2018 Regulator 28

I would like to recognize Preston Frieze in the brokerage of our Regulator 28 FS. It has been a long journey going back 2 + years of looking and turning many opportunities away

I was leery of using a broker as I had not done so before and wasn’t sure what to expect. After learning more of the process and going through some trial and errors (education) I’m thankful I did. Preston was diligent on his searches and made the buying experience very smooth and seamless. Preston was always there to follow up with us, answered many questions and kept us updated on what was available.

After the closing of the sale, he assisted us getting other things done for the boat. Preston has taken personal time and assisted me in going over some of the electronic equipment on this boat that I had no experience in using as this boat is larger than my previous boat. It’s about service and going above and beyond, which is what he has done.

Best regards,
Harry and Carol Halstead