Soldiers Enjoy a Day of Offshore Fishing Aboard Viking 76

Jul 5, 2017 | Featured, News | 0 comments

It isn’t every day that most Americans get to cruise offshore, fish the Gulf Stream, and bring home their catch to throw on the grill, but having the freedom to do so is truly priceless. John and Susan Stevenson, owners of Accordingly IV (Viking 76 out of Morehead City, NC), were honored to share this American dream with a few families of our armed forces through their Bluewater Yacht Sales Sales Professional & boat captain, Peter Du Bose, and a ministry called Operation Resolute.
Operation Resolute comes alongside chaplains and active military personnel to sustain military families and strengthen our active duty warriors. Based in North Carolina, the 501(c)(3) non-profit organization relies on donations and support to improve family relations and provide opportunities for servicemen and their chaplains to come together in safe outdoor environments, helping them decompress from the stresses of military life. These events also allow parents the chance to bond with their children as they spend time in the woods or on the water. For many, this was their first experience offshore fishing.
The Stevenson’s were quick to support Operation Resolute with the use of Accordingly IV. Having multiple automotive dealerships throughout Southeastern North Carolina, John and Susan enjoy supporting various local organizations throughout Jacksonville, Wilmington, and Swansboro. “We had good weather and a fair catch of dolphin,” recalls Capt. Du Bose, “the experience of cleaning and grilling your own catch made the trip something very special for these guys that rarely even have time for a home-cooked meal.” Evelyn and Peter Du Bose opened up their home to over 20 people for dinner that night, “It was great to have the opportunity to give back to those that sacrifice so much to keep our country safe.”
Joel McDaniel founded Operation Resolute in 2013 after talking with a military chaplain and good friend about support for soldiers. “Wounded Warriors is a great ministry that provides support to families at the conclusion of service in the armed forces; however, our focus is on the active duty warriors, the ones being deployed frequently to hot spots around the globe. Our dedication is to them and their families before, during, and after their missions.” Explains board member Lee Holder. The organization is still in the early stages of growth, currently able to serve military personnel only within North Carolina. Working with local churches and congregations, Operation Resolute has been able to expand mainly through word-of-mouth. “We’re not just raising money and doing something with it. We are really getting to know the families we’re helping.” McDaniel emphasized as he discussed the multiple hunting or fishing trips, family days at the zoo, and marriage counseling seminars hosted by Operation Resolute this summer.
Bluewater Yacht Sales is proud to support Operation Resolute. We call our employees and customers “family” because of the bonds and good-hearted nature of families like the Du Bose’s and Stevenson’s. When our troops are stateside, we want them to feel at home. When our warriors are on duty defending this wonderful country, we want them to know of our gratitude. This Independence Day, as we have our grills warmed up on land and sea, we remember the freedom that our service men and women secure for us daily. With a heart of thankfulness, we will take the helm, cast out our lines, and say, “God bless the USA!”
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Learn more about the inspiring story behind Operation Resolute at operationresolute.org. To learn more about getting involved or offering donations, contact Joel McDaniel at (919) 521-6025 or email [email protected]