Deep Blue Sportfishing

We met Mr. Joe Green in late 2014 when looking for our first sport-fishing boat. Joe was very knowledgeable and helped guide us in the right direction. This was key being we did not have the experience needed to make sound decisions on our own. There were several boats we sent to Joe and he took his personal gains out of the mix and informed us “Hey this boat would not be good for you” or “This boat has not been maintained etc,” making sure he was not going to help us buy something we wouldn’t be happy with. We eventually found the rig we wanted and everything was very smooth. Joe helped with financing, insurance, boat yard work, the whole nine. After a year on that rig we decided we need a little more space and better ride and Joe once again searched and found the perfect boat for us. We purchased our second boat through Joe in October of 2015 and have not been happier. Joe follows up from time to time making sure we are well and seeing if we need anything. We as business owners have a lot of dealings with other businesses, salesmen etc and Joe Green is a unique one in the bunch. He always puts the best interest of the client first and that’s what makes him who he is. When we decide to purchase again we will definitely use Joe Green again as the service from him and Bluewater was exceptional. I would also recommend him to anyone looking to purchase a boat to get the results you want. Thanks Joe for all of your hard work and help!

Phillip, Josh and the whole crew from Deep Blue Sporfishing
Morehead City NC