In a report released by YachtWorld and Dominion Enterprises, June 2015 boat sales were the best of any June month since 2007 with 3,649 boats sold. Sales of both sportfish and outboard powered boats increased by 10% over June 2014, reporting a total value in sales of over $413 million. The full report follows:

Brokerage sales volume increased to 3,649 boats in June, a 3 percent gain over sales in the previous June, according to sales reports by YachtWorld member brokerages in The number of boats sold was more than in any other June since 2007 and was just 12 boats shy of the best sales month, May 2014, since the Recession.

Unit sales of both power and sailboats were up 3 percent during the month, with 3,084 powerboats and 565 sailboats sold. Total value of sales was lower among both types of boats, with power
declining 16 percent, from $442 to $372 million; sailboat sales values were down 5 percent, from $43 to $41 million.

The key to the volume increase in June was a 12-percent gain in sales among boats 26 to 35 feet, with a total of 1,472 boats sold. The largest boats sold well, too, especially boats 56 to 79 feet, which experienced a 40 percent increase, with 102 boats reported sold.

YachtWorld Chart

Other segments of the market were level or declined in sales, especially boats under 26 feet, with 1,171 boats sold, down from 1,219 in June 2014. On a percentage basis, sales slipped most among boats 46 to 55 feet, with 169 boats sold, a 15 percent decrease.

The total value of the boats sold in June was $413 million, a decline of 15 percent from $485 million a year earlier. This decline was due mainly to the sale of lower priced superyachts. In June, a year earlier, 18 boats were sold that were 80 feet and up for a total of $185 million. In 2015, 20 boats were sold, but collectively netted only $54 million. This value loss in the market was somewhat made up for by gains in other segments, notably among boats 56 to 79 feet, increasing by $37 million to $84 million total, and boats 46 to 55 feet, up $14 million, despite fewer sales as noted earlier.

Sales for the year to date were down 2 percent, with 15,917 boats sold in the first half of 2014 and 15,582 sold in the same period in 2015.