OnBoard Magazine - Issue XIV - 2022 Season

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Two years ago, our team was working on the twelfth edition of OnBoard Magazine, and there was a definite feeling of uncertainty, not only in our industry, but in every aspect of economics, politics, and society in general. We were all processing a truly unprecedented set of events that was changing the fiber of American life. Twelve months later we were experiencing a revival of the boating lifestyle, and we were cautiously optimistic that those changes were going to hold for the long term. Now, as we put together the fourteenth edition of OnBoard, we have watched the demand for boating continue to surge, with more and more new families learning what it means to leave the dock. As a result of the increased demand, our Sales Professionals have been working tirelessly to help buyers and sellers navigate a competitive market, and to facilitate relationships with manufacturers facing supply chain issues. Our ever-growing administrative teamdug deep to provide exceptional customer service with financing, documentation, closings, and after-the-sale support. In addition to the hard work of our team, our company also underwent major changes this year. In the spring, the Bluewater Yachting Center, Bluewater Yacht Yards and the Jarret Bay Service Yard were welcomed into the Safe Harbor Marina family—a network of over 130 marinas and service facilities in North America. As part of these changes, Bluewater Yacht Sales became the preferred yacht sales partner of Safe Harbor, which gives our company an unparalleled opportunity for expansion throughout the East Coast. Ultimately, this partnership will help us continue to serve our customers no matter where their boating journies take them. Outside of Bluewater Yacht Sales, our manufacturing partners have continued to innovate and improve, despite supply shortages which have complicated their operations. Boatbuilders have taken these challenges in stride, expanding their supply networks and building more components in house so that they can continue to deliver top-notch boats to our customers. Nearly all of our brands have introduced new models over the past year, including boats such as the Viking 64, the Princess X80, the Valhalla V55, the Sabre 43, the Regulator 37, and the redesigned Back Cove 37. Bluewater also joined forces with a new brand, Everglades Boats, to bring their excellent products to boaters in North Carolina and Virginia. Most importantly, our customers have been using their boats more than ever. Throughout OnBoard Magazine you will read stories of our customers who are living the boating lifestyle, whether cruising, fishing, or simply spending time with their families. As always, we appreciate all of the customers, friends, partners, and staff who let Bluewater be a part of their story. 2 BLUEWATER

Special Thanks Amanda Aloy, Lynn Beaudoin, Jamie Bloomquist, Chris Hall Jr., Scott James, Chris Landry, Wyatt Lane, Baxter Lusink, Chuck Meyers, James Nobel, Luke Pearson, Luke San Antonio, JJ Slater, Blake Tice, Carrie Waible, Brian Wold and all of our great participating team members, customers, partners and affiliates named throughout the magazine. ON THE COVER Soaking in the sunshine and Bluewater view from the bridge of a custom Jarrett Bay, photographed by Wyatt Lane Managing Editor & Art Director Jason Pim Lead Writer Magnus Thiersmann Graphics & Online Editor Josh Lamb Ad Coordinator Blake Tice Editorial Directors Wyatt Lane Baxter Lusink Blake Tice Executive Editor Robin Anderson Contributing Writers Deirdre Bell Loftin Jason Pim Blake Tice B L U E WA T E R P E R S P E C T I V E 07 SAFE HARBOR PARTNERSHIP 08 WHY YOU NEED A LISTING AGENT IT’S A SELLER’S MARKET 12 CHRIS HALL’S LEGACY 26 DOWNEAST STYLE HISTORY & INNOVATION 46 BUILDING COMMUNITY ANNAPOLIS ACTIVITIES 50 REMEMBERING BOB HEALEY 52 THE SECRET SAUCE SALES INSIGHTS & AWARDS C U S T OM E R P R O F I L E S 04 BLUEWATER SUMMERS A CAN’T MISS CRUISE 14 LONG RANGE TRAVEL FISHING FAMILIES 20 SABRE 58 TOTALLY WORTH IT 32 PRINCESS Y72 THE PRIDE OF PLYMOUTH 40 PLEASED WITH PRINCESS 41 VALHALLA MAKES A SUPER-TENDER 55 DELIVERIES & SNAPSHOTS B R A N D I N S I G H T S 11 WELCOMING EVERGLADES 17 VIKING 90C UNDERWAY 18 BEHOLD THE VIKING 64C 22 IN HIS SERVICE REGULATOR GIVES BACK 24 VALHALLA V-55 ANNOUNCED 29 VIKING NEVER STOPS 34 MACK 900 SCANIA DEMO 36 SMARTLY REFINED BACK COVE LINEUP 30 JARRETT BAY 67 DELIVERED 38 IN-HOUSE INGENUITY REGULATOR WIRED TO WIN 51 BACK COVE 372 ON THE CIRCUIT S I G N A T U R E S E R V I C E 43 A CLASSIC REDO PAYSAGE MAKES A SPLASH 48 REPOWER RIGHT CAT MAKES IT BETTER 3 2022 SEASON

4 BLUEWATER Hosted in some form for many decades, the annual Bluewater Summer Cruise has become a primary draw for customers, a relaxing and fun christening event, and at times a casual VIP boat show. Whether an owner is into fishing, cruising or watersports, boating is about adventure, and the Summer Cruise is designed to appeal to a variety of interests. Bluewater General Manager Wyatt Lane says, “The point of our Summer Cruise is to support customers with adventure, camaraderie, a destination, and another opportunity to get out and enjoy their boat in a fun environment.” By all accounts, the event checks all the boxes and brings people together from around the midAtlantic for a mini-vacation. While the locations, events and boats are always evolving, it is some of the people involved that have remained the most constant. Owners and teammembers such as theHall and Black families have helped host most of the cruises, and a few customers, such as Greg and Pam Lawson have attended them all! Greg Lawson explains that he’s been close friends with Chris Hall Sr. for almost all of his life, back to racing sailboats at the age of 13 or 14 (over 50 years ago), “It’s all about the people. Great sales team, service team and they do a nice job with the cruise every year.” Thinking back many years, he reminisces about smaller gatherings, including a clambake on Solomon’s Island, but is quick to point out he has enjoyed them all for the Friendships and Fun Make the Bluewater Summer Cruise a Hit For the People Greg & Pam Lawson have attended more summer cruises than many Bluewater team members!

5 2022 SEASON relaxation and friendships. Over these years, the Lawsons have owned many boats, including three bought from Bluewater, and they’ve always used Bluewater for service (dating back to the 70s presumably). They currently cruise the Chesapeake on, Unaccountable, a Back Cove 41. In addition to the people, another common denominator of each Summer Cruise has been fun and relaxation. Mark Boaz and Katie Zeglis have built up quite a streak by attending in consecutive years since 2013. “It’s always a lot of fun and really well organized with activities. “You have the freedom to do as much or as little as you want,” explains Mark. Katie recalls a scavenger hunt in St. Michaels, numerous cornhole tournaments, and the most memorable—a crab race that concluded with a “liberation of the crabs” spectacle on the beach. Mark and Katie are a little different from the typical Summer Cruise families in that they’ve attended in their Regulator center consoles—two consecutive boats bought and christened with Bluewater. They may be the smallest boat in the gang and most years coming from the farthest away (Annapolis), but that has not intimidated them. They reminisce back to a cruise with activities split between Herrington Harbor South and North locations, providing an opportunity to stretch the legs of their Regulator 34 and even race Chris Hall Sr. in the Regulator 41 demo boat full of passengers. “We won, but Chris Sr. is very competitive!” says Mark. For what it may lack in full cruising accommodations, the mobility and speed of the couple’s Regulator has also allowed them to take off to other waterfront restaurants for breakfast and be back in time for the first activity of the day. They’ve also cherished the social opportunities, not only hitting it off quickly with salesperson Jud Black and his wife Ann, but all other Bluewater team members and repeat cruise attendees. “The Bluewater family are great people to meet,” Mark concludes. John and Avery Morris hail from a different region, but share in the affection for the Summer Cruise events and their Bluewater Sales Professional—in their case, Baltimore-based Chuck Meyers. “Every cruise is memorable. We meet new people, reconnect with others and get a good sense of what’s going on in the boating community. “We love Chuck. He’s been first rate from the very first time we looked at a boat, and have recommended him to friends,” says John. Thecouplehavenowattendedanumber of cruises in three different cruising yachts purchased with Chuck’s help. They also explain how they’ve enjoyed getting to know many others in the Bluewater family, including the Halls and Scott James from Virginia, and

Avery has been lucky enough to celebrate her birthday with the full group the last few years. In contrast to the many repeat cruise participants, Bluewater is always welcoming new customers and friends into their close-knit community. Dan and Cyndi Blankenship are one such family who attended their first Summer Cruise in 2021 in their Sabre 42, Bellagio. “There were a lot of boats and people who welcomed us newbies with open arms. “We made a lot of friends, had a great time and plan to attend again in the future,” reports Dan. Their first impressions included positive feedback on the activities, venues and food, as well as the opportunity to network with other boaters. The weekend concluded with a catered dinner and band Saturday night and the christening of boats, including Bellagio, which the couple explains is named after their favorite destination in Italy. With such positive feedback from customers of varying longevity, hailing ports, backgrounds and boating lifestyles, it’s easy to conclude the Summer Cruise program is not only a success, but a centerpiece of Bluewater’s family values that have been in place since 1968. The Bluewater team is grateful for all our people, customers and partners that make this annual event a success, and look forward to hosting you in the future! In 2022, the Summer Cruise destination will shift north to Baltimore, Maryland and be hosted at Harbor East Marina. Keep a lookout for more details or reach out to your Bluewater Sales Professional for more information! Bluewater Summer Cruise July 7-10, 2022 Harbor East Marina Baltimore, Maryland What to Expect Docktail Parties Fun Local Excursions VIP Activities Games & Tournaments Boat Christenings Group Dinner & Entertainment Boat Tours & Demos Dan & Cyndi Blankenship aboard Bellagio 6 BLUEWATER

BLUEWATER YACHT SALES WELCOMED INTO THE SAFE HARBOR NETWORK SAFE & SOUND Following the addition of Jarrett Bay Boatworks and the Bluewater Yachting Center and Service Facilities to the Safe Harbor network of marinas, Bluewater Yacht Sales is proud to announce a partnership with Safe Harbor Marinas as their preferred Yacht Sales affiliate. Bluewater’s fifty-four years of sales experience complements Safe Harbor’s extensive footprint of over 130 locations to make buying and selling easier than ever. Although Safe Harbor has grown rapidly and added locations nationwide, they have limited their expansion to marinas and service yards and have had little involvement with sales organizations to-date. As the first full-fledged sales company to partner with Safe Harbor, Bluewater Yacht Sales has a unique opportunity to set the standard for yacht sales operations. For current Bluewater Yacht Sales customers, this partnership means that we will now be backed by the largest marina operator in the world, giving us additional resources to accelerate our growth into the future. The agreement will also give Bluewater the potential for expansion into Safe Harbor facilities throughout the East Coast so we can better serve our customers, no matter the location. Boat buyers and sellers will have access to marinas and service facilities from Maine to the Caribbean, and Bluewater will have an unparalleled ability to assist customers as they travel from north to south and beyond. Bluewater Principal Jud Black states, “We couldn’t be more excited about what the future holds for Bluewater Yacht Sales’ growth opportunities, our team members and customers.” For Safe Harbor members, this partnership provides access to Bluewater’s team of New Boat Specialists, Brokerage Professionals, Buyers’ Agents, and highly trained Administrative Specialists. In addition to providing services such as financing, documentation, and comprehensive closings, Bluewater will now work together with Safe Harbor Marinas to provide a seamless customer experience—whether buying, selling, servicing, or storing a boat. The Jarrett Bay and Bluewater marina and service facilities joined the Safe Harbor network early in the Spring of 2022, and improvements to these properties are already underway. Although the names of these facilities have changed, customers will see the same familiar faces and that their top-notch services all remain. Tate Lawrence will continue to run service operations in Beaufort, NC with the oversight of Safe Harbor Vice President of Operations Randy Ramsey and Regional Vice President Ron Gift. At Safe Harbor Bluewater, Guy Moorman, Bob Hoste, and Megan Rausch will be the General Managers of the facilities in Hampton, Wanchese, and Annapolis respectively. Reporting directly to Moorman in Hampton, Craig Messick will continue running operations at the service yard and Dave Farlow the marina. Randy Ramsey and Jud Black will oversee the day-to-day operations and long-term growth of Bluewater Yacht Sales, while continuing to lead our current team members throughout management and the sales offices. As this relationship continues to evolve, the Bluewater Yacht Sales team is excited for the opportunities for our company and affiliates. If the past few months are any indication of the future, then we are at the beginning of something extraordinary. 7 2022 SEASON

Preparation: Determining the market value and setting an asking price is one of the most critical decisions of marketing any listing. To successfully value and market your boat, “you need to consider a lot more than just doing a quick Google search,” advises Lusink. No one wants to let their vessel go for less than the market can bear, but you also don’t want to overestimate it by so much that it doesn’t seem serious and thus languishes on the market. Let’s face it, owning and selling a boat can be emotional and stressful. A neutral, outside perspective from someone with marketplace expertise is valuable. Another experienced set of eyes can help uncover traits about your boat you perhaps haven’t thought about—both benefits and issues that may matter more to prospective buyers than they did to you. The Bluewater team has the long-standing partnerships with boatyards, surveyors and other experts that are needed to not only confirm the specifics but identify and correct issues that can net you more money. Many Bluewater teammembers specialize in certain niches, boat types and name brands. Whether it is a production brand that we represent, past experience with a manufacturer or custom construction; our salespeople have a long track record and valuable insight into both popular and unique vessels. We can tell what is sought after right now and what the strengths and weaknesses are of your boat—information you can capitalize on before putting it on the market. Bluewater Sales Professionals 5 REASONS WE CAN MAKE YOU THE MOST IN THIS SELLER’S MARKET WHY YOU SHOULD INVEST IN A LISTING AGENT As technology advances and internet marketplaces become more popular and accessible to everyone, the temptation to list a boat yourself has probably grown over the years. The current state of the market—with demand far outstripping supply and good boats selling super fast—may also compound the urge to cash in on the frothiness. As a sales organization who has pretty much seen it all since 1968, there are many specific reasons you need a listing agent and why paying a commission is more than worth it. Bluewater Sales Manager, Baxter Lusink summarizes the value of hiring a listing agent, “The biggest thing a broker can do is save you time and effort while maximizing your monetary return.” Having a representative by your side who has your best interests in mind is important in any transaction, but there are many more rewards to reap by hiring a sales firm. We’ve broken some of these benefits down into five tenants, or drawers, available from the Bluewater Yacht Sales toolkit: Preparation, Cooperation, Presentation, Documentation and Satisfaction. 8 BLUEWATER

help educate you about the many facets of the transaction process, equipping you with as much knowledge as possible while maintaining reasonable expectations. Lusink says, “Our brokers could be involved with thousands of boats in their career while a boater may only go through 5-10 transactions; experience pays dividends in not making a bad decision.” Cooperation: When you engage a Bluewater Sales Professional, you’re not just securing the services of a lone wolf—you are tapping into a vibrant and invaluable network of yacht services, vendors, captains, project managers, boat builders, fellow brokers, support staff and more. This network of expert service providers can be deployed to visit, transport or fix any important issues with your boat prior to listing it on the market. If you choose to go it alone, some prospective buyers may not consider a forsale-by-owner listing right away. You’ll likely have to field a lot of direct inquiries from indecisive buyers who may not be ready to move forward, instead of having pre-qualified, serious buyers brought to you by other agents. All of our sales people act as buyers’ agents for many customers, and in most cases have buyers waiting in the wings for a range of boats meeting certain criteria. Not only can a Sales Professional tell you if your boat is sought after—he or she may already know a prospective buyer for your boat! Bluewater holds regular conference calls with the entire sales and management team. One important aspect of these calls includes brokers sharing their client’s “in-search-of” lists along with off-market potentially available units, or “pocket listings.” Lusink notes, “There is a truckload of boats that sell before we can even get pictures of them!” Bluewater has so many experts plugged into the industry and putting the pieces together behind the scenes to make deals happen fast because the current market literally has buyers waiting in line. Presentation: When it’s time to list your boat for sale, Bluewater has invested in the personnel, equipment and expert marketing support to present it in the best light. We have several in-house licensed drone pilots and equipment and expertise in creating captivating video walkthroughs. Professional photographers are available in all of our regions and ready for dispatch, for still photography, virtual tours and videos. Before these pros arrive at your boat, we can also help with staging and preparation tips to ensure your boat captures the attention of prospective buyers for a quick sale. Once the valuation, preparation andpresentationareinplace, Bluewater’s comprehensive marketing machine spins into action to ensure your listing gets seen. This includes not only our own proprietary website, MLS feeds, major publications, search engines and social media—but additional paid advertising in both print and digital mediums. Bluewater’s single largest annual investment is in the marketing of our customers’ listings. We invest heavily to help ensure that your boat has the most opportunities to be seen not just by a larger audience, but qualified, target audiences. Your boat can also be featured at major boat shows and fishing tournaments, either physically or displayed virtually on our interactive sign boards for attendees to learn more about. Our facilities in Hampton and Beaufort can even offer storage and maintenance contracts that make it easier to clean, market and maintain your boat at these locations, which are frequented by qualified buyers and make showing your boat a breeze. Bluewater Sales Professional Scott James explains, “I feel like we have the whole package, from marketing and new boat lines to boatyard outfitting and delivery, plus annual service and make-ready.

“Bluewater is your one stop for everything you need in your boating lifestyle.” Documentation: Few boat owners enjoy tracking down paperwork, so we’ve built a team that has perfected the process. Bluewater Sales Professionals are licensed and bonded, and along with our admins, many have taken respective courses in professional yacht sales and transactions processes. Lusink explains that any new Bluewater team member with less than 10 years of experience is required to complete courses from the Yacht Broker Institute, which provides industryrecognized training for both brokers and administrators. Furthermore, all our Sales Professionals are members of the International Yacht Brokers Association (IYBA). Our Documentation Specialists and Sales Administrators not only facilitate the actual transaction, escrow and payment processing but ensure that ownership and documentation is legally transferred properly, completely and promptly. In fact, from the day you sign a listing contract, they’re working hard to get all your registration and documentation in order so it’s ready well before you ever get your first offer, let alone approach the closing table. According to Lusink, “I can tell you we’ve seen more than one situation where our closing team has done a majority of the work for an outside broker on the other side of a transaction.” As a seller, you might not realize it, but Bluewater’s in-house financing team can also benefit you. In the cases where we also represent the buyer, being prequalified with any necessary financing in place, is another way we can simplify and expedite your transaction. Bluewater has invested more than any other sales organization to make every sale as quick and as painless as possible for our customers. Satisfaction: The Bluewater sales and support team will always keep your best interests in mind. “Our team of Sales Professionals and admins are marketresponsive and help achieve the task at hand,” Lusink concludes. James refers to what he calls the Bluewater ‘toolkit’ that every Sales Professional and Assistant has access to: sales, service yards, marinas, multiple locations throughout the Mid-Atlantic, and strong partnerships with our featured brands, vendors, lenders and insurers. He adds, “Our team effectively uses the tools that are provided, which allow us to easily develop lasting relationships and regularly exceed expectations.” Saving time, money and effort are all great benefits of listing your boat with a brokerage—but the relationship you’ll develop with our friendly and knowledgeable sales team has long-term value. James explains, “We are in the relationship business. Boats are just the by-product of the relationship. For me, the customers become friends before the end of the transaction.” Every year we try to share the stories, customer profiles and testimonials that illustrate this philosophy and success. We work hard to be there for every aspect of your boating lifestyle, and it all begins with a simple conversation with a Bluewater Sales Professional. 10 BLUEWATER

EVERGLADES BOATS PARTNERS WITH BLUEWATER IN TWO STATES WELCOME ABOARD Bluewater Yacht Sales is excited to announce a recent agreement to become the exclusive Everglades Boats dealer for all of North Carolina and Virginia. This new partnership improves Everglades’ reach in the Mid-Atlantic through a strong dealership presence with 54 years of experience, while affording Bluewater’s sales team greater opportunities to serve boating enthusiasts throughout these markets. Born from the hands and ambitions of the man who helped bring us the unsinkable boat, Everglades Boats introduced revolutionary construction processes in a premium center console line that now offers boats from 23 to 45 feet. Bob Dougherty, affectionately known as “Mr. Unsinkable,” began his boat building career in 1960 when he went to work for Dick Fischer at Boston Whaler. After retiring from Boston Whaler in 1990, Dougherty continued working on ways to improve the unsinkable hull and foam injection process. In 1999, Dougherty was awarded the National Marine Manufacturers Association’s (NMMA) InnovationAward for his newRapidMolded Core Assembly Process, or RAMCAP. In 2001, ready for a new challenge, Dougherty started Everglades Boats. The patentedRAMCAP technologywas one of Dougherty’s most notable inventions, providing a safer, drier, quieter and more comfortable ride. RAMCAP is the only hull construction process that utilizes a high-density foam core that is pre-molded to fit precisely between an Everglades’ hull and liner. The hull, foam, and liner are then cured into one cohesive and rigid Everglades boat. RAMCAP’s high-density foam is three times stronger than the industry norm, absorbing energy before it reaches the deck, while also acting as an insulator that reduces sound and vibration. The combination of RAMCAP and Everglades’ proven hull shape leads to a stable ride, with superior handling and maneuverability. With a full-time naval architect and inhouse engineering team, Everglades has brought additional innovations and patents tomarket, such as their retractable windshield. This mechanically adjusted windscreen offers a way to quickly transition between two important modes of operation—protecting the helm from the elements on a sporty day vs. enjoying clear views and communication with guests or anglers on the bow. Over the last two decades, the product line has grown to include center consoles, cabin models, dual consoles, and bay boats. The Everglades lineup currently includes bay boats from 24 to 27 feet, the 340 Dual Console and center consoles ranging from 23 feet up to the all-new flagship 455 CC. Every Everglades model includes many innovative features, superior construction and an unmatched fit and finish—including the yacht-grade interiors that Everglades has become known for. Bluewater Sales Manager, Baxter Lusink states, “We are ecstatic for this new partnership with Everglades Boats! Our company continually seeks the highest standard in customer experience and our sales team is eager to offer this first-class brand to boaters in North Carolina and Virginia.” Although Dougherty has passed away, the Everglades team carries on his legacy of innovation and attention to detail in every hull they build. They put each new model throughplenty of grueling runs in all kinds of weather and sea conditions—it’s all part of Everglades’ commitment to safety, and an ideal complement to Bluewater’s lineup of world-class boat brands. 11 2022 SEASON

“The number one thing with Chris is how well he knows his customers and how they would come to be part of the Bluewater family. When you bought a boat from Bluewater you were invited into the inner circle of the fishing family. Whether it was in Florida, the Bahamas, Hatteras, Morehead City, Ocean City or Virginia Beach—it was always a family affair and it’s just an awesome feeling to be a part of that.” Patrick Healey, Viking Yachts “Their business is built on relationships. His customers were his friends and his friends were his customers and I think I would characterize Chris’ business as being one built on friendships and the relationships are deep and wide.” Bob Aston, TowneBank “What Bluewater has done right since their first year in business, they’ve treated customers right. They built relationships with people across the board: customer, employees, friends, other people in the boat business. And, they built a reputation of trust.” Randy Ramsey, Bluewater Principal “He wakes up every day, and dresses for success and ready to sell. He loves the process and lives it every day and every second. No matter where he is and what activity he is doing, he is selling and promoting the company he built and the products it sells.” Wyatt Lane, Bluewater General Manager As we turn the page to a new, unwritten chapter in the Bluewater Yacht Sales story, we’d like to take amoment to reflect on the traits of Bluewater’s founder, Curry Hall III (known to many of us as Chris Sr.). His leadership of Bluewater for over 54 years has touched many lives and cemented a legacy of vision and success in the marine industry. Bluewater Legacy R e f lec t i ng on a L i f e t ime of Le a de r sh i p 12 BLUEWATER

“Bluewater always seemed big to me when I was a kid, even when it was tiny. I think a big part of that is because my dad made it that way. He never acted like he was the small fish in the pond even if he/we were. He always believed in himself, and it is almost like he knew Bluewater would become what it is today. It’s like his vision was going to be a reality, and he wasn’t going to stop until he made it so.” Chris Hall Jr., son, Bluewater Sales Professional “He’s always promoted women in the business. From his financial relationship with his wealth advisor Susan Harris, to his support of Joan Maxwell at Regulator Marine, to our own Jan Boone as the head of Bluewater Yacht Sales. He turned what might have just been transactional into relationships, he lived the boating lifestyle and brought everyone into that in a familial way.” Kelsea Hall, niece, Bluewater Sales Assistant “At the heart of what we do, we are friends first, business associates second—and I think everybody you talk to will say the same thing. If there was a disagreement, Chris was always the one to suggest we get together and sit down and talk about it. The relationships were foremost.” Joan Maxwell, Regulator Marine “One could say Chris is passionate about boating but I think it is also more about the people. He is just as happy talking to a kid crabbing off a wooden skiff in the muddy creeks as he is cruising clear waters in a 90-footer. Chris’ true impact can be measured by witnessing him in his element; whether its walking the docks at a tournament or cruising the islands, he has never met a stranger. He truly has a gift of finding lifelong friends wherever he ties up, and his passion and enthusiasm is contagious.” Baxter Lusink, Bluewater Sales Manager “I’ve told Judy, I’d love to gather with our closest friends out on the end of the dock and watch every boat we’ve ever sold go by. I think most of them would wave at us. I’d like to think so.” Chris Hall, III 13 2022 SEASON

What: At the top of our sport is a collection of boat owners, captains, crew, anglers, and their family and friends that literally live to fish and have fun with one another. They say you can’t buy happiness, but you can buy a boat—and a bite. It’s no secret that billions of dollars are spent on boats, tackle, crews, and travel. Today’s large sportfishing vessels have become small businesses in their own right, with full-time personnel and charter operations working to deliver exceptional fishing and travel adventures. To some, this may seem excessive, but how awesome is it to be able to use your means to do what you love; chasing the next fish and relaxing with family and friends on your own boat, outfitted to your exact needs and lifestyle? When: Naturally, these sportfish teams and their boats move with the seasons. Captain Neil Sykes, who is in charge of the Virginia-based 72’ Viking, Mercenaria, gave us some insight into their operations. “Domestically, we do a lot of tuna fishing in late spring and early summer. We shift focus toward marlin fishing usually around late July with various tournaments sprinkled in throughout those months,” he says. In the winter, owners and their crew set their sights on sunnier sojourns to the south. The destinations have a few obvious things in common: they’re all warm and are surrounded by saltwater teeming with fish—Florida, Bahamas, Bermuda, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Costa Rica, and beyond. As far as the fisheries themselves, each is known for slightly different traits. Wintering in Florida, anglers are typically focused on the sailfish bite or a variety of meatfish to fill the box with. Mexico, the Dominican Republic and Costa Rica are known for their proximity to fishing grounds that support large schools of bait, billfish and a hectic bite. Bermuda typically doesn’t host the same quantities, but makes up for that with quality—it’s one of the places anglers head in search of the biggest blue marlin and a shot at catching a grander (a 1,000+ lb. marlin). And of course, all of these These elite sportfish owners and their crews stop at nothing to chase the bite in their own boats A proper end to a day in Bermuda 14 BLUEWATER

places make for firstclass vacation spots for the family—offering up beautiful beaches, luxurious accommodations and many other recreational opportunities. It’s not uncommon for these sportfish boats to station themselves in a resortmarina for months at a time and make the destination their home away from home. “When we went to the Dominican Republic, we rented a house and set up for three months,” says Harris Huddle, owner of the 64’ Jarrett Bay, Builder’s Choice. Going back to the Dominican wasn’t in the cards for them this past winter, instead they kept the boat in Florida and fished there and the Bahamas, in order to stay close to his wife Meredith’s equestrian events. The trip to Bermuda is a little more mission-critical—it’s about a month-long window in July when the big blue marlin are most active, and a series of weekend tournaments makeup the prestigious Bermuda Triple Crown. In general, if you put your finger on a blue marlin tournament in the western hemisphere, you’ll probably find a Bluewater customer in the field. How: Over the years we’vewatched in awe as customers load their boats and cockpits with supplies, sundries, additional fuel bladders, even spare freezer chests full of food, to take to these foreign destinations and get settled in comfortably at their temporary home port. If you’re wondering about the trip itself, oftentimes the Captain and crew make the “big pond” jumps without the owner and family, but on occasion they do come along. Capt. Neil advises, “When people ask about making a crossing I always say, ‘sure, but you may not enjoy it.’ It’s long days and nights and at times bad weather.” Harris has made several full trips on his boat and says it is usually a matter of scheduling and having the time which are the deciding factors if he’ll ride along on the boat, or join up with it later. A bare-bones crew for a long-range trip would be a Captain and mate, but for any leg that is long enough to require running at night, it’s always best to have four people aboard to take alternating nightwatch shifts. A night run, such as the one required to get to Bermuda, is also a time to throttle back and “chug” at lower speeds to conserve fuel, spot any floating debris or obstacles and allow for more time to react to an issue. While these elite sportfish boats enjoy terrific speed and range and make most of their travels on their own bottom, some destinations which are growing in popularity require additional modes of transport and scheduling. Bluewatercommissioned boats, Jaruco and Reel Development (the two largest customJarrett Bays coming in at 90’ and 84’ respectively) have both made trips to Costa Rica and Baja Sur Mexico in recent years. At times, Merceneria in the thick of the action Jaruco dwarfs the pangas in Los Sueños 15 2022 SEASON

they’ve opted to use transport ships between South Florida and the Pacific, via the Panama Canal. After establishing home base at Los Sueños Resort, they then exploit their boats’ massive range to enjoy multiple-day fishing expeditions to Cabo and Magdalena Bay. “With Costa Rica being on the bucket list, I’d most likely use a transport service if we decide to go there. That’s a lot of wear and tear and engine hours you can avoid,” explains Capt. Neil. Whether delivered by cargo ship or running on their own bottom, once in port the anglers typically fly in to join the boat and crew. Owners and guests may come and go for weeks at a time, as their stateside schedule allows. While they’re away, Captain and crew oversee the outfitting and day-to-day operations and maintenance of the boat, perhaps running a few charters or enjoying some downtime ashore. Planning around other life events and commitments is one thing, but forecasting and reacting to the weather is quite another. Both Harris and Neil admit that despite the best laid float plans, at times you simply have to slow down, or wait, to ensure a trip can be safe and successful. “There are all types of challenges that can popupwithlongrangetravel.Mostofwhich can be avoided with proper planning, but things do happen. Mechanical issues can be a real headache depending on where you are—customs and shipping parts can really become an issue. Planning ahead is the key,” Neil says. Harris echoes that proper preparation and redundancy helps keep issues to a minimum. His Captain, Brent Gaskill, “always carries double of what we need aboard: hoses, pumps, fluid, filters, etc.” Travelers’ resourcefulness and willpower were put to new tests in recent years by a dynamic minefield of coronavirus travel restrictions deployed throughout the Caribbean. “COVID presented some challenges this past year but nothing compared to what some of the guys dealt with when it first popped up. It was a nightmare for a lot of good crews and owners I know,” Neil says. One such owner was Harris; Builder’s Choice was in the Dominican Republic in Spring 2020 and they were asked to leave the country when the lockdown hit. “Planning is the key. Make sure you have all of your necessary documents. Have them neat and organized, as you’ll be asked for them quite a bit,” advises Neil. While COVID-related issues have eased greatly in most places, Harris acknowledges fuel prices currently have not. However, that isn’t stopping their trips, it just might change how they operate the boat at times; choosing to throttle back and enjoy the scenery more along the way. Why: Despite all the challenges and expense, nothing seems to be stopping owners from planning more longrange trips to enjoy the fishing and rest and relaxation at exotic locales. “The combination of good fishing and being in beautiful and warm destinations is the main draw for boat owners,” concludes Capt. Neil. There’s also something to be said for being self-sufficient to such a high degree and wanting to accomplish all of these adventures with your own boat, family and friends. For some boaters, the preparation, outfitting and travel days can be almost as much fun as the fishing at the final destination. But even if it gets stressful, it’s clearly worth the payoff at the end. “For me it’s about getting out of the cold winter and enjoying different types of fishing while experiencing the cultures in different countries,” says Harris. Lucky for him, he’s been able to outfit a world-class vessel with the speed, storage accommodations, range and dependability to make this dream fishing lifestyle a reality! Builder’s Choice doing their thing 16 BLUEWATER

Viking Yachts has become known for pushing the boundaries of yacht manufacturing in their constant drive to build a better boat every day. In 2014, Viking celebrated their 50th anniversary with the release of their largest sportfish ever: the 92 Convertible. Seven years and twenty-one hulls later, the Viking engineers were challenged to reduce the gross weight of the popular 92 by 10% and utilize the state-of-the-art propulsion system currently found in their popular 80' Convertible. With the enactment of new Tier III emissions regulations enforced by the International Maritime Organization (IMO), the length of the Viking 90 will fall under the minimum threshold for the regulation. This means the new model will not be required to have a Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system, which further saves weight, space and operating costs. With an investment of over $15M in research and development, Viking took the opportunity to make several improvements from the design of the 92 to perfect the 90. When asked about the new design, Viking President and CEO Pat Healey commented that, “We’ve taken all the incredible qualities of the 92—the interior layout, the accommodations, the style, the amenities—and merged them with greater performance, technology and versatility.” The substantial weight savings gained by Viking’s in-house engineering team will allow the new 90 Convertible to maximize speed, maneuverability and responsiveness. The new model will also feature a major improvement to the layout, with the entry door for the salon being shifted starboard, which allows for aft-facing seats on the upper mezzanine instead of the previously offered forwardfacing lounge. Although many updates and improvements have been made to the 90’s layout, there is still some familiarity to that of the 92 including the three-level cockpit with a centerline mezzanine seating area. The 23-foot beam affords an impressive salon and galley area that includes crew quarters and a day head forward on the main level. Down below is the full-beam master stateroom aft, plus four more staterooms forward, each with a private head. Also familiar to the outgoing 92 is the private crew quarters situated aft of the engine roomwith private entry from the exterior of the boat. The Viking 90 will be offered as an open bridge convertible, an enclosed bridge, or as a sky bridge, just as the 92 was. Hull number one is set to debut at the Miami International Boat Show in February of 2023. With several hulls already on order, we urge you to contact your Bluewater Yacht Sales Viking specialist for more information and to secure your production slot. VIKING ENGINEERS IMPROVING A SUCCESSFUL FLAGSHIP Meeting the Challenge 17 2022 SEASON

Right on the heels of the award-winning 54 Convertible, Viking unveiled the second-generation 64 Convertible at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show in October 2021. This four-stateroom, threehead sportfisher is their eighthmodel released in the 60- to 70-foot class through the last two decades, with Viking delivering over 550 yachts total in this range. Viking's unmatched scope of experience in working with customers in this size class allows the company to continuously improve on what may already seem like a near-perfect platform. Delivering and evolving on the latest design trends, the 64C features an open layout with a companionway that extends in a straight line from the salon to the forepeak, increasing the sense of interior size and space. There are two galley arrangements to choose from—an island or peninsula configuration—to suit the owner’s preferences for seating, storage and entertaining. A CLOSER LOOK VIKING 64C 18 BLUEWATER

VIKING 64C LOA: 63’ 10” Beam: 18’ 11” Draft: 5’ 7” Fuel Capacity: 2,201 gal. Water Capacity: 302 gal. Displacement: 99,738 lbs. Standard Power: Twin MAN V12 CRM @ 1,550 hp ea. Power Options: 5 Configurations from Cat, MAN, MTU Genset: Onan E-QD @ 21.5kW Stabilization Option: Seakeeper 26 The flybridge features a clean and functional centerline helm with flushmounted displays and Bocatech switches with concealed electronics pods to both sides. The Viking 64 is also available as an Enclosed Bridge model, featuring a complete forward control station and luxurious salon connected to the lower salon via an internal stairway. With the largest power option of Twin 2002 mhp MTUs, the 64C can reach a top speed of 42 knots (36 kts cruise) and command a range of over 400 nautical miles. This brand new battlewagon is destined to become another rockstar on the tournament circuit and continue to carry the torch of Viking's industry-leading style, luxury and performance.

SOAKING UP A LIFETIME OF SAILING & CRUISING Sold on Sabre Everyonehas abackstoryonhowtheir passion for the water got started, and how it grew from an experience to a hobby and in some cases their lifelong identity. For Christine Worth (who prefers to go by Tina), it began at the young age of nine, racing sailboats on the Chesapeake Bay. Her love for being on the water blossomed and she even won her class that first summer of sailing. Nick Worth’s first exposure to boating was in 1960 as a Sea Scout in Puget Sound along the Western boundary of Seattle, Washington. These experiences were promptly followed by his service in the United States Navy, in the Pacific Ocean from 1962 to 1966. Once out of the Navy and attending college for engineering and business, Nick met Tina and they were married. Nick admits that their schooling, plus a career in cable television interrupted boating for a while. Tina and Nick, now rooted on the Atlantic coast, began chartering bareboat sailboats in Maine and the Virgin Islands through the eighties and early nineties, and also raced sailboats during that time. In 1995 they started on a journey owning and racing several performance sailboats, competing in Annapolis, Newport and even traveling for One Design 35 racing in Marblehead, Key West and San Francisco through 2002. Bluewater Sales Professional Chris Hall Jr., fondly remembers his first interactions with Nick and Tina in the mid 1990s when they came to Bluewater’s Hampton Yacht Yard with their sailboat, requesting to dry sail it. “Dry sailing meant that Bluewater would launch it every time the Worths wanted to sail it, and haul it out every time they were finished,” Hall explains. “Their plans for dry sailing and using Bluewater Hampton as home port worked perfectly for many years and throughout this time Nick and Tina became family to us.” MAKING THE SWITCH Chartering sailboats in Maine through the eighties and nineties, Nick became attracted to the “Lobster Yachts” as they called them—Downeast style pleasure craft that took their design cues from the famed lobster boats of the Maine coast. “Lots of small builders aroundMainewere building these beautiful powerboats that rode a lot better and had bigger engines and better hulls that would plane,” Nick recalls. Around the year 2000, Nick purchased their first powerboat: a Dyer 29. This was against Tina’s wishes, but Nickhadaplan to smooth things over. “I named the Dyer 29 Christine and gave it to her for her birthday, all in hopes of receiving forgiveness; And it worked!” Nick exclaims. This started the succession of many Maine-built, Downeast style boats named Christine. The Dyer was followed by a Duffy 35 and then a Sabre 42. “We did some research and became aware that Sabre Yachts did a much better job in building boats. Their reputation and quality was unmatched and the twin Yanmar diesels solidified the decision to buy one,” Nick says. Sabre’s long history of building high quality sailboats probably didn’t hurt either. Being members of the Hampton Yacht Club, Nick and Tina have enjoyed a long friendship with Chris Hall Sr. and Chris Hall Jr. In fact, Chris Jr.’s father-in-law, Greg, was the Bluewater broker who assisted Nick with the purchase of the Sabre 42 in 2011. After a few years of great enjoyment aboard their first Sabre, Tina and Nick were convinced they wanted to do extended cruising and live aboard, which led to a move up through two Sabre 48 models, assisted by Chris Hall Jr. They cruised the Chesapeake Bay in the summer months with occasional stints to New England. With the greater space The Sabre 42 with sailing/rowing dinghy 20 BLUEWATER

for living aboard provided by their 48, most winters were spent dockside in Charleston, South Carolina. The couple enjoys time with their children and grandchildren on and off the boat, and enjoy keeping their boat ship-shape while planning their next trips. “Sabre has a great dealer in Bluewater Yacht Sales,” Nick states. “Their marina and excellent service yard are easy to communicate with and perform quality work.” The Safe Harbor Bluewater yard in Hampton is also responsible for the commissioning of every new Sabre yacht delivered to Bluewater customers, which includes bottom paint, brightwork varnish, any additional systems installations and a final quality assurance check— in addition to the impressive 600 point inspection and 12-page report produced by Sabre’s engineering team before each boat leaves their facility. SUPERIOR RESULTS With their family continuing to grow and their cruising plans expanding, it soon became time to move up again. There was no consideration made for researching other brands, Nick and Tina are clearly hooked on Sabre. “We’ve visited the factory a few times and see the handson workmanship and quality that goes into every boat.” Nick continues, “And, the turnover is very low. We see the same faces there in the factory year after year, pouring their talent into making these beautiful boats.” Nick appreciates the superior craftsmanship and Sabre’s in-house design team who are very responsive and great to work with. “Each boat is an evolution of the prior one,” Nick explains. “They corner well, the running attitude is great at any speed and the Volvo IPS efficiency is great!” Chris Hall Jr. was also instrumental in the Worth’s decision to move up again. Hall recalls, “Sabre was getting ready to announce the all-new 58. In my discussions with Nick and Tina, I mentioned that ‘maybe’ Sabre was going to come out with a bigger boat, and ‘maybe’ I could get my hands on some preliminary drawings.” The Worths came to the United States Powerboat Show in Annapolis, where, with the help of Chris, were shown some finalized drawings and pricing. “Nick promptly handed us a deposit check in the middle of the boat show,” Hall recounts. “Nick and Tina became the first buyers of the brand new Sabre 58.” Being their fourth Sabre and benefitting from a long relationship with Bluewater and Sabre, the couple knew what to expect during the build process and had frequent meetings with Sabre’s National Sales Manager, Lynn Beaudoin to discuss ideas for customizations. Nick explains, “Tina collaborated with Sabre to make the galley work better for liveaboard cooking. Custom items include a Miele oven, custom cooktop, electrically raised cutouts in the countertop for storage and electrically lowering overhead cabinets, plus an electric grill in the cockpit.” Their Sabre 58’s impressive amenties and customizations will allow Nick and Tina to extend their cruising plans beyond the Chesapeake and into New England with stops in Newport, Martha’s Vineyard, Provincetown and many other places they once sailed to and have fondmemories of. “Sabre’s design, craftsmanship and components are second to none,” Nick explains. “The 58 is our fourth Sabre yacht we have purchased through Chris, Jr. and Bluewater. Their integrity is unmatched.” That says a lot coming from a yachtsman with over sixty years of experience on the water! Chris Hall IV attending a christening of the 48’ Christine with the Worths Tina made several requests to actuate storage compartments which improves access and utilization of space in the galley of their new 58 21 2022 SEASON