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While we love good comments and praises, this has to be one of the highest compliments yet! One of our 2016 Summer Cruise participants was so moved by the event that she took the time to write a poem about it. We are so appreciative of our Bluewater family and friends – thanks so much for sharing, Verna!

Bluewater Yacht Sales-
“The Best of the Best!”
“Showered” we boaters-
With Gusto and Zest

The food was terrific;
The talks were too!
They took care of us…
We had nothing to do!

But, enjoy our stay.
Learn about Sabre Yachts,
Saw all its ammenities;
and “How many knots?”

We must all say…
It’s unanimous – you know
Bluewater Yacht Sales…
Is the way to go!

-Verna Austin Wall