Everglades 35

I wanted to compliment Mr. James on both his professionalism and deep understanding of the marine industry. Scott was a great fit and we are very happy we chose both him and Bluewater to sell our 35’ Everglades. I believe Scott does deals with both his and Bluewater’s reputation to always be top of mind. He just seems to do things the right way. For example:

  1. His intuition on pricing was impeccable. He advised us not to drop the list price when we were ready to.
  2. He drove the trailer to the NC for us.
  3. He bought flares out of his own pocket to keep proper etiquette in place.
  4. He got the generator on our boat fixed. In this area this is next to impossible.
  5. He worked with the electronics guy to get repairs completed.
  6. He delivered the boat in a manner that one would have thought the buyer was his client.
  7. He repaired/burped the AC system before the buyer took deliver.
  8. He responded to every phone call and email almost immediately.
  9. He properly advised us on how to behave on the sea trial.
  10. He even went to lunch with the buy to solidify the deal after the sea trial. My guess is he paid for that as well.

Simply said, Scott James is very professional and a fantastic boat broker. We thank him for his efforts.

– Kevin H.