OnBoard Magazine - Issue XIV - 2022 Season

were replaced, which included running new plumbing and a watermaker. The number of thru hull fittings were reduced thanks to the replumbing of raw water intakes, the A/C system, tankage and more. Speaking of tanks, new fuel tanks were also installed belowdecks. Every inch of the boat was repainted, including out-ofsight areas in the bilge, under bunks, the anchor locker and the engine and mechanical rooms. The cockpit was meticulously sanded down, faired and repainted as part of the preparation for teak installation. The hull is now a stunning Alexseal Pastel Turquoise with new boot stripe, bottom paint, and a full black mask on the cabin. The original teak toe rail, bridge cap and cabin trim were all refinished, while a faux teak transom hosts the boat’s new name, glimmering in silver foil. Filling out the engine room are a new transducer, a Seakeeper 9 gyro stabilizer and Cat C2.2 genset. Below the waterline, new prop shafts, cutlass bearings, seals, and tuned Wildcat props rounded out the new power train. And, to top it all off, an all-new hardtop was designed and installed by Palm Beach Towers. The relationship between Jarrett Bay and the owner of Paysage has been one of great trust and understanding. Blackwell states, “He would give us ideas and we would just run with what would make him happy.” And happy he is. Although this refit consumed a great deal of the calendar, the opportunity to upgrade a proven hull with the latest technology to Jarrett Bay’s renowned fit and finish was well worth it. One can imagine it was somewhat refreshing for the Jarrett Bay service team to work on a project that was less about racing the clock, and more about making sure anything and everything about the boat was just as the owner wanted for the long run. New adventures for the recently relaunched Paysage will include fun fishing with the family and trips to Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket this coming fall. Given the hull’s pedigree, and his family’s growing passion for fishing, the owner won’t rule out the possibility of tournament fishing in the future. Blackwell describes the feeling of renewing an iconic boat: “It’s been great! Our team of tradespeople and shipwrights have put a great deal of pride and passion in this repower and refit.” Of course, one of the most exciting parts of the project is when Blackwell and his team get to pack onto the boat and experience putting all that new technology and power through its paces during sea trials. Among all the refits performed by Jarrett Bay past, present and future, this may be one of the most unique and unforgettable! 45 2022 SEASON