Dan Keen Regulator 26

It’s hard to believe our Regulator is now in the water and ready to go. As you know my wife and I had a boat for ten years that was smaller and not the best choice for the uses we really wanted to use it for, fishing and running around the bay to different locations. When we met you at the Baltimore Boat Show we had been out of the boat world for another ten years and things had definitely changed since we last owned a boat. We had checked out several popular brands but hadn’t found exactly what we wanted. We wanted a boat that could handle the Chesapeake when it got rough and big enough to take our family and guests with us to make some memories with our children. We became impressed with Regulator’s immediately and I am very happy that we found one to meet our needs. Taking the boat across the Chesapeake in rough water for the first time only solidified my decision and now with the warmer weather, my family can really enjoy the boat.

Jim, if not for your patience and willingness to go the extra mile we probably would not have made the investment that we made. I realize your investment in time which included driving me three hours to see the boat, spending a day with me during the survey, and even helping me launch the boat for the first time, was taking time from other work you could have been doing. I appreciate your follow up, and your willingness to answer all of my questions – from the most basic to the more complicated. I will be giving your name to other people that I meet who are looking for a boat moving forward. I also feel like I made a friend during this process and that is a bonus as well. I will look forward to you bringing your family out with us this summer.

Thanks again for everything Jim!

Best Regards,
Daniel L. Keen

2008 Regulator 26