2020 Westport 38m

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125' Westport 2020

Westport 38m 2020 For Sale in North Palm Beach, Florida


North Palm Beach, Florida


  • Length Overall: 125'
  • Beam: 26' 2"
  • Maximum Draft: 6' 1"
  • Dry Weight:

Tank Capacities

  • Fuel: 7065 gal
  • Water: 1000 gal
  • Holding: 1050 gal

Engine Information

  • Engine 1 : 2020 MTU 16V2000 M96L - 2600hp
  • Engine 2 : 2020 MTU 16V2000 M96L - 2600hp

General Description

Health issues forces sale!

Brand new boat delivered to owner in palm beach April 2020!!

Owner wants offers!!

Marsha Kay is the latest example of Westport's never ending commitment to excellence. This is an instant gratification moment for anyone ready to go yachting this summer. Ready for immediate delivery! A true must see!



Hull, superstructure and decks are of foam-cored composite construction with E-glass reinforcements in Vinylester resin.  Core material and density varies throughout to optimize engineered structures

Structural framing combines E-glass and carbon fiber reinforcements in Vinylester resin. The structure is engineered to American Bureau of Shipping rules



Hull and superstructure are finished in Alexseal “Snow White” high-gloss urethane paint. Superstructure features are painted Alexseal “Black Magic” metallic

Mast and boot stripe are finished in Alexseal boot-stripe “Jade Mist Green” high-gloss urethane paint. Hull bottom coating is black Sea Hawk anti-fouling paint over an epoxy barrier coat



Superstructure side and Pilothouse front windows are frameless, tempered glass, direct bonded to the vessel structure with a structural adhesive system

Portlights and hull windows are toughened, laminated glass, direct bonded to recesses integrally molded into the hull
Mechanical Systems


(2) 16-Cylinder marine Diesel engines drive custom 6-blade propellers through close-coupled, down- angle reduction gears and stainless steel shafts. Engine vibration is isolated through the use of resilient mounts

Seawater cooling is supplied through dual 5 inch copper-nickel lines connected to integrally molded hull scoops through bronze Y-strainers and butterfly valves.  Primary main engine exhaust exits the hull underwater at chine while silenced bypass exits at transom corners

System components include:

Main engines: MTU 16V2000 M96L, 2,600 HP per engine at 2450 rpm

Engine controls: Marine Technologies RCS, (4) stations

Reduction gears: ZF 5050A, 2.962:1 reduction, 8 degree down angle

Shafts: 4½ inch diameter Aquamet 22HS

Struts: Custom cast bronze V-struts

Propellers: 6-Blade, Nibral, CNC machined to S class



Digital hydraulic power steering is provided. Power is provided by engine-driven hydraulic pumps on both main engines

Main Pilothouse and Flybridge steering stations include full follow-up helm wheels, non-follow-up jog levers and rudder angle indicators

Port and starboard wing stations include non-follow-up jog levers and rudder angle indicators

System components include:

Rudders: Foil-shaped rudders with Aquamet 22HS stainless steel stocks

Rudder stock seals: Dripless type

Rudder stock bearings: Orkot composite

Aluminum steering foundation



Stabilization at rest is provided by an electrically powered gyro system. (2) Gyros are installed on centerline in the Lazarette

Gyros:  (2) Seakeeper Model 35



Stabilization underway is provided by a hydraulically powered fin system and supplemented by the gyro system. Actuators and fins are installed port and starboard amidships.  Underway power is provided by a main engine-driven hydraulic pump. Control system located in the Pilothouse

System components include:

Actuators: Naiad model 525

Fins: 19 sq. ft.

Control: Naiad Datum Control System



Interior temperature and humidity is maintained by a chilled water HVAC system with a 30 ton cooling capacity. Air handlers of various BTU ratings are mounted behind cabinets and bulkheads throughout the vessel. Air handlers in all accommodation spaces are fitted with electric heating elements for autonomous heating. Fresh air makeup is provided by dedicated air handlers

System components include:

Chillers: 30 ton capacity, 208 Volt/ 3 phase/60 cycle compressors, seawater cooled

Air handlers: BTU ratings vary per location, variable speed blowers, 120 volt/ single phase/60 cycle



Hydraulic equipment is powered by electrically driven power packs. An aft power pack serves the Passerelle, davit, transom door and Swim Step beach platform



The Bow Thruster is mounted in a composite tunnel integrally laminated into the hull structure. It is electrically driven with power provided from the ship’s AC System thru a step-up transformer and variable frequency drive

Thruster: 16” ABT unit with dual counter-rotating propellers

Motor: 75 HP, 3 Phase, 480 VAC



Total diesel fuel capacity is approximately 7,065 US gallons in five tanks

Day tank and port and starboard wing tanks are immediately forward of the Engine Room. Two bilge tanks are located under the sole forward

Tanks are of welded aluminum construction

Tank levels are monitored by electronic sensors and displayed on the Vessel Monitoring System Mechanical back-up level measurement

Engines and generators draw from the day tank through filter sets and are provided with fuel priming pumps

Alfa Laval MIB 303



A 100 US Gallon tank

Fuel hose and nozzle are contained in a vapor-tight compartment

Vapor detector



Main engine and generator lube oil tanks are installed in the Engine Room

New and used oil tank capacities are 58 US gallons each

Portable AC-powered pump is provided for oil transfer



Total fresh water capacity is 1,000 US gallons in one tank divided into two equal, isolated partitions

Tank construction is welded stainless steel

(3) AC Supply pumps are plumbed to suction and distribution manifolds enabling service isolation of tanks and pumps while system remains operational. Dock pressure fill location at starboard bustle

Freshwater wash down spigots are located on external decks

System components include:

Pumps: (3) Centrifugal pumps, plumbed in parallel for high-flow capacity

Watermakers: (2) Reverse osmosis type, each with 1,850 US gallons per day capacity (3,700 total)

Water heaters: (1) Dual-element 120 US gallon capacity

UV filter for disinfection of potable water

Dual particle filters for removal of sediment, dissolved solids and contaminants to 5 microns

Pressure tank: FRP construction located at remote ends of piping system



Black water tank capacity is approximately 1,050 US gallons. Tank is of FRP construction

Toilets and Galley sink discharge to the black water tank (Galley sink fitted with direct overboard option for use in approved locations). Dockside black water tank pump-out connection is located in the port bustle. Where permitted, black water can be treated by the onboard marine sanitation device (MSD) for overboard discharge. Gray water from sinks, showers, etc. is sent directly overboard, or can be routed to the black water tank when required

Tank levels are monitored on the vessel monitoring system. Black water tank includes salt water wash out from fire main

System components include:

Pump: High capacity solids handling AC diaphragm pump

MSD: Certified to meet MARPOL and USCG Type II MSD (includes chlorine generator)

Gray water sumps: (3) sump boxes each contain an AC pump, DC back-up pump, strainer, pump failure alarm and inspection port

Black water lift station: Sump box for transfer of galley sink discharge to black water tank



Compressed-air system powers ship’s whistle and air tools. Quick connect fittings are provided on Bow, Boat Deck and in Utility Room for operation of power tools and inflation of tenders, fenders, etc. Retractable hose reel is provided in the Engine Room

System components include:

Compressor:  (1) 2.0 HP 10 gallon tank

Pressure tank: (1) 15 gallon

Hose reel: Spring rewind with 30 feet of air hose



The five watertight compartments are fitted with alarms for the presence of water and are monitored on the vessel monitoring system. Primary pump is located in the Engine Room. Through a common manifold the auxiliary pump outside Engine Room provides backup bilge pumping ability

System components include:

Primary pump: Centrifugal, flooded suction

Foot valves and strainers in each watertight compartment



All exterior decks are fitted with freeing ports and/or deck drains. Deck drains are integrally molded into the composite decks and are fitted with stainless steel grates. Drains are plumbed internally to laminated through-hulls located at the boot stripe



(4) Fire stations are provided, each containing a hose, angle valve and hi/lo volume nozzle. Aux pump 1 is located in the Utility Room and aux pump 2 located in Engine Room. Through a common manifold the aux pumps provide redundant firefighting capability

System components include:

Hoses: (4) 1½ inch x 50 foot FM-listed flat type with NST thread fittings

Hose rack: Fiberglass construction with rolled hose storage at fire station

Fire nozzles:  (1) at each of the four hydrant stations, FM approved

Aux pumps: 5 HP, 208/60/3, centrifugal, flooded suction

Sea suction basket strainer



FM200 fire suppression system is provided for the Engine Room. Automatic activation includes delay and alarm prior to discharge of suppressant. Activation triggers automatic shutdown of fuel pumps, intake fans, main engines and generators and closure of Engine Room ventilation dampers. Engine Room and Engine Room ventilation ducts are insulated to meet an A-30 fire protection rating also providing thermal and acoustic isolation



(2) “Poole” style anchors are stowed in recessed stainless steel pockets on the Bow, port and starboard.

Dual electric windlasses on the Foredeck provide independent operation of the two anchors. Chain is stowed in chain locker bins below the Foredeck. Anchor wash down nozzles are installed in the hawse pipes and are supplied with pressurized seawater from the Fire Hydrant System

System components include:

Anchors: (2) Stainless steel, 440 lb.

Windlasses:  (2) Maxwell VWC6000, 6,000 lb. pull

Anchor chain: 5/8 inch galvanized steel, 350 feet on starboard, 250 feet on port

Anchor plates/pockets: Polished stainless steel plates with welded pockets, includes stem guard

Maxwell combination stopper/roller/tensioners for each chain

Electrical Systems


(2) Generators provide 208 volt/3 phase/60 cycle AC power. Generator exhausts exit the hull at the transom corners. Generator noise and vibration is isolated through the use of sound enclosures and compound resilient mounts. Generators are started and stopped at the main distribution panel or at a remote panel in the Pilothouse

System components include:

Generators: (2) Northern Lights M80A13, 80 kW, 1800 RPM


Connection to shore power is made through (2) shore cords at the stern of the vessel. System can accept single or three-phase power; from 180 to 520V and 47 to 64Hz. Cords are handled through a powered deployment and retraction system.

System components include:

Shore power converter: 80kVA capacity

Cords:  (2) 100 feet, 100 amp, three-wire with ground

Cord handling and storage: (2) Glendinning Cablemasters



AC service from shore power and generators is routed to a main distribution electrical panel in the Control Room, then to subpanels located throughout the vessel. Wiring is four-wire three-phase 208 volts with 120 volt single-phase branch circuits where required


Main distribution panel is constructed of extruded aluminum with powder coat finish, built to IP20 level of protection and incorporates forced-draft cooling. Main panel displays a full gauge package for all sources including volts/amps of each line, phase, power, power factor and frequency


Distribution system is designed for parallel operation between generators. Main distribution panel includes a seamless transfer feature for uninterrupted power output during switchover between generator/s and shore power



24VDC power is supplied by (4) banks of absorbed glass matt (AGM) batteries: house bank, port and starboard main engine start banks and generator start bank

House bank power is distributed through the main electrical distribution panel to sub panels and powers emergency lighting and navigation electronics. Each battery bank is equipped with an independent battery charger

System components include:

House bank batteries:  (2) 8-D 245 amp-hour in series-parallel

Main engine start bank batteries: (2) banks of (2) 8-D, 245 amp-hour in series

Generator start bank batteries: (2) Group 31, 105 amp-hour in series

House bank charger: Newmar 95 amp/24VDC

Main engine start bank chargers: Newmar 45 amp/24VDC

Generator start bank charger: Newmar 20 amp/24VDC

Vessel Alarms and Monitoring

VIC2 is a proprietary Westport monitoring and alarm system that identifies and provides visibility to critical vessel function and safety information on a single screen in the Pilothouse

System is based on a 24 volt redundant architecture to provide robust reliability in both normal operation and emergency situations.

Hardware includes a dedicated network of “human machine interface” (HMI) touch screens strategically located throughout the vessel to aid the crew in efficient alarm recognition

Features include:

A single point alarm management screen in the Pilothouse and (4) remote touch screen HMI’s

Instant trending for tank levels and electrical loads

Electrical system monitoring and alarms indicating condition of on-board and shore power systems

Tank monitoring, alarming or trending for fresh water, fuel, hydraulics and black water

Flood condition monitoring including alarming for all bilge pumps and sump pumps

Security system with vessel specific monitored points

Carbon Monoxide monitoring and alarms in spaces with combustion machinery or engine exhaust piping

Navigation light monitoring and alarms

AV Electronics


The Digital Media distribution system provides a variety of entertainment sources throughout the vessel.  Depending on the room type you will find Hi-Definition displays, surround sound speakers and subwoofers, along with IPads and hand held remotes for control


Kaleidescape system provides a central movie server with the Movie and Music License and Lifetime Music Guide and Software update service included. KVH TracVision HD7 system provides an HD satellite connection for North, Central and South America


A dedicated power conditioner / double conversion online UPS supports the entertainment systems providing consistent clean and stable power.  Each area can access content either from central sources distributed by the Digital Media system or from local sources

Central sources include:

Kaleidescape movie/music library

DIRECTV US & Dish Network


Apple TV (airplay/local content only)

Apple Airplay

Navigation chart
Navigational and Communication Electronics


Position and charting equipment consists of redundant hardware and multiple power sources to maximize reliability and availability. Dual radars are heading stabilized for ARPA. Nobeltec TZ Professional chart plotting system with radar overlay provides coastal navigation tools with excellent charting database and bathymetric data for coastal cruising

System components include:

Radar 1: Furuno FAR-2117 X-Band radar with 8’ open array, 96 NM range

Radar 2: Furuno FAR-2117 X-Band radar with 6.5’ open array, 96 NM range

Searchlight: Carlisle Finch 200 watt Xenon, 15 million candle power with remote controls

Air horn: Kahlenberg T-2 3-trumpet, with automated signal timer

Night vision camera: Flir M series

Wind, depth, and speed instruments: Airmar/Maretron DSM410/NMEA 2000 network

Fluxgate rate compass for TRUE heading back-up

CCTV system: (9) Color cameras



External communications (off vessel) consist of a mix of radio, cellular, hard-wired and satellite based technologies.

System components include:

Cellular telephone service with 4G voice and data, region specific

KVH V7 provides high speed satellite voice and data connection

Inmarsat FLEET One provides worldwide satellite voice and data coverage

Shore phone connection

Wi-Fi marina hotspot amplifier

AIS class B transponder

VHF radiotelephones






Onboard communications consist of IP phones and intercom

System components include:

20-station digital phone system

Internet connectivity through Westport Integrated Network System, wireless access is available throughout the vessel



Pilothouse components include:

Monitors: (5) 26” LCD monitors

Throttle and gear controls

Main engine start/stop controls

Main engine control system display panels

Main steering helm wheel and backup jog lever

Rudder angle indicator


MT ECDIS charts covering voyage from Seattle, WA to Ft Lauderdale, FL

Nobeltec TZ with dedicated wireless keyboard and mouse

Nobeltec charts: All NOAA US charts

Autopilot: Marine Technologies Thruster controls

GPS: Furuno DGPS receiver with WAAS

VHF radio: Icom IC-M424

Closed circuit television display and control: Quad split screen color display

Searchlight controls

Horn controls

Flybridge components include:

Monitors: (2) 15” High bright monitors for display of MT IBS

Throttle and gear controls

Main engine start/stop controls

Main steering helm wheel and back-up jog lever

Rudder angle indicator

Horn controls

Trackball control of radar

VHF radio: Icom IC-M424

Maretron DSM410 display for weather, depth and speed

Searchlight controls

Magnetic compass: Ritchie F600 G-5

Wing station components include:

Throttle and gear controls

Main engine start/stop controls

Rudder angle indicator

Thruster controls

Jog steering lever

Horn controls

Crew Mess components include:

Monitor to display MT IBS, including CCTV cameras

Maretron DSM410 display for weather, depth and speed

VHF radio: Icom IC-M424
Interior Finishes

Color, pattern and style of interior finishes are tailored to suit individual customer tastes. Westport employs qualified interior designers to assist our customers with décor decisions



Sapele, a rich red/brown tone hardwood of the Mahogany family, is used as the primary wood in public areas and Guest accommodation spaces. Accent pieces display veneer work in Sapele Pommele, a cut of the Sapele log showing highly figured grain patterns.  Crew areas are constructed using Beech hardwoods and Anigre veneers, providing a light finish tone. Joinery finish system employs a full epoxy grain fill to seal the wood and a polyurethane top coat. Finish sheen is primarily satin with high-gloss accents on selected trim pieces and tops



LED Overhead lighting is used throughout the vessel. Lighting is controlled with the Crestron System. Accent and task light fixtures are selected to complement the individual vessel’s décor
Interior Appointments


Galley includes:

Refrigerator / Freezer: 48” Sub-Zero

Cooktop: 36” Wolf

Oven: 30” Wolf convection

Microwave: Panasonic

Dishwasher: Asko

Trash compactor: KitchenAid

Vent hood: Wolf

Hot water dispenser: Insinkerator

Icemaker: Perlick

Salon includes:

Icemaker: Perlick

Refrigerator: Sub-Zero

Wine cooler:  Perlick

Crew Mess includes:

Washer/Dryer: (2) Miele stacked sets

Microwave:  GE

Refrigerator/freezer:  Bosch

Aft Utility Room includes:

Upright Freezer:  True Freezer

Icemaker:  Hoshizaki 750 lb. per day/flaked icemaker
Exterior Fittings and Equipment

Passerelle: Nautical Structures custom, double telescoping, hydraulic Passerelle deploys from the Aft Deck at the top of the port Swim Step stair


Swim Step Beach: A hydraulically actuated sliding platform extends aft from the center of the Swim Step five feet when deployed. The platform incorporates fold down swim ladders port and starboard

Boarding Stair: (1) 8-Step carbon side stair with handrails is provided with mounting brackets at both port and starboard boarding gates and stowage in recess on the Side Deck


Flag staff, bow jack staff, and courtesy flag halyards; (4) Pop-up cleats are provided on the Swim Step

Davit: A 2,500 lb. capacity, hydraulically operated tender launch davit is provided on the Boat Deck
Exterior Lighting

LED overhead lighting is provided on the Aft Deck, Side Decks and Flybridge

LED courtesy lighting is recessed into the bulwarks and house sides to light the Foredeck, Boat Deck and Swim Step

Floodlights are provided to light the Boat Deck from the mast and to light the Swim Step from the aft end of the Boat Deck

(4) LED Underwater lights are installed across the Transom

Exterior Appliances

Aft Deck bar includes:

Refrigerator: Marvel under counter

Icemaker:  Marvel under counter

Flybridge / Boat Deck bar includes:

Refrigerator: Sub-Zero under counter drawers

Electric grill: Custom stainless steel enclosure with Wells charbroiler inserts
Aft Deck

46” High Bright TV



Satellite TV

Apple TV

Navigation Chart

IPad Mini – Touch panel

Handheld Remote

(4) Overhead Speakers






Satellite TV

Apple TV

Navigation Chart

IPad Mini – Touch panel

Handheld Remote

(5) Overhead Speakers Powered by Sub-Woofer


Stone countertops

Refrigerator / Freezer: 48” Sub-Zero

Cooktop: 36” Wolf

Oven: 30” Wolf convection

Microwave: Panasonic

Dishwasher: Asko

Trash compactor: KitchenAid

Vent hood: Wolf

Hot water dispenser: Insinkerator

Icemaker: Perlick




Satellite TV

Apple TV

Navigation Chart

IPAD Mini – Touch Panel

Handheld remote


(2) Overhead speakers





Satellite TV

Apple TV

Navigation Chart

IPad Mini – Touch panel

(2) Overhead Speakers

Master Stateroom




Satellite TV

Apple TV

Navigation Chart

IPad Mini – Touch panel

Handheld Remote

(5) Overhead Speakers Powered by Sub-Woofer


46” High Bright TV



Satellite TV

Apple TV

Navigation Chart

IPad Mini – Touch panel

Handheld Remote

(4) Overhead Speakers

Beach Club

43” High Bright TV



Satellite TV

Apple TV

Navigation Chart

IPad Mini – Touch panel

Handheld Remote

(4) Overhead Speakers

Safety and Support


Life rafts: (2) 10-Man life rafts are secured in custom racks, one on each side of Boat Deck

Life preservers: (16) Adult and (6) child, USCG approved, with water lights

Man overboard equipment: (1) 30” diameter ring Buoy on Aft Deck, (1) inflatable throw cushion on Boat Deck

Flare kit

Ship’s bell: Per USCG regulations

Fire extinguishers: Dry chemical type: (2) 10-pound, (4) 5-pound; Carbon Dioxide type: (8) 10-pound


Medical kit

Mechanical Space


Accessed from the Beach Club through a sliding watertight door, the Utility Room includes a Guest Day Head on the port side, freezer and icemaker on the starboard side



Located off starboard side of Utility Room and can also be accessed through a watertight door from the Aft Deck. The main electrical distribution panel, shore power converter, FM200 Fire Suppression System that services the Engine Room



Located off port side of Utility Room, the Equipment Room contains a work bench with sink and vise grip, Moduline toolbox and tool set, upper storage cabinets, watermakers and bilge pump. Watertight hatch provides access to port Lazarette storage



Accessed via a watertight door from the Utility Room; main components include engines, generators, MSD system, lube oil tanks, HVAC chiller, air compressor and Alfa Laval

"Marsha Kay" is a registered name and does not convey.

Exclusions are to include but are not limited to, all owner’s personal items.  A detailed list of exclusions will be provided at the time of sale, upon written request.