturing the attention of qualified audiences. Bluewater Yacht Sales’ marketing investments stand as a testament to the company’s commitment to supporting our customers. Through careful planning, creative execution, and a substantial budget, the marketing team elevates exposure and drives traffic to new heights. As our team members continue to innovate and adapt to an ever-changing technology landscape, one thing remains certain: your listing is in good hands with the Bluewater Yacht Sales team. All Bluewater listings over $350,000 receive professional photography. Kristen Turk and Kelsea Hall: part of the growing marketing team. 19 2024 SEASON

HAVING A BLAST WITH BLUEWATER, SAFE HARBOR AND PRINCESS YACHTS When asked about their hobbies, Stuart and Sharon Schwartz simply reply, “travel.” After a few minutes getting to know them, it’s clear their newest travel companion—a Princess Yachts F55—is helping to fulfill the couple’s contagious enthusiasm for travel and adventure. Bluewater Sales Professional Chuck Meyers was also a critical cog in achieving their cruising goals. “Chuck was so incredibly patient with us in our search,” Schwartz explains. “We spent almost five years looking for the perfect boat and he never gave up on us!” In those five years, Stuart and his wife looked at many new boat brands from several countries of origin, including Italy, England and the United States. They traveled to several major boat shows, meeting Chuck and the Bluewater team each time. “We’re good friends with Wyatt [Bluewater’s General Manager] too and keep in touch regularly.” The couple even attended a Princess Owners Holiday in The Bahamas, flying in to join the festivities and learn more about the Princess brand and family of owners, before pulling the trigger. All that time and research affirmed what they may have already suspected early on: “Nothing really compares to the quality and workmanship of a Princess. They’re a really good riding boat,” Schwartz states. After patiently studying and searching, they landed on a beautiful 2020 55’ Princess flybridge model, naming her MYSHARONA, after Sharon. “She looks real good, too,” Schwartz adds. Like the lyrics in the indelible 1979 hit song, it’s clear this little pretty one makes his motor run. MYSHARONA is fully equipped for all the Schwartz’s near-term travel plans including an upgraded electronics suite that includes GOST security and Yacht Controller systems. Schwartz summarizes: “It had everything under the sunwhenwebought it, butwedidaddabow shade awning.” Equipment and features aside, the Schwartz couple appreciate kNACk FOR TRAVEL THE 20 BLUEWATER

the functionality and roominess of this Princess Flybridge model. After taking delivery and some preparation, it was time to return to The Bahamas, this time aboard their own boat. “We’ve done charters through The Bahamas before,” says Schwartz. “But we’ve never navigated in The Bahamas solo, so it was a good idea to hire a Captain for this longer trip.” Cruising through the Exumas chain featured popular stops in Staniel Cay to visit the swimming pigs, along with a couple nights in Nassau and a stop in Warderick Wells and the Exumas Land and Sea Park. Taking to the shallows is a breeze with MYSHARONA’s well-equipped tender, and when a more leisurely pace is desired, a massive inflatable flamingo does the trick nicely. WELL NETWORKED Enjoying their membership perks with Safe Harbor Marinas, Stuart and Sharon keep the boat at Safe Harbor Harborage Yacht Club in Stuart, Florida, during the winter months. As the calendar turns toward summer again, MYSHARONA will make her return trip from Stuart to Wrightsville Beach via stops at preferred Safe Harbor Marina locations in St. Augustine, Savannah and Charleston. “Bald Head Island is a nice place to go,” Schwartz says. “We motor up there and stay with friends and rent a golf cart to get around.” Their summer travel plans include cruising up the North Carolina coast to the Chesapeake Bay for the Annual Bluewater Summer Cruise in St. Michaels, Maryland. “We did the Bluewater Rendezvous in 2023 and enjoyed a real nice time,” Schwartz reports. From the look of it, they were the life of the party, and also cherished the opportunity to share their story with the group during the Saturday christening event. Having a knack for travel, as well as Princess Yachts, Stuart and Sharon admit their bucket list of adventures goes beyond cruises in The Bahamas and Mid-Atlantic. “We have our sights set on a New England trip to include Boston, New York and up to Maine,” Schwartz shares. “The British Virgin Islands are also on the table for exploring.” As the distance of their on-water adventures increase, Stuart admits they’re now considering broadening their yacht’s size and capabilities. “We love our 55 Princess, but we have Chuck looking for an upgrade in the 70-foot range.” The longer water line and greater volume for guest spaces and provisions will accommodate longer passages and make extended stays onboard more comfortable and spacious. Schwartz concludes, “Chuck is a great guy, and we enjoy working with Bluewater to buy and sell our boats. Vera [Sohovich, Bluewater’s Finance Manager] was a big help with the purchase of our 55, too.” It’s this sense of teamwork, family and community that fills the Bluewater team with great pride and gratitude in our jobs. We’re excited to help the Schwartz’s find and prepare the next MYSHARONA and continue to fulfill their plans to live the yachting life to the fullest. Stuart & Sharon Schwartz (right) enjoying the Bluewater Summer Cruise Funky Friends: Salesperson Chuck Meyers & Stuart Schwartz 21 2024 SEASON

REGULATOR 41 PROVIDES AN EXCEPTIONAL FISHING PLATFORM F A S T B R E A K As a recent NCAA Division III National Champion and now a second-year professional lacrosse star, Cross Ferrara knows a thing or two about surveying the field and taking his shot. Noted by media and fans as displaying an innate ability to create plays and win games with buzzerbeating heroics, Cross fittingly pulled the trigger on a quick-break opportunity to score a new Regulator 41 from Bluewater Yacht Sales. During an upbringing on the Delmarva peninsula, Cross came to appreciate the outdoor life, hunting and fishing as much as possible with family and friends, as well as excelling as a student athlete. He and his family have owned several boats aimed at catching species in a variety of fisheries. He describes two center consoles, old and new, in the twenty-foot range and a pair of jet skis that are fully decked out with tackle centers and cooler racks, mostly for cobia fishing. He’s also grateful to have enjoyed a boat kept in Los Suenos, Costa Rica, and joining in on major tournament fishing events, such as Ocean City, Maryland’s White Marlin Open, aboard a friend’s Viking 72C. These experiences shaped his passion and knowledge, not only of elite level angling, but also of first-class sportfishing boats. Being the flagship model in the Regulator lineup, the 41 has readily proved its capabilities as a tremendous offshore fishing platform to many owners and anglers, including Cross Ferrara. “A buddy of mine has hull one of the Regulator 41 and I spent two- or threeyears fishing with him.” Those trips made it clear to him that his family could benefit from a bigger boat to make their own offshore trips to the canyons safer, faster, and more comfortable. “The room and fishability of the 41 is great, and I knew I had to get something like it,” Cross says. He told John Prather of Bluewater’s Ocean City office about his wishes and they worked together in researching a number of high-quality brands in the class. Unlike many of Bluewater’s new boat customers, Cross was not able to visit the Regulator factory to experience the build process first-hand—but that was mainly because the sales process came together like a fast-break play to the net. “I was finishing up college and talking to John about buying, but then he called in April about a 41’ under construction that had suddenly become available. We had the boat by July!” he says. Due to the original commissioning owner changing their plans, Cross was able to jump the line on a brand-new Regulator 41 that he coveted and start fishing it right away—in between starting his sensational rookie season in the Professional Lacrosse League, that is... “The lacrosse season started around the same time we got the boat, but we got out to fish in it at least fifteen times,” he reports. The focus was nearshore and offshore bottom fishing, including flounder trips, but also an “amazing overnighter” to the Washington Canyon. “The Seakeeper, number one, is a freakin’ game changer. Especially out in 22 BLUEWATER