Regulator Marine hosted a seafood and fun celebration in conjunction with their 2014 University this week. We are honored to be invited to this exclusive event for Regulator dealers each year! Our team enjoyed a dinner and good times along with some classroom time and hands-on experiences in the production facility. It is very exciting to watch the boats being built and learn about what makes the Legendary Ride!

About Regulator Marine:

Regulator is a true deep vee boat t hat is reinforced with a foam filled, fiberglass molded, single piece grillage system. This makes the boat ext remely sturdy. Regulator integrates an engine bracket that provides clean water for the motors, develops fuel efficiency and creates the largest cockpits in class. Regulator is completely wood free and incorporates dense, structural, composite core materials as well as state of the art manufacturing, including a combination of hand laying, infusion, vacuum bagging and resin transfer molding. Regulators are intentionally built heavy and rugged, with a deep vee and sharp entry, thus a Regulator offers the smoothest ride in the industry, especially observed in adverse weather conditions. Regulator does not advertise our boats as unsinkable, but I can tell you the story of the Queen Bee that spent over 3 years and 3 thousand miles on the open water and not only did it not sink, it was structurally sound after crossing the Atlantic Ocean. There are plenty of boats that can get you 60 miles offshore in calm conditions, but when the weather turns and you have to deal with rough seas, you will be happy you have single piece molded grillage construction in your Regulator, providing you a smooth and safe ride home.