Southard Sailing 1

We began looking for a leopard 39 at the Miami boat show in 2018. several brokers offered to help (mass emails or sometimes early listings but never a personal touch). we looked at Rapid Anne in June and Deanna followed up with the first of many phone calls. she was always informative with just the right amount of salesmanship. we went to the Annapolis boat show in October and Deanna arranged several cats for us to look at. after seeing these boats, we decided to make an offer on Rapid Anne with Deanna’s prompting. the buying process was handed very professionally on our end and we were very pleased with how Deanna kept us informed and in the loop. she even brought snacks and drinks for the survey. our first night on the boat was an adventure with my crew asleep and Matt talking me through the Norfolk harbour at 11pm to a marina he arranged. my wife and i found a great broker with the Sansbury team and a couple who truly love what they do. we look forward to sharing our travels with them and would highly recommend the Sansbury team.

Mike & Penny
2014 Leopard 39