Aubrey Wroten

Sales Professional


Born and raised in Seaford, Virginia, Aubrey has grown up on the water allowing him to know the Chesapeake Bay waterways quite well. He has worked on tugboats, pilot boats, and captained motor yachts. As a 200-ton USCG licensed captain, he frequently travels the east coast waters from the Chesapeake Bay to Florida and over to the Bahamas. With his previous experiences captaining and servicing boats, he has the knowledge of the different features and styles to assist customers with finding their ideal boat. In addition to working as a Sales Professional, Aubrey also works for SeaTow Lower Chesapeake where he enjoys helping boat owners whether it’s a simple tow or full salvage. When he isn’t working to help buy or sell a boat with his customers, he spends time on the water with his wife, Megan, and his daughter Sutton. 

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