Everglades 315cc

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  • LOA: 33′ 9
  • Beam: 10′ 4
  • Draft: 3′ 0
  • Dry Weight: 11,510 lbs.

Tank Capacities

  • Fuel: 300 gal.
  • Water: 35 gal.

Power Options

  • Twin Mercury V10 400, 800hp


Discover cutting-edge maritime innovation with the Everglades 315cc—a seamless blend of precision engineering, unparalleled performance, and superior comfort. Nestled in the center of Everglades Boats’ illustrious fleet, the 315cc is more than just a center console; it’s a gateway to a realm of exploration and adventure.

Unveiling Unparalleled Performance
Measuring 31 feet and 6 inches, with a robust 10-foot and 4-inch beam, the Everglades 315cc proudly stands as a testament to power, agility, and unmatched capability on the water. Driven by dual 400 horsepower V10 Mercury engines, this vessel unleashes its prowess with a cruise speed of 43.6 MPH—a symphony of speed and stability on open waters. When the call for exhilaration arises, the wide-open throttle speed of 56.3 MPH will have you embracing the wind and the endless horizon ahead.

Engineered for Excellence
The Everglades 315cc boasts the hallmark of Everglades Boats’ pioneering expertise — RAMCAP (Rapid Molded Core Assembly Process) technology. This innovative approach doesn’t just craft a boat; it creates an experience that transcends expectations. The result? An unsinkable marvel that ensures your safety, amplifies comfort, reduces noise, and minimizes vibrations, providing a serene journey like no other.

Where Elegance Meets Certification
Dive into unparalleled reassurance as the Everglades 315cc is proudly built by ABYC, NMEA and NMMA certified technicians, exemplifying uncompromising quality and adherence to the highest industry standards. Every rivet, every contour, every feature, and attention to detail is a testament to our commitment to your maritime joy and security.

Elevate Your Experience
For those who seek the ultimate comfort, an optional Seakeeper 2 stands ready to banish up to 95% of boat roll, transforming your voyage into a serene symphony of stillness. Elevate your journey further with NEW Seakeeper Ride, a testament to our dedication to enhancing your comfort on every sea venture.

Seating and Storage: Crafted for Convenience
Standard on the Everglades 315cc is a meticulously designed mezzanine seat and cooler combination—your perfect companions for relishing the sunsets or sharing laughter with friends. Looking to augment your experience? Add the rigging and tackle station, a fusion of utility and luxury, featuring the a mezzanine seating and cooler solution that remains at your service.

Embark on an odyssey where craftsmanship meets innovation, power meets precision, and your nautical aspirations find their ultimate expression. Set your course for the Everglades 315cc—an uncharted realm where the sea bows to your command, and adventure knows no bounds.
Experience the Everglades 315cc today and chart your course towards an unparalleled maritime horizon. Welcome to a new era of boating excellence. Welcome to Everglades Boats.