Bayliner Surprise

Dear Jan,

We were tempted to write via email but our very recent experience demanded something more formal. In trying to find words you made it easy, we found them in your Bio on the Bluewater website. You said, “…from a Customer’s perspective to outperform our promises and instill loyalty…” and then, “…from a Sales Professional’s perspective, provide a support structure that allows each of us to build careers worth having, businesses worth owning, and lives worth living”. That leaves a lot unsaid and a lot to be proven. We don’t think there’s any doubt about the wisdom and veracity of your words, you cannot be successful if you don’t have both. Having recently retired as a real estate broker, where I (Steve) know at least there’s some real law for protection of consumers and some form of mandated continuing education, the banditry we saw in the boat selling business was chilling. We’ve named our new to us boat Surprise for many reasons, but two of the many surprises we’ve had along the way were Scott MacDonald, and our vast luck at having stopped in your Kent Narrows office. The office, John and especially Sheryl, pitched in where they could, made us feel comfortable and welcome from the moment we walked in. Scott’s genuine, big “bluewater smile” and patient guidance has given him a permanent place in our hearts and aboard Surprise. After three intense months working with him it is quite clear that what you’ve said about your business is actually what you have. Bravo! Bluewater Yacht Sales has achieved something special. In these times it takes strong personal top down integrity and love of labor for a small business to survive and sparkle. We are really impressed with your business philosophy and couldn’t imagine a better demonstration of it in practice than Scott. Suffice it to say and end, you have a new and very loyal family for whom it would be a pleasure to reflect on our experience with others you may wish to refer. Surprise is a dream come true for us and Scott is welcome on board any time, especially when he has a new family success, a new fish story, or anything else to share and celebrate!

Most Sincerely,

Steve and Cary Sober