Hi Jan,

I recently purchased a 1999 Sea Ray 340 Sundancer listed by your Brokerage, with Chuck Meyers as the sales agent. I’m writing to tell you that my family and I could not be more pleased with the vessel, to include the superior customer service rendered by Chuck, who I now consider a personal friend. That may sound strange, but he went overboard (no pun intended) to ensure this was the right vessel for us.

I’ve been searching for a boat to purchase over the past six months, and was about to give up due to high pressured sales tactics and continual deceit on the part of other brokers/agents (names to remain undisclosed). This has been quite a learning experience. So much so, that I came to the realization that there are more pirates on land than at sea.

Chuck and MikeWhen I first called Chuck, I was anticipating more pressure, deceit, and the incapacity to answer my questions in an educated manner; however, I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Since day-1, I actually felt as if I were buying a boat from a life-long friend who would never deceive me or my family. Chuck went over the details of the vessel, educated me on the buying process, and fully served the seller and I, to which both parties equities were fully covered: not an easy task, by any means.

I’d also like to note that Chuck is not only a man of his word, but has made himself available just about 24/7. I’ve called him to refresh my memory several times, and not once did he seem annoyed, and ended every phone call with “Mike, fell free to call me anytime with more questions”. He didn’t have to do it, especially on the weekend, but he did.

The vessel I purchased had some issue that needed to be taken care of, but time was of the essence for the sale, so we decided to wait until post-purchase to fix the items. I had no doubt that Chuck would handle that for me, which he did. We have a service company coming to attend to the issues, which I know will be handled accordingly; again, full trust in Chuck.

To make a long story short, and for what it’s worth, Bluewater Yacht Sales and Chuck Meyers have won our utmost respect, and we will refer your agency and Chuck every chance we get. Speaking of, one of our neighbors is now interested, and Bluewater and Chuck’s name has already been passed along.

If you need more information, or if I can complete a survey of Bluewater’s services, please don’t hesitate to ask; it’s the least I could do.

Please keep up the customer service, and keep hiring men and women like Chuck Meyers; it will serve you well in the long-run, for certain.

Once again, thank you for everything!

Mike Gancie