I am writing to share the great level of professionalism and service exhibited by Bluewater Yacht Sales broker Peter Morse in my boat buying experience. Peter went well above and beyond the normal role I would have expected of a broker to make the overall buying experience successful. Peter traveled with me for several months up and down the East Coast looking for the right boat, all the while sharing his immense knowledge of boats and boat systems. He pointed me to the right boats and away from boats that would not meet my needs (or his high quality standards). After finding the right boat, Peter deftly handled the negotiations to obtain a fair price and terms. For the sea trial, Peter’s knowledge again shined as he obtained very expert surveyors to go over every aspect of the vessel to identify any shortcomings that needed addressing. When it came time for the final aspects of completing the transaction, Peter referred to me to very knowledgeable individuals to obtain insurance coverage and financing at good rates and terms. And finally, Peter worked with the Bluewater closing team to close the transaction including handling the Coast Guard Documentation. Everything was made very easy for me as the folks Peter referred were expert and provided excellent service.

While one would think the broker’s job was done with the close, in my case Peter’s contributions and commitment to make my boat buying experience a total success were just beginning. I wanted to do some refit on the boat to update systems and bring it to top shape before leaving Palm Beach for the trip to home port in North Carolina. Peter took responsibility for guiding me and overseeing the refit, which of course, turned out to be bit more than we anticipated. At completion of the refit, Peter agreed to accompany me on the delivery to North Carolina initiating the training I required as condition of insurance coverage as I was moving to larger boat than I had experience operating. Throughout the delivery trip, Peter instructed and coached me on all aspects from navigation to mechanical checks at the beginning and end of each day’s cruise.

Of course, I required more training than could be provided in three days so Peter continued to meet with me for several months to provide to provide additional training, especially around the docks. Peter was very patient and helpful throughout the training through the time I obtained the clearance from insurance carrier to operate the boat.
Peter and I remain friends today and still go out on occasional boat rides. I still turn to him when I have questions and he is always helpful. I will certainly turn to Peter again on my next boat search and would certainly refer others to him as well. I think you will agree, Peter certainly went above and beyond.

Bruce  – Tiara 52