What's Next

Mrs. Jan Boone,

I wanted to take a moment and reach out to you, to let you know of my recent experience with your organization. Last spring my wife and I decided to sell our beloved Viking 50 CPMY. As our daughter was beginning high school we were sure that our leisure time would be spent more on the hard than on our boat. We looked to Bluewater as the resident Viking dealer and expert to help us with this. Upon further investigation I reached out to Chuck Meyers out of your Baltimore office. I was immediately impressed with Chuck’s professionalism and his knowledge about our particular model boat. Chuck quickly visited the boat and laid out a plan to sell her. Chuck’s process was informed, fact based, and backed with his years of experience. Once he had the listing ready for market the boat was listed and we were off, my wife asked on average how many showings it typically took to sell a boat like ours and Chuck responded you will sell between 5 & 7 showings. Our fifth showing brought an offer and our seventh sold her. Chuck was an excellent tour guide through this process and made selling our pride and joy a very pleasant experience. I cannot state clearly enough how the professionalism and knowledge of Chuck made this process a rare service experience; it is not very often these days when someone exceeds my service expectations.

Now that we had sold the big boat it was time to down size. I had laid out several parameters for our new boat and once again Chuck went to work making some recommendations and listening to my requirements and unrealistic price point. So off we went looking at boats, eliminating and then narrowing down to the boat we wanted. My wife and I looked at boats in Maine, Maryland, Virginia, and Florida, Chuck was willing to visit all of the boats with us. After narrowing the field to the boat we would make a run at Chuck was an integral part of developing the successful strategy used to negotiate and purchase our new boat. This was again a great service experience delivered by Chuck Meyers and your team in Baltimore.

In this world of smart phones and gadgets, a lot of organizations have forgotten people buy from people and service is all anyone really offers to a customer, rest assured Mr. Meyers has remembered these lessons well and has earned a customer for life. I will sing the praises of Bluewater and Chuck and will ask only this of you “don’t forget all you really do is sell service”.


J. Bruce Griffin III