Plenty of Chips Swim Platform

Vance Young and his family purchased a pre-owned Californian 55′ in the spring of 2014 and were very pleased with the buying and selling process of their new and former boat with Sales Professional Hank Sibley. Now preparing to attend their second Summer Cruise as members of the Bluewater family, Vance provides Hank with an update to some cool upgrades Vance has performed on his Californian, Plenty of Chips:

Hey Hank,

Was good to see you again this past weekend at Bluewater’s annual boat expo. As always, lot’s of nice boats to look at. The family and I really enjoyed browsing your inventory so thanks for allowing us to do so.

I wanted to go ahead and get our names on the list for the Bluewater Summer Cruise. So, I’ll let you guide me to what I need to do or point me to the right person in order to register.

On a side note, I continue the upgrades to the boat and took on two fairly major projects over the Winter. The first one was re-building the swim platform. If you remember the prior owner backed the platform into a dock and cracked up the corner. I pulled the platform off and spent 2 months in the garage working on it. It’s a good thing I did because due to the cracked corner, water got inside and was rotting the wood core. I got a lot of experience with foam, glass and epoxy, but in the end, it turned out well. Here’s a pic of the results. BTW, the rails were fabricated by Matt in your service department [Bluewater Yacht Yard, Hampton]. He was quite proud of his work and I think he did a really great job. The second pic is of the galley where I laid a teak and holly floor (faux). The original teak parquet was showing it’s age, however, I did not want to alter the original teak, so I laid a rubber sub floor between the original and new. So, if a future owner wishes to go back to original, it will be easy to pull up the teak and holly.


-Vance Young

Plenty of Chips Galley Floor