Long-Time Bluewater Customers Enjoy Their Jupiter

Jun 14, 2020 | Jupiter Boats, Magazine, News | 0 comments

After twenty years of boating, Bluewater customers Greg and Debbie Ireland will tell you, there’s nothing like getting away on the boat. “There’s something magical about being on the water: sights, sounds, smells,” Ireland explains. “Boating is an antidote for life—you work hard all week, and going cruising is a chance to do something different.”

Getting Started

Back in the year 2000 (yep, that was twenty years ago already), Beaufort-based salesman Joe Green helped Ireland acquire an Albemarle Center Console. Much more than a transaction, the experience launched an enduring friendship between the two. “Honesty is the best foundation for a relationship,” says Ireland. “This is Joe Green—honest, professional and very thorough.”

Greg and Debbie purchase a different boat every couple years and Green is the one they call to help find their next toy and sell the current one. Their search criteria include well-equipped, late-model center consoles, preferably with some warranty left on the outboards.

They’ve enjoyed several boats from premium brands including Regulator and Jupiter and even a Jarrett Bay 34. Their current rig is a Jupiter 34 HFS with triple Yamaha F300s. This being their third Jupiter center console, Ireland tells us, “Jupiter has really pretty lines, and they’re very well-built.”

“This is Joe Green—honest, professional and very thorough.”

A Healthy Dose

Although the Ireland’s long purchase history is filled with center consoles, Greg will tell you, “We’re cruisers even though we buy fishing boats.” Ireland explains that center consoles have a good amount of seating and will run better in adverse conditions. Plus, the convenience of outboard power and easy launch and stowing on their boat lift mean more hassle-free weekends on the water.

Greg and Debbie enjoy sharing their love of boating with family and close friends and can be found cruising the Crystal Coast most weekends. Ocracoke, Pamlico Sound, Beaufort, Swansboro and Cape Lookout are some of their favorite spots. And, with a center console, the only thing keeping them at the dock are really wet rain forecasts. Choppy seas and a brisk wind might change their travel itinerary and speed, but not their plans for being on the water. They’ll even venture out in the winter, at an idle, just to get out on the water.

Relationships Make It

“Friends and family are what it’s all about and boating as a family is a great escape,” Ireland explains. Cruising, island-hopping and dropping anchor at Cape Lookout are just a few of the joyful times spent on the water for Greg, Debbie and their family. As their family grows, Ireland is considering the move to an express-style boat with a cabin and protected helm. “Joe has been my go-to guy, and looking to 2021, I may be out snooping around again for the next boat.”


While it’s difficult to dispute that boating is indeed a relaxing and joy-filled activity, Ireland tells us that the transaction matters too. “Boating has been so good for us and it’s such a shared experience, and Bluewater makes that much easier.” In addition to the strong relationship with Joe, Ireland says, “Bluewater has a great back office team that puts the paperwork together and makes the deal come together seamlessly.”

Greg and Debbie have enjoyed the full Bluewater experience for many years, not only selling and purchasing, but enjoying professional service and upgrades to their boats at our award-winning yards. They even kept one of their boats docked at the Yachting Center in Hampton for a time. As such, Ireland has dealt with Bluewater management including Jud Black over the years. “He’s a solid, knowledgeable guy and treated us well, regardless of the caliber of boat we own.” Ireland explains that the joy of boating can be magnified when you connect with a great brokerage firm and sales professional: “You really need a broker and organization that has your best interests at heart.”

All our readers probably know by now that boating offers a great respite from the stress of everyday life and we’re happy to provide that to such terrific customers and families like the Irelands.