Growth in sales volume as well as value increased over July 2014 to help close out the peak of boat selling season strong. YachtWorld and partner reports a 2% increase in sales volume with an impressive $35 million increase in sales value over last year. Several segments of boat lengths ranging from 36′ – 79′ saw double digit growth in sales value, while the only segment that decreased was boats under 26 feet. The full report from YachtWorld follows:

As July ended, YachtWorld member brokerages reported positive results to for the second month. After making a 3 percent gain in June, over June 2014, brokers closed 2 percent more sales in July than in the previous July— up from 3,313 to 3,388 boats.

July Sales ReportThe total price paid for boats sold in July moved strongly upwards, with $333 million changing hands, up from $298 million the previous year. In June, total value was lower than the previous year due mainly to lower-priced superyacht sales. The combined total for the two-month period was $705 million.
Five of six segments of the market by length made volume gains in July, led by the 36- to 45-foot range, which grew from 665 to 750 boats sold, a 13 percent increase. The 26- to 35-foot bracket had 5-percent growth, with 1,305 boats sold. The only area of weakness in the market was among boats under 26 feet, where sales were 9 percent lower, with 1,043 boats sold.

The same five segments of the market made gains in the total price of boats sold for the month. In the three segments between 36 and 79 feet, aggregate sales value increased by double-digit percentages, led by boats 56 to 79 feet. In this range, the total price paid was up 23 percent, with $51 million paid for 73 boats sold.

The highest value sector in July was among boats 36 to 45 feet, with $100 million in sales, a 17 percent increase. The average sold price for a boat in this range was $134,000, 4 percent more than in July 2014.

boat sales graph The lowest-value sector for the month was boats under 26 feet, with $26 million in total sales value. This was the only segment with lower value than the previous year, down 3 percent; yet the average price for a boat in this range increased 7 percent, to nearly $25,000.

Powerboat sales as a whole were 2 percent higher for the month, with 2,829 boats sold. Sailboat sales climbed 5 percent, with 559 boats sold. For the year to date, powerboat sales were 1 percent below 2014, with 15,800 boats sold. Sailboat sales were 3 percent lower, with 3,169 boats sold.