OnBoard Magazine - Issue XIV - 2022 Season

“Bluewater is your one stop for everything you need in your boating lifestyle.” Documentation: Few boat owners enjoy tracking down paperwork, so we’ve built a team that has perfected the process. Bluewater Sales Professionals are licensed and bonded, and along with our admins, many have taken respective courses in professional yacht sales and transactions processes. Lusink explains that any new Bluewater team member with less than 10 years of experience is required to complete courses from the Yacht Broker Institute, which provides industryrecognized training for both brokers and administrators. Furthermore, all our Sales Professionals are members of the International Yacht Brokers Association (IYBA). Our Documentation Specialists and Sales Administrators not only facilitate the actual transaction, escrow and payment processing but ensure that ownership and documentation is legally transferred properly, completely and promptly. In fact, from the day you sign a listing contract, they’re working hard to get all your registration and documentation in order so it’s ready well before you ever get your first offer, let alone approach the closing table. According to Lusink, “I can tell you we’ve seen more than one situation where our closing team has done a majority of the work for an outside broker on the other side of a transaction.” As a seller, you might not realize it, but Bluewater’s in-house financing team can also benefit you. In the cases where we also represent the buyer, being prequalified with any necessary financing in place, is another way we can simplify and expedite your transaction. Bluewater has invested more than any other sales organization to make every sale as quick and as painless as possible for our customers. Satisfaction: The Bluewater sales and support team will always keep your best interests in mind. “Our team of Sales Professionals and admins are marketresponsive and help achieve the task at hand,” Lusink concludes. James refers to what he calls the Bluewater ‘toolkit’ that every Sales Professional and Assistant has access to: sales, service yards, marinas, multiple locations throughout the Mid-Atlantic, and strong partnerships with our featured brands, vendors, lenders and insurers. He adds, “Our team effectively uses the tools that are provided, which allow us to easily develop lasting relationships and regularly exceed expectations.” Saving time, money and effort are all great benefits of listing your boat with a brokerage—but the relationship you’ll develop with our friendly and knowledgeable sales team has long-term value. James explains, “We are in the relationship business. Boats are just the by-product of the relationship. For me, the customers become friends before the end of the transaction.” Every year we try to share the stories, customer profiles and testimonials that illustrate this philosophy and success. We work hard to be there for every aspect of your boating lifestyle, and it all begins with a simple conversation with a Bluewater Sales Professional. 10 BLUEWATER