Sabre 38 Plane Up

William and Nell Boren recently purchased Plane Up, a Sabre 38 with the help of Bluewater’s Scott James. Their new boat then paid a visit to our Hampton Yacht Yard to receive some minor repairs and new systems installations. The cruising couple were delighted with the work performed by our Yacht Yard staff, and wrote the following letter, praising their efforts and workmanship:

The electronics installation looked really nice today. Steven and guys have done a really super nice job. The fiberglass patch on the back top looked really good too. I know it was pretty small, but I think they can be the hardest to fix. I appreciate the littler additional touches like the secure addition to the flag staff at the stern and the installation of the anchor chain locking safety device. The ice maker installation looks really nice too. I really enjoyed meeting and talking to Steven today. I feel pretty good about the way things are progressing after speaking with Steven. I think he is obviously very knowledgeable about Sabre’s and their construction. Nell and I appreciate everything you have done for us in the purchase of this boat. I guess it may be a small deal for you, but it is a huge deal for us.


William Boren