Friendships and Fun Make the Bluewater Summer Cruise a Hit

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Hosted in some form for many decades, the annual Bluewater Summer Cruise has become a primary draw for customers, a relaxing and fun christening event, and at times a casual VIP boat show. Whether an owner is into fishing, cruising or watersports, boating is about adventure, and the Summer Cruise is designed to appeal to a variety of interests.

Bluewater General Manager Wyatt Lane says, “The point of our Summer Cruise is to support customers with adventure, camaraderie, a destination, and another opportunity to get out and enjoy their boat in a fun environment.” By all accounts, the event checks all the boxes and brings people together from around the mid-Atlantic for a mini-vacation.

Greg & Pam Lawson have attended more summer cruises than many Bluewater team members!

Through the Years

While the locations, events and boats are always evolving, it is some of the people involved that have remained the most constant. Owners and team members such as the Hall and Black families have helped host most of the cruises, and a few customers, such as Greg and Pam Lawson have attended them all!

Greg Lawson explains that he’s been close friends with Chris Hall Sr. for almost all of his life, back to racing sailboats at the age of 13 or 14 (over 50 years ago),

“It’s all about the people. Great sales team, service team and they do a nice job with the cruise every year.”

Thinking back many years, he reminisces about smaller gatherings, including a clambake on Solomon’s Island, but is quick to point out he has enjoyed them all for the relaxation and friendships. Over these years, the Lawsons have owned many boats, including three bought from Bluewater, and they’ve always used Bluewater for service (dating back to the 70s presumably). They currently cruise the Chesapeake on, Unaccountable, a Back Cove 41.

Fun for All

In addition to the people, another common denominator of each Summer Cruise has been fun and relaxation. Mark Boaz and Katie Zeglis have built up quite a streak by attending in consecutive years since 2013. “It’s always a lot of fun and really well organized with activities.

“You have the freedom to do as much or as little as you want,”

explains Mark. Katie recalls a scavenger hunt in St. Michaels, numerous cornhole tournaments, and the most memorable—a crab race that concluded with a “liberation of the crabs” spectacle on the beach.

Mark and Katie are a little different from the typical Summer Cruise families in that they’ve attended in their Regulator center consoles—two consecutive boats bought and christened with Bluewater. They may be the smallest boat in the gang and most years coming from the farthest away (Annapolis), but that has not intimidated them. They reminisce back to a cruise with activities split between Herrington Harbor South and North locations, providing an opportunity to stretch the legs of their Regulator 34 and even race Chris Hall Sr. in the Regulator 41 demo boat full of passengers. “We won, but Chris Sr. is very competitive!” says Mark.

For what it may lack in full cruising accommodations, the mobility and speed of the couple’s Regulator has also allowed them to take off to other waterfront restaurants for breakfast and be back in time for the first activity of the day. They’ve also cherished the social opportunities, not only hitting it off quickly with salesperson Jud Black and his wife Ann, but all other Bluewater team members and repeat cruise attendees. “The Bluewater family are great people to meet,” Mark concludes.

Memorable Moments

John and Avery Morris hail from a different region, but share in the affection for the Summer Cruise events and their Bluewater Sales Professional—in their case, Baltimore-based Chuck Meyers.

“Every cruise is memorable. We meet new people, reconnect with others and get a good sense of what’s going on in the boating community.
“We love Chuck. He’s been first rate from the very first time we looked at a boat, and have recommended him to friends,” says John. The couple have now attended a number of cruises in three different cruising yachts purchased with Chuck’s help. They also explain how they’ve enjoyed getting to know many others in the Bluewater family, including the Halls and Scott James from Virginia, and Avery has been lucky enough to celebrate her birthday with the full group the last few years.

In contrast to the many repeat cruise participants, Bluewater is always welcoming new customers and friends into their close-knit community. Dan and Cyndi Blankenship are one such family who attended their first Summer Cruise in 2021 in their Sabre 42, Bellagio. “There were a lot of boats and people who welcomed us newbies with open arms.

“We made a lot of friends, had a great time and plan to attend again in the future,”

reports Dan. Their first impressions included positive feedback on the activities, venues and food, as well as the opportunity to network with other boaters. The weekend concluded with a catered dinner and band Saturday night and the christening of boats, including Bellagio, which the couple explains is named after their favorite destination in Italy.

Looking Forward

Dan & Cyndi Blankenship aboard Bellagio

With such positive feedback from customers of varying longevity, hailing ports, backgrounds and boating lifestyles, it’s easy to conclude the Summer Cruise program is not only a success, but a centerpiece of Bluewater’s family values that have been in place since 1968. The Bluewater team is grateful for all our people, customers and partners that make this annual event a success, and look forward to hosting you in the future!

In 2022, the Summer Cruise destination will shift north to Baltimore, Maryland and be hosted at Harbor East Marina. Keep a lookout for more details or reach out to your Bluewater Sales Professional for more information!

Bluewater Summer Cruise

July 7-10, 2022
Harbor East Marina
Baltimore, Maryland

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