Back Cove 41
We recently took delivery of a new 2015 Back Cove 41 at our Hampton facility for commissioning before delivery to our customer. Richard Barry, the owner of this new Back Cove is very pleased with how Bluewater handled the readying and delivering of his new cruising boat. We wish him many happy years aboard his new Back Cove 41 and welcome him to the Bluewater family!


Remember a year ago when we were looking at the Sabre? I told you then it would be difficult to obtain the service level we enjoyed with the Fleming dealer in Annapolis. Well Bluewater has exceeded my expectations!

I make allowances for the fact that you represent many brands and you understandably have a challenge to learn the idiosyncrasies of each brand. In this case, you have worked closely with Back Cove and given excellent service.
I am confident Bluewater will finish the job to my satisfaction.

I know you are busy, so suggest a time in the next few weeks when we can go out and play with the computerized trim tabs. Hope you are selling some boats!

Thanks, Dick