OnBoard Magazine - Issue XIV - 2022 Season

gotta do what you say you're going to do,” James affirms. “If you use the tools that you are given effectively, the relationships will be easy to develop.” James continues, “Bluewater has a big toolkit to pull from— service, marina, finance—it’s up to us to use those tools.” James also praises Bluewater’s in-house financing and documentation team. “I am a big fan of the worth of that group and the people we have. They have been a tremendous help to me and in driving our mutual success.” BUILT ON RELATIONSHIPS Chris Hall Jr., son of Bluewater’s founder, can claim a lifetime of involvement with the company. “My father started Bluewater when I was one year old, and I became a full-time broker in 1997,” Hall explains. His favorite way to meet new customers is when he’s on his personal boat on a trip and strikes up a conversation with someone on the dock. But like James and Meyers, Hall agrees, “Referrals play a humongous part in my sales.” “My father has preached on it for years: our business is built on relationships. The absolute best way to retain customers is to have a relationship with them,” Hall says. “Stay in touch with your customers and build a lasting relationship,” Hall states. “This way, if that customer is thinking about buying or selling their boat, they wouldn’t think of anyone else but you to deal with!” Hall is proud to have such a strong network with the Bluewater family of companies. “Our sales and service department work handin-hand to take care of our customers. Being able to assist our customers fullcircle certainly helps us as salespeople.” Success can come in many forms and may be defined differently by many; however, it seems there are some essential bits of the formula that our team agrees on. Customer retention is imperative to ensure repeat business and referrals. Retention is achieved by hard work and diligence, but perhaps most importantly, treating the customer like family—not just another transaction. We are so grateful for our passionate and hard-working team and are proud to have them as our brand and company ambassadors all along the Atlantic East Coast and beyond! For the first time in nearly two years, the entire Bluewater Yacht Sales team was able to join together at the start of the New Year for camaraderie, education, and recognition at the Annual Sales Meeting in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Over the course of two days, the entire sales and administrative staff met to participate in team building activities, listen to speakers, learn from industry veterans, and celebrate the successes of the previous two years. There has been plenty of uncertainty since the Winter of 2020, but the marine industry grew with unimaginable speed despite the challenges that impacted so many. While much of the world was shutting down, we were fortunate to have employees, brokers, and partners who worked harder than ever to help people enjoy life on the water. As a result, Bluewater Yacht Sales had two record setting years, with twenty-three people taking home awards for their achievements in 2020, and another twenty-five earning awards in 2021. These awards went beyond recognizing sales and unit achievements and also included dedication to the company. BLUEWATER RECOGNIZES 2021 & 2020 SALES AWARD WINNERS An enjoyable delivery for salesman Chris Hall IV 53 2022 SEASON