Why You Need a Listing Agent

Nov 8, 2017 | Bluewater Perspective, Featured, Magazine, News | 0 comments

In today’s world of always-on social media and the internet, it is easy to feel like an expert after watching a YouTube video and surveying some friends. The online world has a sea of tools to sell just about anything, but how do you truly protect your interests and know you’ve found the best opportunity for yourself? Let Bluewater Yacht Sales take away the stress of navigating the many sales channels available to the global marketplace. Digital advertising is certainly important to marketing a boat for sale (just look at the success of websites like YachtWorld, Boat Trader and YATCO). However, it is only a small part of the larger road map to getting your boat sold.


Bluewater’s team of accredited sales professionals build on a 50 year history of family-owned and managed success. We make it easy to list and sell your yacht because we are already connected to all the industry-leading sales avenues. Bluewater has one of the largest dealership networks in the United States with nine locations along the Eastern seaboard. We research the market for buyers and sellers alike, ensuring realistic positioning to get your boat sold at the best price. We listen to you and will prepare an agenda that supports your reasons for selling.

We begin with an in-depth appraisal of your vessel to determine the best features to highlight and unveil potential hazards that could derail the sales process or survey. With Bluewater’s three service yards, you are connected to top-of—the-line marine craftsmen and engineers that are certified and capable to fix any issues that arise. The logistics are already in place to expedite marketing, and we’ll have your boat listed and ready for exposure in no time. Once the vessel’s full profile is known, we will review our proprietary database of similar sold boats in search of a competitive edge when listing.


Rather than only looking at current prices listed online, we evaluate the probability of market inflation through referencing trends and actual sale prices. After all, our commission is proportional to the sale, so it is in our best interest to get you to the best price for your vessel.

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Waterfront positioning and inclusion at events such as boat shows and open houses will win the heart of your boat’s new owner. Bluewater Yacht Sales devotes an entire team to over 15 national, regional and local boat shows and nearly 20 fishing tournaments and brand rendezvouses throughout the year. We are invested in marketing strategies that other dealerships and independent brokers simply cannot afford—giving you the advantage.


Through the immense reach of our print and digital advertising, Bluewater casts a wide net around the entire Mid-Atlantic and well beyond. In our customized pre-listing pack and marketing plan, your Bluewater professional will review the best approach to get your boat sold fast and work with you to achieve your goals. We will provide detail and survey contacts, review registry and insurance compliance regulations for the sales process, and listen intently as we agree upon the strategy together.


Bluewater Yacht Sales is committed to forming life-long bonds with our clients, affectionately called the Bluewater Family. With over 1,200 vessels serviced annually, nearly 400 boats sold per year, and 300+ team members from Maryland to Florida, the Bluewater family continues to grow. Our philosophy is to build and preserve trusting and caring yacht sales and service relationships within the mid-Atlantic and Florida coasts by providing a quality customer experience with our premium brands, expert product knowledge, and commitment to greatness. Working with Bluewater Yacht Sales is about more than buying or selling a boat, it is about becoming a part of our family and enjoying the Bluewater lifestyle together. Begin the buying or selling conversation early and enjoy being a part of the Bluewater family!