YachtWorld has released their final sales and volume figures for all of 2015 throughout the United States and Europe. A quick overview of the data shows a market that continues to strengthen and improve.

Final brokerage sales figures for 2015 in the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast showed improvement over 2014 with increased sales volume and fewer days on the market however, the average boat value dipped slightly from 2014 in the Southeast and increased slightly in the Mid-Atlantic.

When reviewing numbers for the entire nation, the number of boats sold decreased slightly by 1% over 2014, but actual sales value increased by 2% from 2014. Overall for the United States, boats averaged fewer days on the market over 2014. When eliminating the sales of superyachts and small boats under 26 feet from the year-end data, total sales value actually increased by 11% over 2014! In retrospect, these numbers show a brokerage boat market that remains strong from a national and global standpoint, with several European Union countries showing impressive gains in sales volume and value.