OnBoard Magazine - Issue XIV - 2022 Season

Special Thanks Amanda Aloy, Lynn Beaudoin, Jamie Bloomquist, Chris Hall Jr., Scott James, Chris Landry, Wyatt Lane, Baxter Lusink, Chuck Meyers, James Nobel, Luke Pearson, Luke San Antonio, JJ Slater, Blake Tice, Carrie Waible, Brian Wold and all of our great participating team members, customers, partners and affiliates named throughout the magazine. ON THE COVER Soaking in the sunshine and Bluewater view from the bridge of a custom Jarrett Bay, photographed by Wyatt Lane Managing Editor & Art Director Jason Pim Lead Writer Magnus Thiersmann Graphics & Online Editor Josh Lamb Ad Coordinator Blake Tice Editorial Directors Wyatt Lane Baxter Lusink Blake Tice Executive Editor Robin Anderson Contributing Writers Deirdre Bell Loftin Jason Pim Blake Tice B L U E WA T E R P E R S P E C T I V E 07 SAFE HARBOR PARTNERSHIP 08 WHY YOU NEED A LISTING AGENT IT’S A SELLER’S MARKET 12 CHRIS HALL’S LEGACY 26 DOWNEAST STYLE HISTORY & INNOVATION 46 BUILDING COMMUNITY ANNAPOLIS ACTIVITIES 50 REMEMBERING BOB HEALEY 52 THE SECRET SAUCE SALES INSIGHTS & AWARDS C U S T OM E R P R O F I L E S 04 BLUEWATER SUMMERS A CAN’T MISS CRUISE 14 LONG RANGE TRAVEL FISHING FAMILIES 20 SABRE 58 TOTALLY WORTH IT 32 PRINCESS Y72 THE PRIDE OF PLYMOUTH 40 PLEASED WITH PRINCESS 41 VALHALLA MAKES A SUPER-TENDER 55 DELIVERIES & SNAPSHOTS B R A N D I N S I G H T S 11 WELCOMING EVERGLADES 17 VIKING 90C UNDERWAY 18 BEHOLD THE VIKING 64C 22 IN HIS SERVICE REGULATOR GIVES BACK 24 VALHALLA V-55 ANNOUNCED 29 VIKING NEVER STOPS 34 MACK 900 SCANIA DEMO 36 SMARTLY REFINED BACK COVE LINEUP 30 JARRETT BAY 67 DELIVERED 38 IN-HOUSE INGENUITY REGULATOR WIRED TO WIN 51 BACK COVE 372 ON THE CIRCUIT S I G N A T U R E S E R V I C E 43 A CLASSIC REDO PAYSAGE MAKES A SPLASH 48 REPOWER RIGHT CAT MAKES IT BETTER 3 2022 SEASON