My wife and I started exploring the possibility of changing our lives by living on a boat. We spent most of 2020 looking at internet websites for possibilities. Even though we had found several possibilities and made some inquiries, we were largely unsuccessful. My wife made a call about a specific yacht in Edgewater that looked like a possibility and that is when we met Mr. Mark (Hawk) Ennis.

Mr. Ennis, or Hawk, as we call him, showed us around the yacht we called about and proved to be very knowledgeable about the yacht he was showing us. As we toured the yacht, his conversational style proved to be very effective in gaining more information about what we were looking for in a boat. By the time we completed our tour, my wife and I both agreed to ask Hawk to be our boat broker. In a matter of weeks, Hawk set up a full day of looking at five possible yachts for us that met our needs and must-haves. One of those boats we looked at, a 44-foot Viking, ended up being our final choice. Hawk walked us through the purchase process from beginning to end and made it the easiest experience of our lives! We both feel that Hawk was the best decision we made in this entire process and hope his services can make a difference in other peoples’ lives.