OnBoard Magazine - Issue XIV - 2022 Season

Drew Halford, the Mid-Atlantic Sales Manager, serves as Bluewater’s direct connection with Regulator and helps nurture customer relationships through the build process and after delivery. When he started his career with Regulator, part of his training involved working with each department and becoming fully immersed in the culture. “One of the major core values that plays into each team member’s role is the integrity aspect and doing what is right before God, no matter the consequences. Having a degree of integrity from the top down to the very bottom throughout the company is something to be very proud of.” Halford continues, “The sense of brotherhood among employees is incredibly inspiring and their values show in the commitment not only to building quality products but to serving one another.” In a time when many marine businesses are experiencing unprecedented demand and are busier than ever, it is refreshing to see a company that still takes time to give back to people in need. Regulator is certainly living up to their mission to “build the best center console sportfishing boats with people, processes, and resources to honor God.”. Your 2021-2023 Bluewater Regulator Orders Making A Difference! 23 2022 SEASON