I want to share with you my experience with Bluewater Yachts in the purchase of my 2019 28 Regulator.

My wife and I were very thankful when we met Matt Sansbury at the Annapolis boat show this past October.

Matt was very professional in his approach and very easy to work with on the negotiations of the trade and the purchase of the new boat. Where he excelled and stood out among others in your group was the continued follow up and the willingness to help me considering my company keeps me so busy, I have limited time to do some of the things I should be doing. Examples, were picking up the trade boat and getting it up to Annapolis, sending me pictures of the boat when needed, shrink wrapping the boat and sending pictures. Returned every phone call on the same day or within an hour. Matt did a great job making sure the options I added to the boat were installed properly and in working order. Also, he caught issues and pointed them out to me prior to me saying anything. That is very important considering others tried to hide or ignore all together, things I would notice or had already noticed.

I think the best thing I experienced was the delivery. The boat was in perfect shape when I arrived for my delivery and was very clean! We walked through the boat with another representative from your organization who was very help but the appearance of the boat upon boarding is first and foremost. Matt never complained about any of my requests and even drove to my house to pick me up on delivery day. I could go on and on…

In closing, in my many discussions with Jan, I wanted a person who would treat me with respect and acknowledgement that I was purchasing an expensive boat that deserved the same attention as the name Regulator. Well, Matt is of that quality and my family appreciates it. Please let Matt know he nailed it and he even called me a week after delivery to see how things were going.

Thanks again Matt and Bluewater for bringing up your game!

-J.M. Smith