OnBoard Magazine - Issue XIV - 2022 Season

MACK BORING HELPS INTRODUCE SCANIA TO THE U.S. SPORTFISHING MARKET Scania, a well-known name in diesel engine, heavy truck and off-road equipment in Europe, South America and Asia, has reentered the United States sportfishing market in a partnership with Mack Boring and Parts Company and Viking Yachts. Their newest DI 13 pleasure craft engine series is US EPA Tier III-compliant and boasts an industry leading power-to-weight ratio. Mack Boring, a family owned and operated distributor in New Jersey is North America’s largest Scania dealer and is celebrating 100 years of operation in 2022. Fourth-generationMack Boring President, Patrick McGovern approached the Viking Yachts’ team with a proposal to install a pair of Scania’s latest recreational engines into a Viking 46 Billfish to serve as a demonstration platform for this new high-output power system. “We have always seen demo platforms as a great opportunity to show off the products,” McGovern explains. “This is an engine series Scania has produced for many years, marked by strong sales and superb reliability, and we've been selling the smaller variant for years.” Rated at 900 hp and producing over 2,300 pound feet of torque, the new 13-liter inline-6 engines are built on a Compacted Graphite Iron (CGI) block to ensure strength and long service life while saving weight. Tier III emissions standards and impressive acceleration are accomplished via a single wastegate turbocharger along with Scania’s proprietary Engine Management System (EMS) and common rail extra highpressure injection system (XPI). This eliminates the need for additional turbos or superchargers, which helps save weight. McGovern targeted Viking as a demo platform due to their strong sportfishing market share in North America and, “they have the most experience in building a great boat with good volume, offering several models for us to choose from as a test platform.” McGovern and Mack Boring team members visited the 2020 Viking VIP in South Florida and ultimately decided the 46 Billfishwouldmake an ideal demo boat for the Scania power. “The 46 Billfish handles like a sports car—nimble and fast,” McGovern exclaims. “Plus, the open command deck design with engine room access shows off the power package much better, without the need to enter the engine room.” P O W E R PACKAGE 34 BLUEWATER