Chris Hall, Sr.


Chris Hall Sr

A Tidewater Virginia native, Chris founded Bluewater Yacht Sales in 1968 after developing a proven set of business management skills as the president of a large manufacturer’s representative company. Born a waterman, Chris parlayed his personal and competitive passion for sailing and powerboat racing to unfalteringly advance Bluewater Yacht Sales through strong and weak economies to where the company is currently positioned 40+ years later – one of the most successful yachting businesses in the United States.

Even though Chris has assembled an impressive team of sales, service and support staff to run daily operations, he is still very involved with the Bluewater operations. However, he has more time these days to pursue other interests as well. He serves on several executive boards, and is deeply involved with the boating industry and community at large. His passion for boat racing and automobile racing add to his many achievements. Together, the Bluewater Team of Chris and his younger brother Earle enjoyed a calling to race 2.5 and 7-litre hydroplanes – winning seven world and national titles. Chris and Team Bluewater have also enjoyed being on the leaderboard of some of the East Coast’s most notable sportfishing tournaments thanks to being equipped with highly skilled crews and some of the industry’s best performing boats from the brands Bluewater has represented over the years such as Viking Yachts.

In running their own and showcasing the various boating brands that the Halls have sold in Bluewater’s spanning history, they formed enduring relationships with almost everyone that had a hand in the construction of the world’s finest boats. From the many who toiled tirelessly behind the scenes to Viking’s pioneering Healy family, the Halls’ desire to have an entrenched understanding of every aspect of boat construction, performance and innovations, resulted in personal relationships that provide Bluewater customers with unparalleled access to- and support from their motoryacht and sportfish brands of choice.

Through old fashioned determination, Chris has ensured through the decades, that Bluewater Yacht Sales is synonymous with superior product and friendly service.  Now a multi-faceted and wildly successful group of operations, the Bluewater Network employs the same hands-on approach that Chris has put forth from Day 1 – always go the extra mile to ensure the company only represents the finest brands and that a customer’s boat stands out in a crowded market.

Chris and his wife Judy call Hampton, Virginia home and have enjoyed sharing the boating lifestyle with their children and their families. Son Chris Jr. is a member of Bluewater’s sales team and daughter Kathy is a college professor in Abu Dhabi.  Chris and Judy enjoy spending their free time cruising the nearby waters of the Chesapeake Bay estuary, and extended trips along the Mid-Atlantic and beyond.