My first encounter with Matt Sansbury was as the buyers broker of my previous boat.    I had it listed with another internet based sales broker who was just not doing her job to sell my boat.  In fact, most of the customer service issues were via email and responses were late, inappropriate, or varied excuses as to why she couldn’t handle the paperwork.  So bad, I learned she had no boating or sales experience.  She used her cell phone to take boat pictures which were so bad, I had to supplement more pictures for advertising.  She just stopped doing anything once Matt came onto the scene, because she knew he would take care of everything that she could not.  Needless to say, If it had not been for Matt, the sale of my boat would have fallen through. Matt went over and above to serve his clients and to ensure that the sale of my boat went through in spite of my broker.
Naturally, when it came time to look for a new boat there was no question that Matt would represent me.  I found my new boat after months of looking.  Matt never once tried to give me the hard sell,(just to move onto another customer).  He answered my calls and text messages immediately, not just once, but every time I reached out with concerns or new boat questions.  There is no doubt that Matt is truly is a man of integrity, with boating knowledge and years of sales experience. I would not hesitate to call Matt in the future.

-Ira Lentz