Regulator 34 Possesses Impressive Styling and Capabilities

Sep 17, 2016 | Magazine, News | 0 comments

Despite whether you are looking for a new or pre-owned boat, the initial research and testing can be a difficult process wrought with uncertainties. Even after time spent at the helm and a satisfactory survey, it is still tough to know how a boat and its power package will handle in different sea conditions and if the space on-deck and below will fit the needs of your lifestyle, family and guests. Sometimes, a process of elimination is the only way to truly narrow down to the perfect boat. After owning several types of boats, including top brands of cuddy cabins and performance center consoles, Bill and Diane Schneider tested a Regulator 25 and were instantly impressed with the superb handling and comfortable ride. The Schneiders were quickly sold on Regulator, but with three children and a growing list of boating dreams, it started to become clear they were after something larger and more powerful.

No longer was there any question of what style or brand of boat they would choose from– they would simply need to decide on the length and a few options for their new Regulator center console. “When Regulator announced the first triple engine setup for the 34, that helped close the deal,” Bill recalls. Bluewater Yacht Sales and Chris Hall Jr. were instrumental in helping the Schneiders through the purchase and build process of this new 2016 Regulator 34.


Schneider exercised a few options on his 34, but for the most part cited how Regulator already outfits their boats with the best standard equipment and finish options, so few customizations are necessary. With 900 horsepower of Yamaha outboards deftly finished in white and hung above an integrated Armstrong bracket clad in Flexiteek decking, his new rig has both a formidable look and follow-through. Accustomed to impressive acceleration and top-end speed while on land thanks to his choice in cars, Schneider was not let down by the amazing performance of his new Regulator 34. Easily breaking 60 mph at the top end and eating up chop and rough seas while cruising near 40 mph, Sea-U-Lator can make haste to the fishing grounds, or the next stop on the Schneiders’ waterfront restaurant and tiki bar wish list.

Bill reports that he and his wife Diane, along with their three boys, enjoyed time aboard their new Regulator 34 almost every weekend throughout the summer after taking delivery. With offshore fishing on the docket in all seasons, along with cruising the Chesapeake in the summer, Bill explains the boat has been extremely well-suited to handle their lifestyle and “take all the varying conditions that the Bay could serve up.” With a strong reputation for high quality and ultraseaworthy boats, Regulator has certainly won the hearts and minds of the Schneider family, and Bluewater and Chris Hall Jr. are thankful to have gained their business and friendship!

Regulator 34 Sea U Lator