The OctoPlex system used on many Viking Yachts puts the user in complete control of all AC and DC components within the vessel, and allows for the monitoring and control of common NMEA 2000 marine devices, such as compass, GPS, tank level adaptors and more. Through the use of a Touch Screen Display, OctoPlex boasts a fully configurable and customizable user interface with an intuitive and quick-to-learn operating system. Acting as the brain of the system, the Touch Screen Display brings the system functions, status reports and alarms directly to the user. Users can monitor temperatures of the engine room, exhaust, engine oil and coolant, along with bilge water levels, bilge pump operation, vital battery status and generator functions, amongst many other vessel vitals. Controlling AC and DC circuit breakers remotely through the OctoPlex system allows panels to be placed in remote locations, eliminating the need for traditional large electrical panels. When a circuit breaker is tripped, OctoPlex notifies the user, and allows them to remotely reset the breaker so normal operation of the circuit can resume immediately without the user leaving the helm to access a main panel.

Viking Yachts has been installing OctoPlex in all of their sixty foot and larger yachts for over a decade, further exemplifying the reliability, ease of use and success of this system.

Octoplex boat diagram