I just signed the papers today for a new Regulator 28. I have been tormenting Dave since last June and have been hot and cold. It’s a big purchase and I am very analytical sometimes so much so it’s not good for my health (haha). I just wanted to tell you Dave Black went above and beyond through the whole process. I work in new home sales and he used some very good tactics I evaded at times. He is a true closer but above that knows his product and did everything in his power to help me. He has great connections and found me a drystack slip at Indian River Marina as well. The guy truly loves boats and backs up that Regulator is head and shoulders above the competition, which it is. Again my analytical mind did the research, climbed over the competitor’s boats and realized Regulator was the way to go. I just wanted to send you this email as a commendation for Dave’s hard work and commitment to your brand. He truly went above and beyond and was patient with me.