I normally do not write these type of emails but this time is was a must. From the day I met Matt I knew this was going to be an awesome experience. To say the least I was quite nervous about listing and selling my baby (Albemarle 29FX). What if she sold and I was without a boat. What if the boat we wanted a 35 Cabo Express was not available or out of my price range ? Matt stepped right in an assured us that he would find the perfect vessel for us. After many nervous months we finally had the offer Matt thought was fair and just. When accepted the offer and the fun began. We looked at several Cabo’s but none seem to be just what we wanted. Matt again reassured us that the right boat was out there he just needed to find it. So he found what he thought was the right boat. Off we all went to Atlantic City, NJ. After arriving at the boat we were all very disappointed that the listing Broker was not very honest with is representation of the boat. I could tell Matt was not very happy. Upon returning to the hotel that afternoon sitting in the lobby he again went to work looking for the perfect boat for us. He found what was to be the right one. It almost seemed too good to be true. And only 3 hours away in Pasadena, MD. So he went to work calling the listing broker only to find out they did not want to co-broker the listing. Well that did not stop Matt, he continued to press the listing broker until he finally agreed. Wow that was great. We made an appointment for the following week and off we went again this time to Pasadena, MD. Upon arrival and just looking at the vessel Matt knew this was the one. And he was sure right. Matt made the offer stuck to his guns and the listing broker accepted . What a great day for us ! The surveys were almost perfect with both being listed as well above average. Matt indeed found our diamond in the rough. It did not stop there he made arrangements with your Hampton, VA yard to do the work I wanted done before making the final arrangements to bring her home here to Pompano Beach. I have to say Matt has become a family friend not just our broker. I will highly recommend him to anyone and as a matter of fact we did and one of our best friends has just listed there boat with Matt as well. JOB WELL DONE !